How To Win The Mid Game in Dota 2 – Tips and Tricks

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How To Win The Mid Game in Dota 2 – Tips and Tricks

The Dota 2 mid game is incredibly challenging because this is when things can get rough. Let’s learn how to win the mid game as easily as possible.

If you have followed our tips about winning the early game, you are already in a good position for the mid-game. Unfortunately, there are many games where being in such a position is easier said than done. 

We know that people who’re new to Dota 2 will have problems adapting to the dynamics of the game and may not know what to do. Therefore, it’s time to show you how to win the mid game in Dota 2. Keep in mind that each role (support, mid-lane, offlane, and carry) has a different task they need to focus on at this stage of the game.

What is Dota 2 Mid Game?

Dota 2 Mid Game is when the laning stage is over, and the heroes from both teams start to rotate around the map, trying to secure objectives. Usually, this is when we see the first Dota 2 Roshan kill, several big items, many towers destroyed, and more.

Considering the dynamic of the game, the mid-game is also when the game can end, especially if one of the two teams uses a draft that focuses on pushing. In terms of a time frame, the mid-game can start are around 15-20 minutes and go up to 30 or 40 min, depending on the heroes.

How to Win the Mid Game in Dota 2?

Winning the mid game in Dota 2 is not easy, and there is no step-by-step instruction because every match is different. As mentioned, every role in the game has a specific task, so let’s go through each one.

Winning the Dota 2 Mid Game While Playing Supports

How To Win The Mid Game in Dota 2 - Tips and Tricks

Supports’ job in the mid-game is not as crucial as in the early game. In fact, they can keep doing most of the things they were supposed to, such as warding and stacking. With that said, there are a few other things to focus on:

  • Using their abilities on time
  • Not feeding
  • Trying to get at least 1 fairly big item

Supports not using their abilities on time is one of the biggest mistakes in the mid-game. Many Dota 2 players underestimate the strength of some heroes and die without contributing anything.

As funny as it sounds, not feeding in the Dota 2 mid game as a support is not always easy. Sometimes, the enemy cores are great at picking off heroes, so you have to be careful.

Regarding the items, supports should try to have at least one fairly big option. This can include Force Staff, Blink Dagger, Eul’s, and more.

Winning the Dota 2 Mid Game While Playing in the Offlane

How To Win The Mid Game in Dota 2 - Tips and Tricks


Following the challenging laning stage, Offlaners are one of the most important heroes in the Dota 2 mid-game. Depending on the hero, they have to do tons of things:

  • Set up kills
  • Push with their teams
  • Initiate teamfights

Setting up kills is usually the thing that some offlaners specialize in. To do that, they need to have enough levels and get at least one or two items. Batrider is an excellent example of an offlaner that can set up many kills in the mid-game.

Pushing with the team is another objective in the mid-game that a lot of offlaners do. The heroes that do that are usually the so-called “aura carriers”, such as Underlord, Dark Seer, and more.

Initiating teamfights is also key for a lot of heroes, such as Tidehunter and Ax., To do that, they will need to get items like a Blink Dagger.

Winning the Dota 2 Mid Game While Playing in the Midlane

How To Win The Mid Game in Dota 2 - Tips and Tricks

Depending on the Dota 2 mid lane hero, this can be the most important unit for a given team during this stage of the game. Most mid-lane heroes rely on snowballing, so their job is to:

  • Get as many kills as possible
  • Take part in team fights
  • Farm as much as possible
  • Avoid drying for no reason
  • Focus on the right target.

Getting as many kills and last hits as possible should be your main priority in the mid-game. In the last couple of years, midders have often acted as a team’s second carry, so they need to be able to scale for the late game.

Even though these heroes need to farm, they also need to take part in team fights. Carries can be allowed to split-push or do something else (depending on the hero), but midders need to be with their team when a fight is going down.

Of course, dying for no reason is one of the worst things that can happen in Dota 2, so this is another thing you need to avoid.

Lastly, as a mid-laner, you need to be able to focus on the right target. This probably sounds complicated, but if you do not choose the right target, your team will have problems winning fights.

Winning the Dota 2 Mid Game While Playing as a Carry

How To Win The Mid Game in Dota 2 - Tips and Tricks

The Dota 2 mid-game as as carry can be very different from hero to hero. If you are playing something that’s not extremely strong in the late game, you should focus on your team and move together to take fights and objectives. However, if your hero is stronger later on, you can focus on farming and split pushing and take fights when you feel it is okay.

There are unique heroes like Spectre who can farm and take part in fights simultaneously. Other heroes, such as Anti-Mage, are great at split-pushing, and they can use this to their advantage and pressure the enemy team if AM’s team is not doing well.

Winning the Mid Game in Dota 2 – Tips & Tricks

As mentioned, the mid-game is usually decisive in Dota 2 because it is when one of the two teams gets a considerable advantage. Therefore, knowing what to do is extremely important. 

Your main goal should be to try and get as many objectives as possible while simultaneously preventing your opponents from doing the same. This is not easy, but once you start playing as a team, you will be more successful.

Another thing to remember in the mid-game is that you have to be able to evaluate the risk. Don’t take any unnecessary team fights, and do not go to places where you do not have vision. Every death here has consequences because it could lead to a kill on Roshan, a tower, or more.

Regarding the Dota 2 items you need to get, it really depends on your team and the enemy heroes. Remember that the mid-game is where you may want to get an item that counters a specific opponent from the enemy team. Abyssal Blade, for example, is a great tool to have against elusive heroes.

How To Win The Mid Game in Dota 2 – Tips and Tricks
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