When Will Fortnite OG Come Back? 2024’s Triumphant Return

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When Will Fortnite OG Come Back? 2024’s Triumphant Return

When will Fortnite OG come back to the game? We already know the timing for Fortnite OG coming back.

Fortnite OG is far and away one of the most popular periods in the game’s history. During OG, we saw the player count climb to new heights, breaking records four chapters into the game. But it passed after just a month.

Players have been angling after the return of Fortnite OG for a long time now. But when is Fortnite OG coming back? The game mode is in the current plans for 2024.

It won’t quite be the OG that players remember. However, Epic seems committed to these nostalgia seasons. They’re doubling down this year. OG Fortnite 2024 will be a return to another period in Epic’s past.

When Will Fortnite OG Come Back in 2024?

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Fortnite OG is coming back, Epic hasn’t confirmed an official date for the mode to return but thanks to leaks we have a fairly good deal. We can narrow down the release date pretty specifically.

Fortnite OG coming back this year will be a little after Chapter 5 Season 4. We know this thanks to Epic’s Fortnite roadmap leaking for the full year. This means we have C5 S3 to get through, then we get another Chapter 5 season.

Once this concludes though, we’ll be sent back to Chapter 2! By the current season end dates, we’re expecting this to be in November once again. Just like last year, it should take over the game for a full four months between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.

The OG return will only last for a month again. However, just like last time, we’ll be running through four different seasons so we’ll have an effectively different game week to week. It’s not Chapter 1 that’s coming back this time though.

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Fortnite OG Coming Back as Chapter 2

When will OG Fortnite Come Back

Fortnite OG might be coming back, but it’s not the most OG of OG Chapters this time. We’re actually getting Fortnite Chapter 2.

This is quite a bit different, Chapter 2 is really when the game made the move from the early version to the more polished version we have today. In C2 we had cars, fishing, mythics, bosses, the game was really quite fully formed.

Chapter 2 does still hold a lot of appeal though. Some of its Seasons are still the longest-running ones we ever had. The weapons are a far cry from the current batch of Fortnite Chapter 5 weapons too. With Fortnite OG coming back, it’ll play pretty differently.

OG Chapter 2 won’t be static either. The plan is for the game to revisit some of the biggest moments of this era of the title. Back in Chapter 2, each season had some wild swings. We got a flood of the entire map, the game becoming an RPG for three weeks, and an alien invasion.

It’s the earliest parts of Chapter 2 that’ll be returning when Fortnite OG comes back though.

OG Fortnite 2024 Schedule

When will OG Fortnite Come Back

The next batch of Fortnite OG is going to be coming back when we reach November, but there are four different seasons to be featured over the course of its run.

We’re beginning with the first Season of Chapter 2. For many, this is defined by exploring a brand-new map and the biggest expansion to gameplay we’ve seen. However, the balance of weapons and the rawest form of the map will be fun too.

The next season was when bosses and Mythics took over half the map. This was the longest season in Fortnite’s history. It’s definitely one that we’re all very familiar with, so it might be fun to play it again.

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After that, we get the flood season, followed by the Marvel Nexus War season. Each of these will be taking up a week when Fortnite OG comes back. This is the rough schedule we know about so far:

  • November Week 1 – Chapter 2 Season 1
  • November Week 2 – Chapter 2 Season 2
  • November Week 3 – Chapter 2 Season 3
  • November Week 4 – Chapter 4 Season 4

After this, we’ll move on to Chapter 6! We definitely go through the Chapters a lot quicker these days. It’ll be strange when Epic starts planning Chapter 3 OG, just 12 seasons after it left the game in the first place.

OG Fortnite 2024 is Chapter 2 though. This is still safely far enough behind us to still bring back lapsed players. Although, nothing quite holds the nostalgia of Chapter 1. Will we ever get that version of OG back or is it now lost?

Is OG Fortnite Coming Back in 2024?

When will Fortnite OG Come back

That’s the Chapter 2 change, but what about Chapter 1? The earliest days of Fortnite that still hold the most nostalgia? That isn’t coming back this year. However, we do have a version of it in some way, even with Fortnite OG coming back to Chapter 1.

With the launch of Fortnite Reload, we’ve got a remixed Chapter 1 in some ways. The Reload map is the POIs from the first Chapter re-done. Most of the loot pool from Chapter 1 is in the Fortnite Reload weapons, so we’ve got a form of OG back.

We might not be getting Chapter 1 back, but OG is coming back in one form. It’ll still be fun to revisit the Chapter 2 map and its unique weapons. We don’t have too much longer to wait either!

When Will Fortnite OG Come Back? 2024’s Triumphant Return
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