All Palworld Teleport Locations

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All Palworld Teleport Locations

Palworld's game map is vast, so having a function that allows you to move around it more easily and quickly is certainly a welcome thing. For this reason, in this article, we will show you all the Palworld teleport locations that are present in the game, so that you can move from one area of the map to another in a few seconds. This is definitely a very useful thing that we are sure you will use a lot as soon as you get the chance.

Palworld Teleport Locations Listed

Having fast travel markers available in Palworld is convenient if you want to move quickly and don't want to cover long areas on foot (although, especially at the beginning, it is recommended to be able to collect as many resources as possible). There are some cases, in fact, in which time is your worst enemy, such as when you are exploring dungeons in search of sulfur and you have to be very fast. For this reason, exploring the game map and unlocking the fast travel markers is something you should aim for.

Below, therefore, is a list of all the Palworld teleport locations that you can find in the game, so that you can head directly in those directions to unlock them. We have decided to divide the list based on the regions into which the Palworld map is divided.

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palworld teleport locations

The Islands

  • Plateau of Beginnings: Level 1
  • Marsh Island: Level 1
  • Natural Bridge: Level 1
  • Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef: Level 1
  • Forgotten Island: Level 3
  • Grassy Behemoth Hills: Level 5
  • Small Settlement: Level 5
  • Marsh Island Church Ruins: Level 5
  • Eastern Wild Island: Level 5
  • Forgotten Island Church Ruins: Level 5
  • Ice Wind Island: Level 5
  • Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance: Level 10
  • Fort Ruins: Level 10
  • Small Cove: Level 10
  • Sea Breeze Archipelago Church: Level 10
  • Azurobe Hill: Level 10
  • Desolate Church: Level 15
  • Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings: Level 15
  • Bridge of the Twin Knights: Level 17
  • Islandhopper Coast: Level 20
  • Ravine Entrance: Level 20
  • Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster: Level 23
  • Ascetic Falls: Level 25
  • Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant: Level 25
  • Ancient Ritual Site: Level 25
  • Cinnamoth Forest: Level 25
  • Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon: Level 30
  • Investigator's Fork: Level 30
  • Deep Bamboo Thicket: Level 30
  • Hypocrite Hill: Level 30
  • Lake Center: Level 30
  • Mount Flopie Summit: Level 30
  • Gobfin's Turf: Level 30
  • Mossanda Forest: Level 30
  • Sealed Realm of the Guardian: Level 35
  • Snowy Mountain Fork: Level 35
  • Sealed Realm of the Swift: Level 35
  • Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance: Level 35

Sand Dunes

  • Sand Dunes Entrance: Level 40
  • Duneshelter: Level 45
  • PIDF Tower Entrance: Level 45
  • Deep Sand Dunes: Level 50


  • Cold Shore: Level 40
  • Icy Weasel Hill: Level 43
  • No Man's Trail: Level 43
  • Pristine Snow Field: Level 45
  • PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Entrance: Level 45
  • Land of Absolute Zero: Level 45
  • Unthawable Lake: Level 45
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  • Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance: Level 30
  • Mount Obsidian Midpoint: Level 30
  • Ruined Fortress City: Level 30
  • Fisherman's Point: Level 33
  • Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue: Level 33
  • Beach of Everlasting Summer: Level 33
  • Ancient Civilization Ruins: Level 35
  • Foot of the Volcano: Level 35

palworld teleport locations

All Palworld Teleport Locations
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