Fortnite Weapons Tier List – Best 10 Fortnite OG Weapons

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Fortnite Weapons Tier List – Best 10 Fortnite OG Weapons

Where do all the weapons stand on the Fortnite weapons tier list? These ae the best Fortnite OG weapons that are back for the current season.

The latest Fortnite season has changed a lot. For just a bit over a month, we’re getting a return to the very first Chapter of Fortnite. The OG Fortnite map has made a comeback but that’s not all. We’re also looking at the return of most of the OG weapons we’ve had over the years. How do you know which to carry? Our Fortnite weapons tier list can help you decide what’s worth seeking out and what’s worth leaving alone.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5, 6, and then 7 have brought back loads of original weapons.  It isn’t just nostalgia though, some of these guns are the most useful for levelling up in the Fortnite Ranked mode. Others though might be better remembered than actually playing again! Our Fortnite OG weapons tier list looks at how these weapons are playing today, not just how well we remember them.

Fortnite Weapons Tier List

Season X of Fortnite has once again rotated the Fortnite OG loot, but this time with a few alterations. We’re getting some of the more iconic Fortnite Season X content, but with some of the less balanced factors not a major part of the experience. That’s along with some Fortnite leaks pointing at Epic experimenting with more modern weapons in the pool in Rift experiences. Although, they’re not active right now. How do the weapons balance out for our final week of Fortnite OG?

 This is how the weapons work out adjusted for the most recent patch.

S Tier – Best Fortnite OG weapons

These are the very best weapons in the game at the moment. The guns which are standing out in the loot pool and helping players get an advantage heading back in the first Chapter of Fortnite.

Pump Shotgun

Fortntie Weapons Tier list - Best OG Fortnite Weapons Pump

The Pump Shotgun is back in Fortnite OG! This has to be the best shotgun of our nostalgia season. It might not quite handle how it did in your memories, and it’s a little shy of 1 shot kills, but it’s a great shotgun. This weapon is the most powerful out of the Fortnite weapons tier list. It’s slower firing but does the most damage.

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Scoped AR

Fortntie Weapons Tier list - Best OG Fortnite Weapons Scoped AR

The Scoped AR is one of the unvaulted Fortnite OG weapons that easily makes the high tier. Its scope allows you to hit players at a greater distance, perfect for picking people off in the wide-open map. Whether you carry this or the AR in the top of the Fortnite OG weapons tier list is personal preference. However, there are few faults with this gun.

Assault Rifle

Fortntie Weapons Tier list - Best OG Fortnite Weapons Assault Rifle

The other AR in the best Fortnite OG weapons is standard one. If you can grab this in the higher Scar rarities it’s one of the best guns in the game. Compared to a few seasons ago when this gun made a comeback, the original is much more useful. If you’re accurate enough then it’s fire pattern shouldn’t be a major problem. It’s a standout from the Fortnite OG Weapons tier list and a must carry among the unvaulted in Fortnite OG guns.

Grapple Glove

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The Grapple Glove was a weird item to get added in a midseason update. It has nothing to do with Fortnite OG, kind of baffling that it’s showing up. However, it’s OP.

The Grapple Glove is by far the best mobility tool we have at the moment. A player with one of these can play C4 S4 Fortnite, W-keying non-stop. Too bad they’re extremely rare.

Air Strike

Best Fortnite Weapons Tier List

The Air Strike isn’t a competitively balanced weapon, but it’s hard to deny how useful it is. This is a weapon that can flatten builds and get kills. It’s not exactly fair and a lot of players quite heavily dislike it, but you’ll need to utilize it if you want to perform as well as you can in Fortnite OG.

Drum Shotgun

Best Fortnite Weapons Tier List

Much like the Air Strike, the Drum Shotgun is more controversial but it is powerful. You might not have the instant kill of a pump. However, the Drum is so fast it may as well be. This is a viable carry for the last week of Fortnite OG.

A Tier – Fortnite OG Weapons Tier List

Fortntie Weapons Tier list - Best OG Fortnite Weapons Hunting Rifle

This is the second tier down, not quite the best but definitely up there. For some players, these guns could still be your favourites. They’re definitely worth picking up, even if they are not quite the best Fortnite OG weapons:

  • Shockwave Grenades – The Shockwaves are back. These are much better than impulse grenades. Great for mobility, safer, just a fantastic item to carry this season.
  • Grenade Launcher – The grenade launcher is great for smashing builds and pressuring players. You’ll rarely grab the win with one but they can be an important part of your loadout.
  • Hand Cannon – A very powerful choice for pistol, but outgunned by shotguns most of the time. High for a pistol in the Fortnite OG weapons tier list.
  • Heavy Assault Rifle – Good weapon, has better bloom than the standard AR and hits hard enough.
  • Rocket Launcher – The Rocket Launcher is good for pressuring and has slightly better kill potential on its own than the launcher. Although, it’s a bit circumstantial and rare to be on the very top tier of the game.
  • Traps – Very circumstantial, but fantastic. These don’t take up an inventory spot and nothing feels better than grabbing a kill with one. They just aren’t really something you can rely on.
  • Mini Gun – Amazing for spamming through builds. A really useful tool. You can be outgunned by shotguns and decent aim players though.
  • Storm Flip – This is going higher than it might deserve to just because of how much fun it is. This can be particularly useful in final circles.
  • Proximity Grenade Launcher – A decent alternative to the grenade Launcher, less iconic but essentially just as useful.
  • Infantry Rifle – Another old favorite finally shows up, the infantry Rifle is a lot of fun. It's extra shots take it a long way.
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B Tier – Fortnite OG Weapons Tier List

Consumable Bush in Fortnite on an orange background

The B Tier of weapons take another big of a step down.They won’t make winning as easy as those higher in the Fortnite weapons tier list.

  • Bush – Just here for the memes.
  • Flint Knock Pistol – Fun weapon. Not fantastic for general play unless you’re relying on a specific playstyle. Maybe not for use in the Victory Cups, but great if you’re trying to style on players.
  • Tactical Submachine Gun – Not a standout, but not much wrong with it. Kind of a middle ground gun.
  • Clinger – Better than the dynamite since it clings, has uses in taking walls and build fights too.

C Tier – Lower Fortnite OG Weapons Fortnite Weapons Tier List - c4

This last tier is the bottom of the game’s meta right now. There's clear reasons not to use this.

  • Junk Rift – Bit too circumstantial and slowly. Fun in a looney tunes way, but not all that useful.

That's our Fortnite OG weapons tier list. As a nostalgia season, there’s reason to carry everything though! These weapons will only be here for a week more, so try everything out.

Ashley is a dedicated Fortnite player, in hour 3,000 of trying to finish above 90th.