Fortnite: How To Fly With A Chicken

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Fortnite: How To Fly With A Chicken

The latest Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Quest requires you to find and fly a chicken.

Winterfest 2021 is underway, and the 15 included challenges have become a hot topic in Fortnite. Some are easy, whereas others require a bit more thought and strategy. Thus far, we've covered Quests involving the Yule log, Snowball Launcher, Toy Biplanes and and icy feet. The newest Quest deviates from the previous winter-themed pattern that Epic Games has introduced.

Today, ESTNN explains where you can find chickens in Chapter 3 Season 1, and how to fly them to complete Winterfest Quest number five.

Where to Find Chickens

The Fortnite Chapter 3 map, showing a forested area near The Daily Bugle with a red circle around it

Wooded areas are your best option when searching for Chickens. Much like pre-Chapter 3 seasons, Wildlife tends to spawn in tree-lined areas. However, you can find Chickens anywhere across the Chapter 3 Season 1 landscape. We've had luck locating them around The Daily Bugle, considering it's buried deep in a mountain. There are plenty of forest areas surrounding that area. You can realistically find Chickens in most areas, though, so feel free to search the area you are most comfortable landing.

How to Fly Chickens

The video above by YouTube creator Maximaal shows what you must do to fly a chicken. You have to walk up to the Chicken and press the correct action key to pick it up. Next, hit your jump button to launch into the animation and then press the same key again to prompt the Chicken to fly.

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Tips & Tricks

The challenge requires you to fly precisely 200 meters with the Chicken. Like the icy feet Quest, your best approach is to take the Chicken to the top of a mountain and glide down the incline. This strategy should get you a total of 200 meters and unlock the 18K XP awaiting you on the other side.

This Winterfest 2021 Quest should not take too long to complete. The most challenging part is finding the Chicken, and we've provided one surefire location above to accomplish that. Be sure to check back with us regarding more Winterfest Quest guides and other Fortnite content!

Feature Image: Epic Games


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