Fortnite OG Season Dates – 4 Fun Classic Season Staring Date

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Fortnite OG Season Dates – 4 Fun Classic Season Staring Date

When are the Fortnite OG season dates? This is when each update is coming, like when is Season 7 Fortnite OG or Season 8.

Fortnite OG is one of the most fun updates we’ve had, bringing the game back to its original build. The game launched in Chapter 1 Season 5. However, with Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks coming pretty quickly now, it won’t be here forever. The game is only going back to its roots for a few limited weeks! The Fortnite OG Season dates are passing much quicker than some players might like! When is Season 7 Fortnite OG starting and ending, and how many more weeks do we have here overall?

Epic has clarified quite a few things from the off about how the season is going to work. For a start, they gave a complete Fortnite OG schedule. We knew from the very first OG FN patch notes which seasons were coming to the game, and when. This has meant that if you don’t like a particular gameplay style you never have long to wait before we move onto the next one.

We’ll run you through when each season begins and ends. When is Season 7 Fortnite OG, or when is Season 9 Fortnite OG, or when is Season X Fortnite OG. This is the full Fortnite OG schedule.

When is Season 7 Fortnite OG?

Fortnite OG - New Fortnite Season - Fortnite OG Season Dates

We’re already part way into Season 6 of Fortnite OG, but when is Season 7 Fortnite OG? This update will add the snow biome, planes, new FN OG weapons, and more. It’s currently scheduled to release on November 16.

While Epic has been releasing on Tuesdays for a very long time, they’ve shifted for Fortnite OG. Increasingly since the Summer break we saw updates getting pushed back to Thursdays. This new Fortnite OG schedule could mean we’re moving permanently to Thursday updates. This one will drop a week after we got Season 6.

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The snow section of Season 7 is going to dominate its inclusion in Fortnite OG. We'll see most of the map taken over by snow. It won't quite match Season 7 though. That's because the next season is going to be involved too.

When is Season 8 Fortnite OG?

Season 8 of Fortnite OG is a bit of a different case. It isn’t getting its own updates. Instead, its bigger changes are being thrown in with Season 7. This season will release on the same date, November 16. When is Season 8 Fortnite OG is a similar question to be Season 7, It’s going to be a combination of the two when the date that Season 7 of Fortnite OG releases.

This means that we'll see the Season 8 content going on with all of the snow covering the map. It'll be a fun change from the original Season 8, to blast around with cannons while planes and snow are everywhere.

When is Season 9 Fortnite OG?

Fortnite OG - New Fortnite Season - Fortnite OG Season Dates

Season 9 is remembered by many players as a highlight before we had the weirdness of Season X. When is Season 9 Fortnite OG? According to the current Fortnite OG season dates, this one will release November 23. Like Season 8, this will also be a mixed season. We’ll see items like the Jetpack, Storm Flip, and even the Air Strike release then.  The Fortnite OG schedule means it’ll be here for just a bit more than a week though.

When is Season X Fortnite OG?

Season X of Fortnite OG was a bit controversial, with things like the mech disrupting gameplay. It’s coming back in some form though. When is Season X Fortnite OG? It’s actually releasing on the same day as Season 9, as another combined season on November 23.  New Fortnite landing spots will be a joint of 9 and X.

Season X of Fortnite OG is our final one. We have the end date for Fortnite OG too, so we know this is only running for slightly longer than a week. We don’t expect the mechs to be active the whole time however. Instead, things like the Baller are getting a focus for the early days.

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Fortnite OG Season Dates – Fortnite OG Schedule

Want a quick guide to when you can expect each Chapter 1 season of the game to be active? There are a few key dates to watch out for. Each week we’re going to see major changes to the game’s loot pool and map. With some weeks being two seasons in one, we’re getting tons of changes in every patch. Sometimes throwing two seasons together will even create something we didn't see in Chapter 1. This is the Fortnite OG schedule.

  • Fortnite OG Season 5 – Start
  • Fortnite OG Season 6 – Nov 9 – Nov 16
  • Season 7 and 8 – Nov 16 – Nov 23
  • Season 9 and 10 – Nov 23 – Dec 2 (End)

Those are the full Fortnite OG season dates! It’s only going to be four major updates. However, with each week upending the loot pool and adding new OG FN POIs on the map, changes are huge. We’re getting close to a new season’s worth of content each time. Even with a limited four-week season, Epic is delivering quicker content changes than we’ve seen in a long time for Fortnite. Arguably, this season could have gotten away with a longer Battle Pass given how much more Fortnite players seem to be playing during the event.

Fortnite OG has been a huge period for the game, but it won’t last forever. As much as the original content brings players back the game has to keep moving forward. While still Chapter 1, some real OGs would argue these later chapters aren’t quite as original as the first few. Make sure to keep an eye on the schedule so you know when things will change, and potentially when your favorite season will go back in the vault.

Fortnite OG Season Dates – 4 Fun Classic Season Staring Date
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