LCS Summer 2022 Playoffs: 100 Thieves vs Team Liquid Series Recap

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LCS Summer 2022 Playoffs: 100 Thieves vs Team Liquid Series Recap

With this 3-2 victory, 100 Thieves secured themselves a spot at Worlds 2022, while Team Liquid is knocked down to the lower bracket.

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid Game 1

TL pulled out a surprise pick in their first draft with the Urgot pick for Bwipo. 100T on the other hand had a more early game-focused draft, which led to them dominating the early game objectives and taking the first blood. And with a five-man top lane dive, 100T had established a 3k gold lead when the plates fell. TL did a good job of taking a couple of drakes to delay the Soul, but aside from that 100T had complete control over the map during the mid-game and even pushed their lead to near 10k after taking a Baron. 100T found one last engage after taking three inhibitors and with their massive lead, it was an easy fight to win. 100T got themselves 1-0 ahead in the series without giving any kills to TL in the first game.

  • Teams: 100T – TL
  • Time: 30:24
  • Kills: 13 – 0
  • Turrets: 11 – 2
  • Gold: 60.7k – 45.7k
  • Dragons: 3 – 2
  • Barons: 1 – 0

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid Game 2

For Game 2 both teams opted for more scaling comps, so we did not see much early action. TL got the first Herald due to Bwipo’s lane lead and a top dive, and 100T answered with the first drake. But TL’s early lead was not enough once the team fights started as 100T was able to come out ahead in most fights and they took the gold lead with a Baron. Despite being put back early, Ssumday was huge in the mid-game fights. 100T seemed content to just look for towers with their Baron, but TL decided to look for a fight. After a great counter-engage from Closer, 100T got a clean aced on their opponent and secured themselves a 2-0 series lead.

  • Teams: TL – 100T
  • Time: 25:07
  • Kills: 7 – 16
  • Turrets: 2 – 7
  • Gold: 39.4k – 47.5k
  • Dragons: 1 – 2
  • Barons: 0 – 1
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100 Thieves vs Team Liquid Game 3

Coming into Game 3 with their backs against the wall, TL busted out the famous Zilean pick for Bjergsen. And his Zilean was crucial in giving TL an early game lead with his team fighting around the first Herald. 100T tried to contest objectives during the mid game but despite Ssumday’s best efforts, TL’s team fighting was on point and they managed to keep their lead. And after finding a pick on Huhi, TL won the 4v5 skirmish to secure themselves the first Baron of the game.

With the Baron TL extended their gold lead to over 7k, which gave them the confidence to dive tier two bot lane. After they got two kills, TL decided to try to end the game but they could not after Bwipo died, which gave 100T an opportunity to take the Soul point. Still, the game did not reach that point as 100T tried to contest the next Baron and gave up for kills. With an inhib still down, TL ended the game to give themselves a fighting chance at the series.

  • Teams: 100T – TL
  • Time: 32:50
  • Kills: 9 – 21
  • Turrets: 1 – 9
  • Gold: 52.2k – 61.8k
  • Dragons: 3 – 2
  • Barons: 0 – 1

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid Game 4

Another different draft look from TL in Game 4, especially with the Sett/Nocturne top side. Still, the first move was made by 100T with an early mid gank which gave Abbedagge the first blood. TL on the other hand picked up all of the objectives on the map during the early game and was on Soul point before the 20th minute. Fights during the mid game were on a knife’s edge but with TL always coming on top. After a very extended fight, where 100T members died multiple times, TL secured a very early Hextech Soul and a Baron, extending their lead to over 6k. With the help of the Baron, TL’s deathball comp became too much to handle for 100T as TL finished the game in a dominant fashion to send us to the fifth game.

  • Teams: 100T – TL
  • Time: 28:11
  • Kills: 8 – 24
  • Turrets: 3 – 9
  • Gold: 44.2k – 55.9k
  • Dragons: 0 – 4
  • Barons: 0 – 1
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100 Thieves vs Team Liquid Game 5

TL was the team that started better by getting the first blood in the win-or-go-home Game 5 with CoreJJ’s aggressive play. And despite 100T getting both the first Herald and drake, TL had a 1k gold lead early thanks to finding more kills. The two early drakes for 100T meant they were also able to get the Ocean Soul after two great kicks from Closer’s Lee Sin and a quadra kill from Abbedagge.

100T tried to push their advantage with a Baron, but it got stolen by TL. However, the teamfighting from 100T was great as they chase TL members and got three exit kills. With the man advantage they sieged against the Baron, and after another great kick from Closer, they closed out the series 3-2.

  • Teams: 100T – TL
  • Time: 31:33
  • Kills: 15 – 6
  • Turrets: 7 – 1
  • Gold: 54.8k – 50.4k
  • Dragons: 4 – 0
  • Barons: 0 – 1

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Upper Bracket

  • August 28, 1PM PDT
    • Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud9

Lower Bracket

  • September 1, 1PM PDT
    • Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Liquid
  • September 2, 1PM PDT
    • TSM vs. Evil Geniuses/Cloud 9 Loser

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LCS Summer 2022 Playoffs: 100 Thieves vs Team Liquid Series Recap
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