First Trends After Patch 7.34e – Biggest Win Rate Drops

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First Trends After Patch 7.34e – Biggest Win Rate Drops

Are you interested in the first trends after patch 7.34e? These are some of the biggest win rate drops you need to know about.

In case you missed out on it, Dota 2 dropped a new patch called 7.34e, and we have a full overview of it. From our observation, a lot of people in the community say that the “e” in the patch is “empty” because it does not address any of the issues that we had. However, this is not true because some top heroes received many nerfs, whereas others got buffed. This article will take a quick look at some of the heroes whose win rate plummeted following the arrival of Patch 7.34e, so let’s dive in.

Chaos Knight

First Trends After Patch 7.34e - Biggest Win Rate Drops

It is no surprise that Chaos Knight is the first name on our list. This is the hero that is affected the most by patch 7.34e (at least for now). The stats reveal that his win rate is down by more than 4, whereas his pick rate is 7% less than before. In other words, all of the nerfs in the most recent patch have had a bad effect.

But what changed? Well, Chaos Knight’s base damage got nerfed, his Phantasm costs more mana than before, and Chaos Strike does not have that much creep lifesteal. The changes are not that drastic, and the hero is definitely not unplayable, but he is nowhere near as strong as before.

Treant Protector

There have been a couple of Dota 2 heroes prior to Patch 7.34e that dominated the PUB Dota 2 meta, and this was among them. You have probably noticed that Treant Protector was really strong in a lot of matchups, but it seems like the most recent changes nerfed him.

The stats reveal that Treant’s win rate is down by almost 3.51%, whereas his pick rate is down by 2%. What’s interesting is that his nefs are not even that drastic. Leech Seed, for example, deals 5 less damage and heal per level, whereas his base MS is down by 5 (from 285 to 280). Despite the fact that these changes don’t seem that harsh, they’ve affected this hero a lot.


The third name on the list of biggest win rate drops after patch 7.34e is definitely not a surprise. Kunkka was among the few popular mid-laners in Dota 2 who was present at The International 12 and won most matches. The hero also got a fairly good PUB win rate, which is why the nerfs were inevitable.

After the changes to his Torrent STorm, Tidal Wave, and Ghost Ship, Kunkka’s win rate is down by more than 3%. The same applies to his pick rate because the hero is just not as good as before.


First Trends After Patch 7.34e - Biggest Win Rate Drops

Following the 7.34e release date, it became clear that Bristleback is one of the heroes with the most nerfs. Some people did not expect that because the hero was not strong, but the most recent patch nerfed almost everything about him.

Bristleback lost a lot of damage, his Bristleback is not as good as before, and Hairball is almost 50% less effective. All of this results in a -3 % win rate and around a 4.5% pick rate. With that said, our experience tells us that these numbers will keep getting worse because players prefer using other heroes.


First Trends After Patch 7.34e - Biggest Win Rate Drops

Whether you look at the 7.34e Dota 2 Reddit ot a different page, you will also notice Necrophos was among the heroes who suffered the most in the most recent patch. Despite not being a top-tier hero for pro matches, Necro was among the best in PUBs, so Valve decided to nerf him.

After the changes, Ghost Shroud, Heartstopper Aura, and Death Seeker are just not as good as before, and this affects the hero’s win rate. Currently, it is down by around 2.65%, and his pick rate is down by more than 3%. That said, some people keep picking him because he works in very specific scenarios.


This is another hero that deserves more attention because Muerta was big at TI12 and in pub matches. To be fair, she continues to be a solid pick even after the nerfs from 7.34e, but the hero is just not as good as before. Nowadays, her win rate is down by around 2.40%, whereas her pick rate is down by 3.32%.

In terms of nerfs, Muerta’s The Calling lasts 2s shorter on all levels, and the movement slowly is 15/120/25/30% instead of a flat 30%. These nerfs do not seem that harsh, but they’ve definitely made the hero less effective. 


There are certain Dota 2 heroes that are never popular in PUB games, no matter what, and Chen is undoubtedly among them. He is one of the heroes who got no nerfs or buffs after the 7.34e patch. Despite that, the hero’s win rate dropped by more than 2.24%, which means he is below the 50% mark.

A very interesting thing is that Chen’s win rate is slightly up (1.10% instead of 0.84%). These stats go to show that people are experimenting more with him, but he is just not as strong as other popular Dota 2 heroes.

Ancient Apparition

There are several other Dota 2 heroes whose win rate is down, but the last hero we want to address here is Ancient Apparition. The changelog from patch 7.34e reveals that Ice Vortex deals slightly less damage per second, whereas Ice Blast’s duration is only 10s on all levels instead of going to 11 and 12. 

After these nerfs, AA’s win rating is down to 2%, but it continues to be above 50%. His pick rate is also slightly down, but it continues to be more than 9%, meaning he is among the popular supports.

First Trends After Patch 7.34e – Biggest Win Rate Drops
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