Fortnite: Where To Get Snowball Launcher In Chapter 3

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Fortnite: Where To Get Snowball Launcher In Chapter 3

Learn how to obtain a Snowball Launcher to complete a Winterfest 2021 Quest.

The Snowball Launcher in Fortnite returns at the same time every year around this time. Epic Games launched the highly-anticipated Winterfest 2021 two days ago, and there’s a lot to experience; free rewards, quests and exciting gameplay changes. A fan-favorite every holiday season is the previously mentioned Snowball Launcher.

This weapon is a more manageable version of the classic Grenade Launcher. Dispensed grenades do not bounce nearly as much, making it easier to spam another player. Snowball Launchers won’t be in the game long, so you’ll want to complete the requisite Winterfest 2021 challenge before time expires.

Today, ESTNN explains where you can find Snowball Launchers during this event.

Where to Find Snowball Launchers

The weapon has been challenging to find through two days of Winterfest, but not impossible. A few options exist. However, you’ll mainly need to rely on luck or eliminating an opponent possessing the weapon. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one spot you can find the Snowball Launcher. However, if you loot enough Chests, you’ll either find one or a Holiday Present, which you can throw on the ground to find weapons inside.

Your best bet is to land somewhere with many Chests like Sleepy Sound. Loot everything in the area, and you might find a Snowball Launcher. Otherwise, you’ll need to defeat an opponent using the weapon. It won’t be easy, but persistence is critical in this Winterfest Quest. The best advice is to stick with it. You’ll eventually find the Snowball Launcher.

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After finding it, you need to deal 50 damage to another player to complete the actual challenge. You can accomplish that by finding two players fighting each other and spamming Snowballs at them. Eventually, with enough fortune, you’ll inflict 50 damage.

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