How to Fast Travel in Palworld

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How to Fast Travel in Palworld

Wondering how to get to all the locations in Palworld in the blink of an eye? Here’s how to fast travel in Palworld.

Palworld has a deceptively large map. When you boot it up the first time, you wouldn’t think that the map is so huge. But once you spawn in and get a chance to open up your in-game map, you’ll quickly realize that going to every single location simply by walking or sprinting isn’t going to cut it.

Sure, unlocking mounts in Palworld can make traversing the map faster. But it’s still not good enough if you want to save time on having to move over large distances. So how do you get to a remote location that doesn’t take up too much of your game time?

You use the Fast Travel feature in the game.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can access this feature and travel across vast distances in Palworld in the blink of an eye. Let’s hop in!

How to Fast Travel in Palworld

Fast Travel isn’t exactly a new feature in the gaming world. And while many games took an innovative approach to using this feature, Palworld kept things simple.

Now simple isn’t really a bad thing, and in Palworld the Fast Travel system is pretty good. It’s actually fast and doesn’t put up a big loading screen every time you use it. Frankly, that’s all we could ask for in a game as gigantic as this one.

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How to Fast Travel in Palworld

So, the Fast Travel in Palworld can be accessed using the Great Eagle Statues scattered throughout the world. You need to find them out in the open world and activate them before you can start using them for Fast Travel.

Before you activate these Great Eagle Statues, they glow with an orange hue. Once activated, they turn blue indicating that they’re ready for travel.

In addition, your base (the location you set up your Palbox) also acts as a fast travel point. So putting some thought behind where you want your base to be is actually a pretty good idea in this game.

Since you’ll be able to return to your base anytime from any Fast Travel point that you find on the map, putting it somewhere that’s teeming with resources like Wood, or Paldium Fragments, will end up paying dividends in the future. You also want to make sure there’s enough space to expand your base later on.

It’s worth noting that you can only Fast Travel in Palworld from a Great Eagle Statue. You can’t just open up the map and travel to any previously unlocked Statues. However, opening your map will show you all the Great Eagle Statues you’ve unlocked so far in the game.

How to Find Fast Travel Points in Palworld

As we said, you need to find Great Eagle Status in the world and activate them if you want to use them for Fast Travel in Palworld. But how do you find them?

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Well, it seems the game wants to make things as easy for the player as possible. As soon as you get within 300 meters range of a Great Eagle Statue, it will show up in your In-Game Compass at the top of your screen. It doesn’t matter if you’ve activated it or not.

How to Fast Travel in Palworld

So keeping an eye out on your Compass when you’re moving around the world will help you unlock a fair bit of Great Eagle Statues during the early hours of your game easily.

The Bottom Line

The game design of Palworld requires you backtracking through previous locations almost on a regular basis. So unlocking as many of these Fast Travel points as you can while you progress will make it easier to play the game. The map is gigantic, and covering the entirety of it without any Fast Travel makes the game more difficult than it has to be.

However, we don’t recommend relying on it too much. Always using this feature can lead to you missing out on some of the rarer Pals in the game. So explore the map at your own pace, and use the Fast Travel option when things get boring. Good luck!

How to Fast Travel in Palworld
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