How To Win The Early Game in Dota 2 – Tips & Tricks

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How To Win The Early Game in Dota 2 – Tips & Tricks

Are you struggling to win the early game? If so, we are about to show you how to win the early game in Dota 2 and what to pay attention to.

You don’t need to be an experienced Dota 2 player to know that each game can be divided into three fictional stages:

  • Early Game
  • Mid Game
  • Late Game

The early game Dota 2 is often underrated, but it is extremely important because it usually sets the tone for the next two stages. Roles like support, carry, and offlane have different tasks they need to fulfill in the early game in order for their team to win, and we are about to reveal everything in his article. Let’s begin!

What is Dota 2 Early Game?

Dota 2 early game is that part of the game where the two teams are trying to get as many levels and experience as possible. This is also the place where the laning stage takes place, and once it is over, most people think that players are in the mid-game.

Every Dota 2 game is different, but if you look at the early game Dota 2 Reddit posts, you can see that most of them consider the early game to end around the 12-15-20th minute mark. There are cases where it can end earlier than that, but it all depends on the heroes.

How to Win the Early Game in Dota 2?

To win the early game in Dota 2, you and your team need to do everything possible to win the laning stage. Depending on the heroes you have, you also have to try to secure map advantage, stack camps, and more. This will allow you to better position yourself for the mid-game. 

Winning the Dota 2 Early Game as Support

Supports are often underrated, but if you check any of the how ot win the early game in Dota 2 articles, you will see that they have the most important role in this stage of the game. Knowing what to do as a support can make a night and day difference early for your team. Every support is different, but we can divide their actions into the following:

  • Warding
  • Protecting
  • Ganking
  • Stacking
  • Rotating

When it comes down to warding, supports are responsible for providing vision and denying the vision of the enemy team.

In terms of protection, this usually applies to position 5 supports because their job is to ensure the team’s carry is doing well. This also includes stacking.

Ganking is something that most position 4 supports are responsible for. The same is true for rotating because they often have to TP somewhere to make a play.

How to win the early game in Dota 2 as Offlane

How To Win The Early Game in Dota 2 - Tips & Tricks

The offline’s role in the early game is difficult, no matter the setup. Since this player is not in a favorable position, usually, his role can be summarized like this:

  • Surviving
  • Getting as much XP as possible
  • Secure at least a few last hits

Surviving sounds easy, but every Dota 2 offlaner knows this is the hardest part. After all, these heroes often need to lane against 3+ opponents.
While surviving, the offlaner has to get as much experience as possible. Levels are more important for those types of heroes than last hits (at least at first) because they need to reach level 6 as fast as possible. After that, they can start rotating, which will transition the Dota 2 match into the mid-game.

To win the early game in Dota 2 as an offlaner, you have to try and not die at all or die as fewer times as possible. Ideally, you should also prevent your opponent from farming or at least reduce the farm he will get.

How to win the Dota 2 Early Game as Carry

Being a carry in the early game of Dota 2 can be extremely laid-back or stressful, and it all depends on your support and the enemy’s offlane. If your support is good and the offlaner is weak, all you need to do is last hit. However, if this is not the case, you may need to play defensively and may even have to change your lane (depending on the situation). 

Depending on the carry, some heroes can bounce back even if they did not have the best early game. 

Winning the Dota 2 Early Game as a Midlaner

Even though supports have a hard task because their impact in the early game is huge, mid-laners are also up there. Unlike other roles, usually, the mid-laner is playing in a 1v1 format. Therefore, this person really needs to know what he is doing in order to be successful. 

Ideally, midders in the early game have to do the following:

  • Kill the enemy midder
  • Prevent him from farming
  • Survive
  • Secure as many last hits as possible
  • Denying the opponents’ last hit

Last hitting and denying is the main thing that happens in the mid-lane early on. Depending on the heroes, one of the two can try to make an aggressive move and score a kill, but this usually requires help.

Tips & Tricks About How To Win the Early Game in Dota 2

The first and main thing you should remember about the early game in Dota 2 is that you need to communicate with your team. Although this is a key element in all stages of the game, being on the same page with your team really makes a difference. 

Another Dota 2 early game-winning tip that we do not see that often is related to itemization. The most important thing in the early game is to stay alive and not die too many times. To do that, you will need to use a lot of HP regen, so we suggest buying as many slaves as possible.

Speaking of items, you also need to have stats and movement speed. Low-rated Dota 2 players often skip those things so they can get their first big item earlier, but this is wrong. Invest in things like a Band, Talisman, or Bracer, as well as boots of speed. You should also get a Wand because it will help you generate and use charges in difficult situations. 

How To Win The Early Game in Dota 2 – Tips & Tricks
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