Palworld Refined Ingot: How to Get and More

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Palworld Refined Ingot: How to Get and More

If you are in search of refined ingot in Parlworld, this guide covers everything

In the world of Palword, survival is a constant struggle. To make it through, you'll need to have a range of resources at your disposal, but one stands out above the rest: refined Ingot. This valuable substance is crucial if you want to experience the full range of joy that Palworld has to offer and overcome the many challenges that lie in your path.

With refined Ingot in your possession, you'll have a powerful tool that can help you triumph over any obstacle. Whether you're battling fierce creatures, exploring treacherous terrain, or facing other dangers, this resource can provide you with the advantage you need to emerge victorious. So if you want to succeed in the world of Palworld, make sure you have plenty of refined Ingot at your disposal!

Finding the right way for efficient refined Ingot farming can be a daunting task. With such a vast and potentially distracting environment, it's easy to get lost without the proper knowledge to guide you. That's why it's essential to acquaint yourself with the information contained in this article. It's specifically designed to help you overcome the challenges of finding the necessary materials, so you can obtain Ingot efficiently.

Craft Refined Ingot in Parlworld

Palworld Refined Ingot: How to Get and More

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Refined ingot doesn’t shy away when it comes to proving itself handy in making different kinds of weapons and useful items. Like all the other Parlworld players we know of, you too must be hungry to put them to the test and reap some highly rewarding benefits that will make your upcoming journey easy. If that’s the case, look no further. We’ll give you the exact recipe for crafting these highly desirable materials.

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Obtain one piece of coal if you have not already in your inventory. Once it’s at your disposal go out in the wilderness and farm some ores. You can refer to our ore farming guide here for clearer directions. Don’t spend too much time collecting these though, you only need one to craft a refined ingot. Finally, once you have one coal and one ore ready to be used for crafting, you’re good to go!

Now take these items to smelt at an electric furnace or an improved one. Once the process has started taking place, the refined ingot will be yours. What is that? You don’t have either of those furnaces? Don’t worry, friend! They too can be crafted. However, there’s a small catch. Your technology needs to be at least level 34 to start crafting these furnaces at your base.

Where to Get Coal?

You know that coal is a rather uncommon resource to come by if you are familiar with the world of Palworld. Therefore, it is worth investigating how to get your hands on this resource too that will lead us to our desired refined Ingot. Pay attention to your in-game map, on the northeastern side, you’ll notice a location called Sand Dunes. Head towards there and you’ll discover plenty of coals to firm. Moreover, Mount Obsidian in the southern part also contains more coals than you’ll know what to do with.

Palworld Refined Ingot: How to Get and More

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A certain spot in the Twilight Dunes (marked above) is arguably the most convenient area to farm this highly desirable material. That spot stands proudly nearby to the Anubis boss zone. This place boasts five coal deposits which will reward you handsomely with coals to aid in your gameplay journey.

To achieve the most optimum outcome, consider having a base built around these deposits and assign pals with mining traits to do the task of coal collection for you.

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Put the Refined Ingot to Use

Now that you have one coal and one ore at your disposal, hopefully, you are now levelled up enough to build an Improved furnace too at your base. This furnace unlocks at tech level 34 and enables you to craft a variety of metals by smelting raw items. Approach it and select the crafting option for refined ingot – finally, hit the “Start production” button to let the process unfold. Assigning a pal with kindling workability to the furnace is highly recommended for the smooth crafting of refined ingots.

Now you must be wondering, what are the use cases of refined ingot? Let us take a tour of the range of items that are only possible to be made available through the use of it: Ultra Spheres, Giga Glider, Refrigerator, Refined Metal Chest, Electric Kitchen, Electric Heater, Electric Cooler, Electric Furnace, Electric Medicine Workbench, Production Assembly Line 2, Sphere Assembly 2 and Weapon Assembly Line 2.

Palworld Refined Ingot: How to Get and More

Credit: Pocket Pair

Still not satisfied? Then let us move on from structures. Refined ingot is extremely handy when it comes to crafting various tools and weapons too, including the Refined Metal Axe, the Refined Metal Pickaxe, and the Refined Metal Spear. These refined metal weapons are followed by the Single-shot Rifle, the Single-shot Sphere Launcher, and the Giga Grappling Gun.

The list also includes the Double-barreled Shotgun, Lily’s Spear, and the Pump-action Shotgun. In addition, there are more conventional weapons such as the Sword and the Assault Rifle, as well as more advanced weaponry like the Hyper Grappling Gun. Finally, the list includes different types of ammunition, such as Rifle Ammo, Shotgun Shells, and Assault Rifle Ammo.

For more guides on Palworld, keep an eye on ESTNN.

Palworld Refined Ingot: How to Get and More
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