Fortnite Winterfest 2021: How To Ram A Snowman

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Fortnite Winterfest 2021: How To Ram A Snowman

ESTNN shows Fortnite players how to ram a snowman with a vehicle.

Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Quests continue to dominate headlines seven days into the event. Those who have completed all challenges thus far have earned themselves more than 140K XP and are closer to unlocking free rewards. We’ve covered Quests, including the Yule logSnowball Launcher, Toy Biplanes, icy feet, Chickens and dancing at two specific locations during the event so far. It’s been quite the journey, and there’s more to explore.

Today, ESTNN offers a simple guide on ramming a snowman with a vehicle.

A group of Sneaky Snowmen frolic in the winter landscape

The snowy figures shown above are Fortnite’s version of a Sneaky Snowman. These items surface around wintertime and offer players a fun novelty to utilize in an otherwise intense atmosphere. Sneaky Snowmen frequently spawns around the map, making it easy to run one over with a vehicle.

You can find Sneaky Snowman in regular Chests or on the ground. Once you have one, add it to your inventory and carry it until you find a vehicle. After locating a car, throw the Sneaky Snowman on the ground, climb into the car and drive through it. Like the other Winterfest Quests, this one should be quick to complete.

The Fortnite Chapter 3 map, showing the location of every available vehicle

Image via Fortnite.GG

The Fortnite.GG website shows precisely where you can locate every vehicle in Chapter 3 Season 1. So, be sure to refer to the map below to make finishing this challenge that much easier.

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Remember, Winterfest 2021 concludes January 6, so don’t wait too long to complete these Quests. Be sure to check back with ESTNN for more Fortnite guides and news!

Feature Image: Epic Games

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