Palworld Technology Points & Ancient Technology Points Explained

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Palworld Technology Points & Ancient Technology Points Explained

In addition to your statistics, the game also allows you to obtain Palworld technology points, which are essential for unlocking technological equipment. In fact, relying only on classic crafting is impossible, especially when you advance in the game. Consequently, you must be ready and you must know how to obtain Palworld technology points. Furthermore, to unlock increasingly better tools, you will also need ancient technology points or an enhanced version of them. In this article, therefore, we will explain how to obtain them.

How to Get Palworld Technology Points

Palworld technology points are used to unlock new structures and recipes that you can build or craft. These are really useful items, without which you wouldn't get very far in the game, so it's very important that you dedicate yourself to obtaining them right away. To get Palworld technology points, all you need to do is level up. In fact, every time you level up, you will be rewarded with a point.

Furthermore, you can also occasionally find them inside dungeons. In fact, if you find High Grade Technical Manuals, you can consume them to obtain Palworld technology points. Another method is to unlock the various fast-travel points that are present on the map. Consequently, our advice is to visit as many areas as possible in order to gain points.

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Palworld Technology Points

How to Get Palworld Ancient Technology Points

However, the Palworld ancient technology points can be obtained by defeating bosses. To be precise, you will have to face the Syndicate Tower bosses. Obviously, it won't be an easy thing to do at all, as they are the strongest bosses that are present in the game. However, if you are able to kill them, you will receive five Palworld ancient technology points as a reward.

Furthermore, you can also obtain these points by defeating the bosses that you will find by freely traveling around the map. They are easy to distinguish because, as is often the case with bosses, they have a longer health bar right above their heads. In any case, if you kill all the bosses that are present in the game world, you will get enough points to unlock everything in the tech tree.

Palworld Technology Points

How to Use Palworld (Ancient) Technology Points

Now that you know how to get them, you also need to know how to use them. Fortunately, this thing is very simple to do. Simply open the main menu and select the Technology tab. At this point, you will have the opportunity to unlock the upgrade you like most, obviously keeping in mind the minimum requirements you must meet. As soon as you start the game, you will have the first tier already unlocked, so you can choose which one to unlock first. As you progress through the game and become stronger and stronger, you will be able to unlock other things as well.

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However, there are some items that will be more useful than others from the start, so we recommend unlocking those first. Below is a list of what you should unlock first:

  • Palbox (1)
  • Pal Sphere (1)
  • Campfire (1)
  • Wooden Chest (1)
  • Repair Bench (1)
  • Wooden Structure Set (1)
  • Straw Pal Bed (1)
  • Shoddy Bed (1)
  • Cloth (1)
  • Common Shield (2)
  • Cloth Outfit (2)
  • Feed Box (2)
  • Berry Plantation (2)
  • Ranch (2)
  • Pal Gear Workbench (2)
  • Logging Site (2)
  • Stone Pit (2)
  • Crusher (2)
  • Hot Spring (2)
  • Primitive Furnace (2)
  • Nail (2)
  • High Quality Workbench (2)

Palworld Technology Points

Palworld Technology Points & Ancient Technology Points Explained
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