Dota 2 Clinkz Guide – Tips and Tricks

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Dota 2 Clinkz Guide – Tips and Tricks

This Dota 2 Clinkz guide will reveal more details about one of the game’s most interesting carries.

Clinkz is a very interesting hero for many reasons. He is among the few characters that people can use in PUBs to win games on their own. Clinkz is different from other carries in terms of requiring teammates to be successful because he has a very specific playstyle.

What we’re about to learn in this Clinkz Dota 2 guide is more information about the hero and tips and tricks. This is a ranged Agility hero with 4.2 armor, 290 MS and 44-50 starting damage. The hero is pretty good in a variety of situations, but let’s learn more before you check the Dota 2 Clinkz DotaBuff.

Dota 2 Clinkz Guide – Abilities

Prior to going through the Clinkz Dota 2 wiki, here’s more information about the hero’s abilities.

  • Strafe – When used, Clinkz gets 220 attack speed and 200 bonus range for 3.5s. His Skelton Archers also get 50% of that bonus.
  • Tar Bomb – This ability allows Clinkz to throw a projective that stays for 5s. During that time, enemies that go through it have a -25% MS slow, they take 100 impact damage, and Clinkz and his Burning Army Skeletons deal +45 bonus damage to the target.
  • Death Pact – When used, Clinzk will consume an enemy creep or a friendly skeleton and creates a Bruning Skeleton Archer in their place while also gaining more HP. The archers themselves are immobile and will die within a few attacks from a hero and they deal a percentage of Clink’zs damage.
  • Skeleton Walk – This ability allows the hero to be invisible for 45s, gaming 55% bonus movement speed. Leaving the Skeleton Walk will summon 2 Burning Skeleton Archers.

If players get a Shard, they will get a new ability called Burning Barrage, which allows the hero to fire a barrage of arrows for 6s that deal 65% of his base damage. The attacks will also apply any attack modifiers and douse enemies with the Tar Bomb slow. An Aghanim’s Scepter allows Clinkz to summon a Burning Army of 5 skeletons that will attack targets and people will need 1 additional hit to kill them.

Clinkz Dota 2 Guide – Talents

Dota 2 - Clinkz uses Skeleton Walk to destroy enemies

After the Clinkz Dota 2 skills, the hero’s talents are next on the list.

  • Level 10 – Skeleton Walk -4s cooldown or Tar Bomb +15 Bonus Attack Damage
  • Level 15 – Death Pact gets +1 Charge or Clinkz gets +75 Range
  • Level 20 – Strafe provides +40 AS or Death Pact grants +250 HP
  • Level 25 – Tar Bomb Multishots or Strafe gets -8s Cooldown

Dota 2 Clinkz Guide – Tips

Before discussing the items to get in the Dota 2 Clinkz build, it’s important to learn more about how to play with this hero. Clinkz is one of those cores that can be played in mid, offlane, and safe lane, but most people choose the latter. Prior to the changes to his abilities, Clinkz was one of the slowest farming cores and relied on kills to snowball. Even though this is true up to a point today, his abilities (especially when you add a Shard) allow him to farm much faster. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why many people rush to get this item.

Other than this farming speed, Clinkz is a hero known for doing tons of physical damage. This means that he is very effective against other cores and squish heroes. With that said, this is among the options in Dota 2 that must be ahead of the rest to shine.

One of the advantages of playing with Clinkz is that he is a pretty strong laner. Even though he is fragile, the hero deals a lot of damage and has a long range. Therefore, ganking him is easier said than done.

Clinkz Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

Before checking the Dota 2 Clinkz Reddit for more details about the hero, here are some of the pros and cons you should know.


  • A lot of physical damage
  • Good early on because of his long range and damage
  • Can deal insane amounts of burst damage
  • Very annoying to play against


  • You can find more than one Clinkz Dota 2 counter
  • The hero needs to snowball to be more effective

Dota 2 Clinkz Guide – Items

Choosing the right Dota 2 Clinkz items is incredibly important because this hero can have a completely different playstyle, depending on what you go for. Below, you can find a list of some of the more popular options you can purchase.

Starting items

Clinkz can start the game with Iron Brahcnes, Tango, Slippers of Agility, and a Faerie Fire.

Early game

Clinkz becomes invisible using Skeleton Walk to scout for enemies

The best early-game items depend on the preferred Clinkz Dota 2 build. Most people will go for Power Treads, Magic Wand, and a Wraith Band, but others will also add a Blight Stone.

Mid game

The mid-game items depend a lot and can include Desolator, Orchid Malevolence, and Solar Crest. Some people may even try to get a Black King Bar.

Late game

In terms of the late game items, they can include the options mentioned above. Besides them, people also buy Daedalus, Scythe of Vyse, Butterfly, Gleipnir, Eye of Skadi, Nullifier, and more. Black King Bar is also a must-have.

Dota 2 Clinkz counter

If you check the Clinkz Dota 2 pro trackers, you will see that some players counter Clinkz by using several heroes, such as:

  • Bounty Hunter – Bounty’s Track allows the enemy team to see Clinkz. He can also do a lot of burst damage, which is effective against Clinkz, who’s usually not as tanky. 
  • Morphling – Morph has a lot of armor, which is good against Clinkz because the latter deals physical damage. Moreover, Morph deals tons of damage and can kill Clinkz really fast.
  • Spectre – Clinkz is not effective against heroes that can come close to him, which is why Spectre is really good.


Even though some people try to use the Dota 2 Clinkz support build, the hero is almost always going to be a core. He is incredibly effective in a variety of setups and relatively easy to master. Even though Clinkz is not that big among pro games, he is a common option for PUB players.

Dota 2 Clinkz Guide – Tips and Tricks
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