Fortnite Winterfest 2021: Where To Find Toy Biplanes

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Fortnite Winterfest 2021: Where To Find Toy Biplanes

Learn how to find three Toy Biplanes to complete the day three Winterfest Quest.

Fortnite’s annual winter-themed event presented 15 Quests for players to complete across 15 days. Each day unlocks another challenge, and upon completion, rewards players with 18K XP. The Quests are merely icing on the cake that is Winterfest 2021. Players can also find holiday items around the Island and the Cozy Cabin, where free rewards await all who enter.

While Winterfest is an expansive experience, Quests are the foundation. We’ve already covered how to find a Snowball Launcher and warm yourself at the Yule log. That brings us to challenge number three — where to find Toy Biplanes during Winterfest.

All Toy Biplane Locations

The Fortnite map for Chapter 3, showing the locations of biplanes marked with a small plane icon

As usual, the helpful resource Fortnite.GG comes in handy in these scenarios. While you’re only seeking three Toy Biplanes, there are three separate locations you can find them; Greasy Grove, Sleepy Sound and Condo Canyon. Four Biplanes spawn in Greasy and Sleepy, and five appear in Condo Canyon.

Traffic is considerably heavy at these locations, considering the Quest went live today. You might need to take a couple of cracks at it to complete the challenge. Condo Canyon gives you the best opportunity to find all three Biplanes in one match since five spawn there. Landing on the outskirts and finding the objects after other players rotate out is another method to consider.

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Here is a closer look at the three points of interest (POIs):

Greasy Grove

A close up of the POI Greasy Grove showing the locations of biplanes

Sleepy Sound

A close up of the POI Sleepy Sound showing the locations of biplanes

Condo Canyon

A close up of the POI Condo Canyon showing the locations of biplanes

Whatever path you choose, the result is 18K XP and another step closer to unlocking free Winterfest rewards. For the complete rundown on this event, check out this article explaining everything it has to offer!

Feature Images: Epic Games

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