Will Fortnite OG Come Back? Popular C1 Isn’t Separate Mode

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Will Fortnite OG Come Back? Popular C1 Isn’t Separate Mode

Will Fortnite OG come back? It's currently scheduled to end, but is there any future as a separate mode and how can you still access Fortnite OG Creative Code after the end?

One area of discussion for quite a few players over Fortnite OG is whether the mode could stay. It has been popular. The Fortnite player count hit record highs during the limited events. More players wanted to play the original map and OG weapons than any other build of the game, even back when it was here first time around! Despite its popularity though, it won’t last forever.

Some players have been hoping for a Fortnite OG separate mode to get announced. Although, we have some big reasons to think Epic might not be on board with splitting the player base like that. Players knew from the start that the Fortnite OG schedule was only going to be a mini-season.

We get a few weeks of nostalgia, then it’s back to looking forward. Since it has been so popular, a lot of players have been requesting that the mode stick around. A lot of people seem to think it would be a win win for Epic to introduce the mode as a permanent mode, possibly with some form of map rotation. Does it look likely though and how can you use Fortnite OG Creative codes to keep access to the game?

Will there be a Fortnite OG Separate Mode?

Will Fortnite OG come back

Fortnite OG isn’t sticking around though. According to current Fortnite leaks, the mode will be removed very soon. It won’t stick around as a separate mode. You can always play an approximation with Fortnite OG Creative codes. However, as a permanent mode, it doesn’t look likely to stick around.

There are a few key reasons why Epic seems to be against it. The first is clear, splitting the player base. Back when UnrealFN got released Chapter 1 recreations were all the rage, and players thought we might get fan remade versions of each map. However, Epic cut it off. They said they’d only allow Chapter 1 maps, they wouldn’t be monetized, and basically enough limitations would be on them to ensure they never felt like a full map. That way, the Fortnite Battle Royale player base isn’t spread across tons of lobbies.

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Compared to other Battle Royales, Epic likes to keep things simple. No map rotation, and no choice of which you play. It keeps the player base concentrated and helps matchmaking times stay incredibly quick at all times of the day. Epic likely doesn’t want to water down Battle Royale with other choices. If anything, they’re pushing players to spread across modes not just focus on Royale. Doubling the lobbies with Fortnite OG would set that back.

Will Fortnite OG Come Back?

Will Fortnite OG Come Back

So Fortnite OG isn’t sticking around as a separate mode. What about a future return? Epic isn’t talking about doing it again anytime soon, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if they revisit past Chapters again at some point in the future. Fortnite has to move forward and embrace new Chapters. Fortnite OG was only as popular as it was because it was a contrast from what we’d had. However, if Fortnite had never moved forward it definitely wouldn’t have its current player count.

Since revisiting the past has been such a hit, it’s pretty likely Epic doesn’t ignore that. There’s the FOMO factor to bear in mind too though. Fortnite OG’s huge player count was partially because each season of that old content was only coming back for a single week. It got a lot more interest than the Fortnite OG Creative Code that’s always available. It’s a similar marketing strategy to the Item Shop, items might disappear for years so you better get in quick. It's why the rarest Fortnite skins is such a big topic for players.

Epic would be silly to never return to past Fortnite maps. However, we can expect a decent wait. It might not be until the end of Chapter 5 that we see Epic once again revisit the past. So, while we can’t say the answer to will Fortnite OG come back is no forever, it likely won’t be any time soon. Otherwise, players would probably get bored of the OG build.

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Fortnite Might Incorporate OG Aspects into Future Chapters

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While will Fortnite OG come back probably isn’t yes anytime soon, Epic might have taken notice of what the player base enjoys. Old POIs frequently come back, and we’ll likely see some old favorites on newer maps over the years too. Tilted has been in the game for nearly as long as it hasn’t, never far from coming back in some form. Even Chapter 4’s island (the only one without a dedicated Tilted Towers) kept it frozen under the snow biome for all of the Chapters to tease players about its return. OG POIs will always come back from time to time.

We might even see some of them in the upcoming open world experience Fortnite is getting. At least the Fortnite single-player leaks are pointing to that.

In terms of weapons and the balance of the game, it would be silly to not expect Epic to pay attention. The better balance between powerful shotguns might be something they pick up for future seasons. We can expect the popularity of Fortnite OG to impact how they balance weapons in the future. Even if they typically plan seasons well ahead of time, it can be adjusted for factors like this.

Fortnite OG Creative Codes

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Will Fortnite OG Come Back? Popular C1 Isn’t Separate Mode
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