First Trends After Patch 7.34e – Biggest Win Rate Increases

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First Trends After Patch 7.34e – Biggest Win Rate Increases

Are you interested in learning about the first trends after patch 7.34e? Let’s see which heroes have a higher win rate.

After taking a look at the biggest win rate drops following patch 7.34e, it is time to analyze which heroes are better than before. Even though Valve did not include that many changes, the several nerfs and buffs made some heroes much stronger. People who’ve been playing after the new patch 7.34e probably met them because these heroes also have a higher pick rate. We’ve been a part of the Dota 2 space long enough to know that players want to know what works in a given meta, so let’s analyze the biggest winners.


The stats do not lie – Lycan is the hero with the highest win rate increase after the arrival of the new patch. If we take a look at the first trends after patch 7.34e, we can see that Lycan’s win rate is up by roughly 5.3% and is more than 52%. His pick rate is also up by more than 2%, which explains why we keep seeing this hero in our PUBs.

Regarding the changes in the new patch, 7.34e did not do much for this hero other than giving him a small AGI boost. It does not seem as much, but  Lycan is a bit tankier than before, and he has a slightly faster attack animation. The latter is a big plus because people can last hit much easier.

Another reason for the increase in his win rate is the nerf to other popular carries and offlaners. This hero can be played in both positions, so we can’t wait to see what’s going to happen at ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023.


First Trends After Patch 7.34e - Biggest Win Rate Increases

If the first spot on the list surprised you, the second one will definitely catch you off guard. Number 2 for the biggest win rate increases following patch 7.34e is for Beastmaster. That’s right; the hero that has been nowhere to be found lately is once again one of the most dominant names in Dota 2. His abysmal win rate of 45% before the new patch is up to almost 50%, which indicates that he is much better than before.

Unlike Lycan, who actually received small buffs in the latest Dota 2 patch, Beastmaster did not get anything. However, we must point out that items like Vladimir’s Offering and Helm of the Overlord are better than before. This is an indirect buff to heroes like BM because they rely on those things. Moreover, BM is an excellent pusher, and considering Lycan is in the meta, these two can be a deadly duo.


An interesting Dota 2 hero that received small buffs in 7.34e is Gyrocopter. The latter was fairly popular among some pro players and in certain regions, but he was nowhere as strong as before. With that said, the most recent update buffed his damage output a bit, allowing him to be way more successful than before.

In terms of stats, Gyrocopter’s win rate is at 49.40%, whereas his pick rate is at almost 8%. Both stats got around a +3 to 4 increase in the last couple of days, so we will keep monitoring him to see the final stats a few days from now. 


First Trends After Patch 7.34e - Biggest Win Rate Increases
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One of the all-time favorite offlaners hasn’t been a meta hero in a while. A lot of people were disappointed they did not see Tidehunter at TI12 as much, but by the looks of it, the hero could be making a comeback.

According to the first trends after patch 7.34e, Tidehunter has one of the biggest win rate increases, which is +2.18%. Even though he continues to be below the 50% mark, he is in a much better state than before, and we expect to keep seeing him in our games.

What’s interesting is that Tidehunter also did not get any special buffs in the latest patch. What’s more, the item changes also do not have that much of an effect on him because you rarely see Vladimir’s Offering on Tide. Despite that, it seems like PUB Dota 2 players have found a way to use him in the current meta.


First Trends After Patch 7.34e - Biggest Win Rate Increases
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If you’ve been following the Dota 2 scene in 2023, you probably remember that there was a time when Sven was among the best heroes in the game. This did not last long, though, because Valve nerfed him a lot, and he faded away from the meta. Although he did not get any specific buffs in the patch 7.34e, it seems like players have found a way to use him, which is why his win rate increased a lot.

At the time of covering the hero, his win rating is around 47.50%, which is not that impressive when you compare it to others. However, it is up by more than 2%, which means that there is a way to play Sven in the current meta. We can’t wait to see if professional teams will use him in their arsenal.


First Trends After Patch 7.34e - Biggest Win Rate Increases

Another hero that seems to be making a comeback in Dota 2 is Mars. He used to be one of the most dominant heroes in professional matches because he was present in almost every game in 2022 and 2023. Sadly, Valve decided that enough was enough and nerfed him a lot, which pushed him away from the meta.

If we analyze the forest trends after patch 7.34e, we can see that Mars has a win rate increase of +2.10% and is at 46%. This does not mean the hero is in a good state because he is way off the 50% mark, but it means that we will keep seeing him in professional and PUB games.

First Trends After Patch 7.34e – Biggest Win Rate Increases
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