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Worlds 2022 Main Event: Groups, Schedule and Results

Worlds 2022 Main Event: Groups, Schedule and Results

Worlds 2022 Main Event will kick off today with the first day of Group Stage games. After an exciting Play-In stage the fans will finally have a chance to catch up with the rest of the major region teams to see which ones can be victorious in this year’s brutal …

Overwatch Weekly Challenge Guide – Season 1, Week 1

A look at Week 1 of the Overwatch 2 weekly challenges for Season 1. Everyone who decides to play Overwatch 2 will see that the game has many differences compared to its predecessor. The new heroes, maps, and game modes are impressive, but they are not the only new thing …
sojourn wallpaper

Overwatch 2: Sojourn Guide – Railgun Charged!

Sojourn is one of the new heroes joining Overwatch 2. While she might be similar to Soldier 76, she got a lot more to her than that. We’ve reviewed Junker Queen, the newest tank in Overwatch 2. Therefore, it is time to focus on the latest DPS hero in the …
PUBG X Dead by Daylight Crossover

PUBG Dead by Daylight Crossover Coming for Halloween

A PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover is coming, both to PUBG and New State on mobile! It's October, and that means games are getting their Halloween events ready. Soon, most titles will be filled with spooky limited time events. The PUBG Halloween event looks set to be one of the …
TFT Set 7.5

TFT Patch 12.19 Notes: Scalescorn Reworked, Several Champions Buffed

TFT Patch 12.19 details a Jayce rework, heavily adjusts Scalescorn, and hits a list of Dragons with changes. According to Game Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, Scalescorn was a trait that didn't function once players had a Dragon in, which kind of limited how they could play it. “Well, a truce …
concept art of the Monte Carlo map in Overwatch 2

Overwatch New Player Guide — What You Need to Know

Brand new to Overwatch? Check our new player guide for what you need to know! Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play game that became available in October 2022. Several years after Blizzard released the game's first version, the company decided it was time for its successor. While it is true many …
NGX.SEA roster release tweet_nigmagalaxy

Nigma Galaxy Lets Go of SEA Roster After Subpar Results 

The team will likely rebuild from scratch for the next DPC season Long before the Dota 2 post-TI roster shuffle season starts, Nigma Galaxy SEA have published a Tweet saying it has decided to let go of its full Dota 2 roster. This sudden change has effectively made the four …
Junker Queen giving the thumb down - Overwatch 2 issues and Bugs

All Known Overwatch 2 Issues and Bugs

Everything you need to know about the Overwatch 2 issues and bugs preventing you from playing the game and how to fix them. After months of anticipation, Overwatch 2 is finally here. Unfortunately, several issues and bugs are plaguing the release of Overwatch 2, preventing players from discovering this new version …
Screenshot from OG podcast monkey business episode 41_OG Esports

Ceb and N0tail Disappointed Over Possibility of no True Sight for TI11

The dynamic duo discussed recent developments and possible upcoming issues in the Dota world On October 4, before leaving for his trip to Malaysia to join OG as a second coach/analyst for TI11, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs spoke in the Monkey Business podcast with Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and OG CEO JMR …
Dota 2: Best Support Heroes in 7.32c - ft - Venomancer, Lion, and Grimstroke strike their enemies

Best Support Heroes in 7.32c

Find out all about the latest changes that make these picks the best support heroes in 7.32c. The latest 7.32c update for Dota 2 has fixed several bugs and tweaked the abilities of a number of heroes. Support heroes play an important role in Dota 2 by helping the team …
Junker Queen Overwatch heroes tier list

Overwatch 2 Heroes Tier List – October 2022

From top to bottom, the best and worst heroes to play right now are in our Overwatch 2 heroes tier list for October 2022. Overwatch 2 is finally here! With the game launch, there is plenty of room for you to rank up and dominate your competitive games. But which …
Battle Pass 2022 - Guide to Completing Weekly Quests for Week 5 - ft

Battle Pass 2022 – Guide to Completing Weekly Quests for Week 5

Take a look at this in-depth guide to completing Weekly Quests for Week 5 with the Battle Pass 2022.  Week 5 of the Battle Pass 2022 has exciting quests that will help support heroes to gain a reputation for being a go-getter. You can earn bonus battle points by finishing …
junker queen wallpaper Overwatch

Overwatch 2: Junker Queen Guide, Bring em Down Under

Junker Queen is one of the new heroes coming into Overwatch 2. Learn all about her abilities, how to master her, and also how to counter her in this guide. Some players are more excited about the maps and skins, but there is no arguing that many people want to …
Dota 2 Primal Beast wallpaper_Valve

Spoilsports Ruining Dota 2 Games by Abusing Primal Beast’s Ultimate Bug 

The Primal Beast has been a menace since it came out, with problems ranging from overpowered skills to bugs. Despite Dota 2 Patch 7.32 being released over a month ago, and several sub-patches and small updates released since then, Primal Beast’s ultimate bug still remains in the game. While the …

Overwatch 2: Widowmaker Guide, Trap Your Pray

Widowmaker is one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch 2. So why not learn how to play her better. Overwatch 2 is finally out! The game we’ve all been waiting for is available for free, so all you need to do is sign up and start playing. After having …
Twitch Rivals Zero Build World

Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational – Format and More

The Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational is kicking off; this is everything you need to know. The world of Fortnite esports has grown with Chapter 3’s introduction of Zero Builds. The Twitch Rivals Zero Build Invitational is the latest competitive event to focus on that side of the game …
MTG: Wizards to Reprint Black Lotus for 30th Anniversary

MTG: Wizards to Reprint Black Lotus for 30th Anniversary

With Magic: The Gathering turning 30 this year, Wizards of the Coast have a massive surprise for the players. Especially if you fancy claiming some of those ultra rare cards from the past. During the weekly Official MTG stream, Wizards of the Coast has announced something unprecedented: they will reprint …
LoL 12.11 Patch Notes

LOL Patch 12.19 Notes: Syndra Mid-Scope Update, Off-Meta Build Changes

The complete change list for LOL patch 12.19 is finally out. While pro-play will stay on the current 12.18 patch, the main portion of the player base will continue with the regularly scheduled patches. The 12.19 will come with a heavy focus on off-meta builds as it’s not constrained by …

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Best Support Heroes in 7.32c

Find out all about the latest changes that make these picks the best support heroes in 7.32c. The latest 7.32c update for Dota 2 has fixed several bugs and tweaked the abilities

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ZywOo Becomes ESL Pro League S16 MVP

ESL Pro League Season 16 gives ZywOo the thirteenth individual award during his career. The 16th season of ESL Pro League concluded with Team Vitality’s triumph over Team Liquid on October 2.

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Boston Breach Announce 2023 CDL Roster

Boston Breach has made a great addition to their 2023 CDL roster. Boston Breach joined the Call of Duty League last year following the merger of OpTic Gaming and Envy, which saw

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OpTic Valorant Roster Now Free Agents

One of Valorant's best teams as we know it is coming to an end. OpTic Gaming has had one of the strongest performances of any Valorant team this year. Second place finishes

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