Palworld Milk: Ways To Get It And Use It

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Palworld Milk: Ways To Get It And Use It

There are many resources in Palworld and one of the earliest ones you need to get is Milk. Hence, here are the ways to get Palworld Milk and use it

The most recently released open-world survival and crafting game that has been published for the gaming world to explore is Palworld and it is gaining a lot of recognition very quickly, despite being in the early access stage of development. It is a game based on going out on adventures with your “Pals” who are different types of creatures with various abilities. These Pals have to be caught after fighting them in the wild world, then trained and labored for doing work at your base and fighting with other creatures for later. There are over 100 Pals currently available in the game and once you catch them, you can add them to your Palbox for later usage.

One of the Pals that you need to capture in the game the earliest is Mozzarina, a Neutral Element type of Pal in Palworld. Mozzarina provides one of the most essential resources in the game for survival which is Milk. However, how do you get Palworld Milk and use it in game? Keep on reading to find out all about it.

Ways to get Palworld Milk

Palworld Milk: Ways To Get It And Use It
Credit: @MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

Milk is one of the most essential resources in Palworld. This is because it is used to make food in the game, which is necessary for survival. At present, there are two different ways to get Milk in the game and they are given as follows:

By Capturing the Pal: Mozzarina

The first and foremost way to get Milk in Palworld is by capturing a Mozzarina Pal. They are pretty much an infinite source of getting the dairy in the game, as long as you keep them happy and healthy. Mozzarinas have specific spawn locations, where you can go find them and capture them quite easily. The spawn locations are given as follows:

  • To the East of the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon
  • To the North of the Ravine Entrance
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Mozzarina Spawn Location
Credit: @MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

Other than that, you can also find a Mozzarina roaming around in the wild and capture it immediately to quickly get rid of the dairy shortage and have an infinite farm.

By buying it from the Wandering Merchant

Wandering Merchant
Credit: @Game Heroes on YouTube

The second way to get Milk in Palworld is by buying it from the Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement. The Small Settlement is located to the Northeast of the Plateau of Beginning. There, you’ll find the Wandering Merchant from whom you can buy many resources in exchange for Gold Coins, the in-game currency. To buy the dairy, you’ll need to pay 50 Gold Coins for each bottle. While this is a faster way than having to capture a Mozzarina and put it in your ranch, it is way more expensive but in the end, the choice is yours!

How to use Milk in Palworld

As mentioned before, Milk is mainly used to cook food to eat and survive in the game. However, it also has another essential purpose which is crucial in Palworld. Hence, here are the different ways to use the dairy:

To Cook Food

Milk is one of the main ingredients needed in Palworld to cook various food recipes. The most common recipes include Pancakes, Hot Milk and Mushroom Soup. To find these recipes and cook them, you will need to craft a Campfire for which you need only 10 pieces of Wood and 1 Technology skill point. Once you craft the Campfire, go up to it and press “F” on your keyboard to access the available recipes and the materials needed for it to cook whatever food you want. You can either cook the food yourself or have one of your handy Pals like Foxparks or Rooby do it because they have the Kindling Work Sustainability which allows them to cook.

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To make Cake for Breeding

One of the most crucial aspects of Palworld is breeding your Pals to get Fusion Pals. To do this process of breeding your Pals, you need a food item which is Cake. The dairy in question is one of the main ingredients needed to make the Cake for breeding. Here are all the ingredients needed for making a Cake:

  • 8 Red Berries – This can be found anywhere in the wild open world.
  • 5 Flour – This can be obtained by milling Wheat.
  • 7 Milk
  • 8 Eggs – This can be obtained by capturing a Chikipi Pal and using it for farming.
  • 2 Honey – This can be obtained by capturing an Elizabee Pal and using it for farming.

Once you have all these ingredients, go to your cooking pot and make the Cake to start breeding your Pals and have Fusion Pals.


Needless to say, getting Milk in the game is not as hard as it may seem to you. It is as easy as capturing the Pal Mozzarina and keeping it healthy to make it an infinite source of the dairy or buying some off of the Wandering Merchant. It is advisable to capture a Mozzarina as soon as possible because having an infinite source of the dairy pretty much guarantees a way of always having food for you, thanks to its Farming Work Suitability.

Hence, make sure to read up on all the information given above about Milk the resource/ingredient and the ways to get it and use it in Palworld. Also, check out our article on the best Beginner Pals in Palworld to know about other early game Pals to capture in the game. Stay tuned for more such content from ESTNN!

Palworld Milk: Ways To Get It And Use It
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