How To Get Coal In Palworld: Locations And How To Farm It

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How To Get Coal In Palworld: Locations And How To Farm It

There are many resources in Palworld but none are quite as important as Coal. Hence, here is how to get Coal with locations and how to farm it quickly

The most recently released open-world survival and crafting game that has been published for the gaming world to explore is Palworld. It is gaining a lot of recognition very quickly, despite being in the early access stage of development. It is a game based on going out on adventures with your “Pals” who are different types of creatures with various abilities. These Pals have to be caught after fighting them in the wild world, then trained and labored for doing work at your base and fighting with other creatures for later. There are over 100 Pals currently available in the game and once you catch them, you can add them to your Palbox for later usage.

Other than the Pals, there is also the aspect of crafting and surviving in the world for which players need to gather multiple resources. One of the most important resources is Coal because players need it to upgrade their weapons and ammo in the game. They mainly need it to craft Refined Ore, which is then used to craft various high-end tools or items in the game. Hence, here is how to get Coal with locations where you can find it and also how to farm it quickly.

How to get Coal in Palworld

Coal is one of the most essential resources in Palworld. This is because it is used to upgrade and craft weapons and their ammo in the game, which is necessary for survival. They spawn as large black rocks which are pretty hard to distinguish from regular stone deposits because they look very similar, thanks to their dark color. To mine the resource, you’ll also need to ensure that you have a Metal Pickaxe as anything of a lower level will give you a pretty hard time when mining the rocks. Here are the resources needed to craft a Metal Pickaxe: 

  • 5 Ingots – This can be crafted by combining 1 Coal with 1 Ore.
  • 15 Stone – This can be obtained by mining stone deposits scattered all around the world.
  • 20 Wood – This can be obtained by cutting down trees scattered all around the world.

The only foolproof way to get the resource is to go out and mine it. Other than that, you can also find it in chests, but it is better to find a good mining area for Coal as it is a resource that respawns over time. You can also make this mining process easier for yourself by catching yourself a Digtoise, a Ground Element type Pal that has the Mining Work Suitability. Also, consider setting up a camp nearby in a place with a Teleport location so you can transport the resource back to your base quickly using the Fast Travel system. You can also bring a mountable Pal, especially a flying one for traveling quickly like Nitewing.

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How To Get Coal In Palworld: Locations And How To Farm It
Credit: @Pocketpair on YouTube

How to farm Coal

Now that you know how to get Coal, it is natural to ask how to farm the resource. Well, the only real way to farm Coal is to find an area where the resources respawn a lot and set down a small base there, or players can just build a proper base in an area where the resource can be found easily and mine it whenever needed. That way you can have Pals like Digtoise assigned to mining and go get the resource for you. 

Possible Spawn Locations for Coal 

How To Get Coal In Palworld: Locations And How To Farm It
Credit: @Gamers Heroes on YouTube

As Coal is a type of mineable resource, there are a few possible spawn locations in the game where you can find Coal. Coal specifically spawns in the hot desert biomes scattered across the world that are unbearably hot in daylight and extremely cold at night. For this reason, make sure to be equipped with proper gear like the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor to withstand some heat in the daytime and fall back to your base before nighttime falls. The possible spawn locations for Coal are given as follows:

  • Mount Obsidian – Located in the southern part of the world, this is the best site for mining Coal. You can find the resource scattered in plenty of deposits around the base of the mountain.
  • Twilight Dunes – Located exactly at the coordinates -160, -114 is a desert biome which is home to plenty of Coal deposits.

  • Other Desert biomes – 
    • Hypocrite Hill
    • Investigator’s Fork
    • Fisherman’s Point
    • The Beach of Everlasting Summer
    • Mountain top near the PIDF Tower

How to use Coal

How To Get Coal In Palworld: Locations And How To Farm It
Credit: @Gamers Heroes on YouTube

There are only two ways to use Coal in Palworld at present. The first way is by turning the resource into Carbon Fiber to craft weapons. The most essential and second way to use Coal in the game is to craft Refined Ingots, which is a type of item that is used to upgrade weapon items and ammo to Tier 3 or the highest levels in the game. This makes all sorts of tools the fastest possible in the game. Here is how to craft Refined Ingots in the game: 

  • Step 1: Collect Coal in the game, which you can do by reading through all the information above.

  • Step 2: Collect any kind of Ores in the game, which you can do by going out into the open world and mining some Ore deposits at specific Ore spawn locations.

  • Step 3: Take your resources to an Electric Furnace or an Improved Furnace and wait for them to smelt together and create the Refined Ingot. 

With that, you can easily use your Coal to upgrade all your weapons and tools in the game. However, something to note is that you need to level up your Character Level to 35 in the game and have enough Technology Points to be able to craft an Electric Furnace or an Improved Furnace. Other than that, here is a list of all weapons and tools you’ll be able to craft with your Coal turned Refined Ingots: 

  • Refined Metal Pickaxe – The fastest and highest level of Pickaxe in the game used for mining. 
  • Refined Metal Axe – The fastest and highest level of Axe in the game used for chopping Trees or attacking Pals.
  • Ultra Spheres – The second highest level of Pal Spheres in the game used for capturing Pals of higher levels like Level 20 and up.
  • Assault Rifle – The second highest level of weapon in the game used for attacking Pals before capturing them.


Needless to say, getting Coal in the game is not as hard as it may have seemed to you. It is as easy as finding a good spawn location for the resource and mining it. It is advisable to capture a Digtoise as soon as possible because having a helping Pal pretty much guarantees a way of having plenty of Coal, thanks to its Mining Work Suitability. 

Hence, make sure to read up on all the information given above about how to get Coal the resource along with its locations and the ways to farm it and use it in Palworld. Also, check out our article on the ingredient/resource Milk in Palworld to know about another very important resource in the game that you need to get. Stay tuned for more such content from ESTNN!

How To Get Coal In Palworld: Locations And How To Farm It
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