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Follow this guide to get every Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War cosmetic for free.

How To Get Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War Cosmetics For Free

Do you like Fortnite? Do you like Marvel? Do you want some free Marvel cosmetics in Fortnite? Then keep reading.  One of the most enjoyable elements of Fortnite is the endless collaborations. From music artists and WWE wrestlers to Naruto and Rick & Morty. The possibilities are truly endless. And, of …
LOL Patch 12.18: Best Supports to Climb With

LOL Patch 12.18: Best Supports to Climb With

Best supports to climb with in patch 12.18. Get up that ladder, and claim your glory in ranked League. Even though we are nearing the end of season 12, there is still enough time for you to climb to your desired rank, be it gold, plat, or anything higher. Now, …
Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2022

Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2022 – New Map and More

This is everything that's going on in the new Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2022 event! The Apex Legends Halloween Event is getting underway very soon, and we’ve got a good look at what’s coming. Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2022 has been unveiled. Just like in previous updates, there’s …
csgo-wallpaper community maps

The Five CSGO Community Maps You Should Test

Community maps have been a staple of CSGO since the very start. Here are our five favorite ones to play right now. One of the reasons why so many people love Counter-Strike is because the game allows the community to develop new ideas. This was true in the game’s previous …
A screen cap of one of Final Fantasy XIV 1.0s heroes investigates a tomestone

12 Years of Final Fantasy XIV Part 1: 1.0 And A Realm Reborn

The Critically Acclaimed MMORPG turns 12 Years old today. Join us on a trip down memory lane as our very own Final Fantasy XIV addict recaps the journey so far. **Warning This Includes Minor Spoilers For Final Fantasy XIV** Final Fantasy XIV initially released on September 30, 2010, for the …
The Dota 2 hero, Pudge, charges into battle with his cleaver and hook

Dota 2: The Most Expensive Cosmetic Items for Pudge

We take a look at some of Pudge's most expensive cosmetic items, and what makes them so pricey. Dota 2 is one of the go-to MOBA for millions of players from all over the world. Most of them like the game because of its high skill cap and the fact …

Dota 2: Dendi and Other Popular Names To Take Part in A Charity Show Match to support Ukraine

Dota 2 pros come together to support Ukraine. Everyone in the world knows about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Even though this has nothing to do with esports and computer games, some of the big names in Dota 2 decided it was high time to help. So, together …
Microsoft Overwatch

5 Reasons Why Overwatch 2's Hero Unlock System Is A Good Thing

With the release of Overwatch 2 over the horizon, much discussion has been made around the game's new hero unlock system. Blizzard Entertainment's recent blog post focused on their planned efforts to promote “integrity and positivity” in their new title. Welcome changes were planned to be introduced to combat toxicity …
Worlds 2022 Play-In Stage: Groups, Schedule and Results

Worlds 2022 Play-In Stage: Groups, Schedule and Results

Worlds 2022 Play-in schedule has been announced, let's take a look at everything going down.  Riot has finally released the schedule for the Play-in stage of Words, and fans can now find out when and who their team will be facing off. In this article, you can find the match-ups …
Worlds 2022 Play-In Group Stage: Day 1 Recap

Worlds 2022 Play-In Group Stage: Day 1 Recap

Worlds 2022 has finally kicked off with the Day 1 of Play-In games. Coming into the Play-In Groups for Worlds 2022, there were many questions in the air. Which teams would be in form? Would Fnatic be able to get their full rosters in? We did not even know what …
Excel Esports Co-Founder

Excel Esports Co-Founder Perusing Legal Action for Wrongful Dismissal

The co-founder of esports org Excel Esports left the company earlier this year, now he’s going after them. The Excel Esports co-founder is perusing legal action against the company. One of the co-founders of Excel esports left the company back in January. Kieran Holmes-Darby is no longer with the company …
Final Warzone Update

Final Warzone Update Hits – What’s in Store for Final 2 Months?

The final Warzone update has hit. This is what has changed and how you can play once the game closes down. Warzone has had a decent run as a live game, but it’s coming to a close. The final Warzone update is out. While the title has maintained a level …

Six Players That Won't Attend The International 11

We take a look at some of the top-tier players who missed out on a spot at this years International. We are just a couple of days away from the beginning of the most prestigious Dota 2 event of the year. The International 11 will include the best teams in …
MultiVersus Rick Guide -

Rick MultiVersus Guide – Moves, Combos, Tips and More

This guide covers everything you need to know about the Rick MultiVersus moves, combos, and how to play him. Multiversus’ latest character is Rick, the scientist protagonist from Rick and Morty. The character has a creative moveset that makes him stand aside from the other Mages already in the game …
Dota 2: Best Tank Heroes in 7.32c - Wraith King, Tidehunter, Night Stalker, Axe, and Pudge annihilate enemies in the game

Best Tank Heroes in 7.32c

Take a look at the best tank heroes in 7.32c to help you improve your chances of winning the game. Dota 2 has been keeping players on their toes with the recent updates. The launch of 7.32c for the strategy game has fixed various bugs and tweaked several gameplay mechanics …
An empty arena venue is lit up with spotlights and monitors above the stage are lit in green with the words "ESL Pro League" on them.

ESL Pro League Season 16 Round of 12 Recap

The formidable have triumphed, but not without being tested at ESL Pro League Season 16. The Round of 12 of the ESL Pro League Season 16 Playoffs had it all — thrillers, stomps, comebacks, and, unfortunately, a plethora of technical issues. Every single match went to the third map — …
Wow Dragonflight personal loot

WoW: Goodbye Personal Loot, Hello Group Loot, Blizzard Changes up Loot Systems for Dragonflight Season 1

After years of complaining about how unrewarding Personal Loot is, Blizzard has finally ended its reign as the defacto loot system for Dragonflight Season 1. We all love Personal Loot. Nothing beats loading into your weekly raid, knowing you just need that last item to complete your set and ascend …

Budget CSGO Skins You Should Have

We take a look a the best budget skins in CSGO. CSGO is one of the most popular games, and it is for a reason. People from different parts of the world play because they want to be among the best. With that said, the game has many fans because …

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Overwatch 2's New Hero Kiriko Has Arrived!

Blizzard finally confirms their latest Overwatch 2 heroine: Kiriko. Check out everything about Kiriko below. After several months of waiting (and 4chan leaks that looked too good to be fake), Overwatch 2

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Budget CSGO Skins You Should Have

We take a look a the best budget skins in CSGO. CSGO is one of the most popular games, and it is for a reason. People from different parts of the world

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Boston Breach Announce 2023 CDL Roster

Boston Breach has made a great addition to their 2023 CDL roster. Boston Breach joined the Call of Duty League last year following the merger of OpTic Gaming and Envy, which saw

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OpTic Valorant Roster Now Free Agents

One of Valorant's best teams as we know it is coming to an end. OpTic Gaming has had one of the strongest performances of any Valorant team this year. Second place finishes

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Luke Skywalker Is Coming To Fortnite

Luke Skywalker is coming to Fortnite. Don't believe me? I find your lack of faith disturbing. Summer 2022 saw one of the most iconic villains of all time, Darth Vader, enter the

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Fifa Soccer World Cup 2022 : the ultimate Guide Are you excited about the World Cup ? If so, you’re not alone! Our site is committed to covering this huge event from start to finish. So if you love soccer, betting, live sport, and the FIFA World Cup in general, you’ve come to the right place.
Best-betting Sites to Bet on Valorant Since the game was released, people wanted to know when Valorant betting would become possible. Fortunately, the wait wasn’t long. Immediately after the first real tournaments took place, esports betting sites started featuring Valorant betting markets.
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