Palworld: What are the Best Pals for Beginners

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Palworld: What are the Best Pals for Beginners

With early access now available, time to discover the best pals for Palworld beginners

Nailing down the perfect roster of Pals in this open-world survival game ultimately comes down to experimentation, exploration, and trial and error. This can be a headache especially early in the game when you are just spawned in this fantastic world full of exciting beats, and trying to build a base for the sake of survival. One has to wonder at one point, what are the best creatures that have the highest potential to make significant contributions to their dream of Pal “World-domination”?

Well, worry not ambitious gamer, this article should work as your guiding lantern to navigate a lot of the confusion you may face early in the game. While it is important to pay heed to the quality of Pals you are attaining in this game, it is also highly recommended that you gain some self-sufficiency. By that we mean you need to create a place where Pals will put in their effort to produce materials and food. This will also prevent them from going insane and berserk with their guns, which is the last thing you want, don’t you?

Best Pals for Beginners in Palworld


Palworld: What are the Best Pals for Beginners

Heard that you are not the biggest fan of having challenging battles in the early game? Well, worry not, because our guy Daedream here will not disappoint when it comes to leaving an exceptional remark on the battlefield. Seriously, once you will attain him you’ll not want to go a single battle without using him.

Daedream is a thing of beauty that only can be found shining with prowess in the nighttime. Therefore, you may have the impression that he’s a hard catch and you won’t be wrong. But once he has accepted your alliance you’ll be rewarded handsomely. His Partner Skill makes him a creature to respect and you should be making use of it to gain maximum efficiency while taking on foes.

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Palworld: What are the Best Pals for Beginners

You may easily take it for a subpar beast due to its accessibility and easy-to-approach look. Despite the fact that the game’s tutorial handholds you to catch this Pal we must admit, it’s a great first step towards building a rich arsenal full of awe-inspiring beasts. While not the most efficient in combat, their strong point is in making your base flourish. Transporting, farming, and other tasks that may seem like a chore to other battle-suited pals, Lamballs would do those in a heartbeat, and be sure, they’ll keep your base in one piece.

Once unlocked they’ll also produce wool in their spare time. While this is undoubtedly a cute thing to do, please understand that the value is immense as well. Early-game armour requires wool for repairing duties. Wool’s hard-to-come-by nature would make armour repairing a chore if not for the selfless giving tendencies of Lamballs.


Palworld: What are the Best Pals for Beginners

While Lifmunk could certainly use a lesson in global warming for being so efficient at chopping down trees, it is also extremely handy at obtaining berries from plants. On top of that, once you have built your logging site they would also produce wood that is an important material for the long-term survivability of this game.

They also lend their graceful hands on the workbench smoothening up the work process. Moreover, once you have your medicine centre, they’ll work to produce drugs. The best part? Upon reaching level 11 you can spoil them by crafting SMGs for them which will be skillfully utilised by these cute little Pals when facing foes.


Palworld: What are the Best Pals for Beginners

You will also come across this cat-like Pal early on, but it's worth obtaining because of its mining trait, which allows other Pals to crush up rocks and gather and store the stone. You'll have a place where you can use your Cattiva as much as you want once you construct the Stone Pit. At first glance, the stone may not appear very valuable, but if you get the Crusher, you can turn this into the highly valuable Paldium Fragments required to make Pal Spheres and a variety of other helpful things.

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Palworld: What are the Best Pals for Beginners

As you expand your base, ingots will become a valuable resource. However, in order to produce them, you need to build a primitive furnace and locate a Pal with kindling. Welcome Foxparks! Other than providing kindling for your base, this flaming fox is useless for much else. However, at level six, you can create at the Pal Gear Workbench by unlocking the Foxparks' Harness under the Technology tab. When you summon Foxparks Partner Skill, you can use them as a flamethrower in battle, much to Lifmunk's SMG.


Palworld: What are the Best Pals for Beginners

An owlish Pal that is exclusive to the night, this one is the perfect addition to a Dark-type team, particularly if you have four Daedreams drifting behind you. The damage of your Dark-type Pals is increased by Hoocrates' Partner Skill, which makes them an excellent match for your Daedreams. They can launch a potent variety of attacks of their own.


Palworld: What are the Best Pals for Beginners

If chopping down trees is the name of the job, then look no further than the stellar Eikthyrdeer. On top of being excellent plant butchers, these beings are extremely handy as early game mount too. Boy oh boy, don’t we like to traverse a fantastical open world riding on a beast as elegant as this one?

Upon capturing and reaching level 12, feel free to craft the saddle at the Pal Gear workbench which will enable you to ride it to your heart’s content. Once you have that gear equipped, simply summon the beast and hold F to hop on like a barbarian on the loose and explore the beautiful world with great velocity.

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Palworld: What are the Best Pals for Beginners
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