Best Landing Spots in Fortnite OG – 5 Best Spots

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Best Landing Spots in Fortnite OG – 5 Best Spots

What are the best landing spots in Fortnite OG? This might be the Chapter 1 map again, but there’s some still some stand out spots to head to when you drop in.

The latest season of Fortnite is here, with it a whole new pool of unvaulted OG Fortnite weapons, but perhaps the most exciting part is the return of the OG Fortnite map. Long rumoured, Epic has actually done it. They’ve brought the original island back for a fun month of gameplay! If you’re jumping into the new island for the first time though, you might be wondering where to land. The best landing spots in Fortnite OG aren’t going to be the same as back in Chapter 1.

Fortnite OG has now moved into Season X, with the map getting a full upgrade each week. The patches so far haven’t quite matched OG seasons for the POIs though. We’ve not had the volcano, Neo Tiled, Mega Mall, plenty of old favorites have fallen by the wayside this season. However, in the mainly Season 5 style of map there are still a lot of great places to land. With the map not really matching any season fully, you can’t always focus just on the spots you used to love. Especially if you’re taking part in one of the Fortnite Ranked Cups.

How do you know which Fortnite OG landing spots are the best picks though? We’ll run you through the top picks in this returned version of the Chapter 1 map.

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite OG

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite OG -

Tilted Towers – Fortnite OG Landing spots for a Hot Drop

If we’re covering returning Fortnite OG landing spots there’s one area which absolutely has to be mentioned, Tilted towers. Maybe Fortnite’s most iconic landing spot in the history of the game. This is by far the standout POI. Its popular in the revamped season, but there’s something to bear in mind.

Thanks to how iconic of a locale, it is, Tilted has never been away all that long. One part of it frosted out from under the main map as recently as last season. It was a mainstay of Chapter 3 too. While popular, this place doesn’t have the same novelty that it used to. If you’re looking for the hot drop, this place will be busy. However, with fewer chests spawns and more recent sightings than the rest of the map, it will attract a spot less than you’d expect., Tilted will likely still be one of the most active Fortnite OG landing spots.

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Tilted Towers is still going to be fun for a fight. You won’t find the same 90% of the lobby here as it had when coming back in the past. After all, there’s a whole map to discover this time around.

Loot Island

Fortnite Landing Spots

Since its update in later parts of Fortnite OG, Loot Island has been an impressive part of the map. The chest spawns here are huge, there are tons. Rotation is fantastic with players easily able to glide anywhere in the map from the island. It can be a bit of a hot drop, but given its strengths it's surprisingly underpopulated.

Loot Island’s central location is another factor in its favor. OG hasn’t brought back the slipstream and vehicle spawns aren’t as common. Having this way to get around the map straight off spawn can go a really long way.

Risky Reels – Best Landing Spots in Fortnite OG for Matts

Risky Reels doesn’t have the best spawns for loot, but there’s one main reason it’s a fantastic landing spot, matts. If you’re back in builds (and stats would imply most the Fortnite player base is for this returning season), then the matts here and invaluable. You can max out metal from the non-driveable cars here. Last time Risky returned the cars had been replaced with their exploding driveable version. Now we’re back in the OG Fortnite map, they’re once again a goldmine for getting builds.

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite OG - Risky Reels

There are a few chest spawns here which will be a help. You’ll likely get a basic loadout for one or two. Although, you’re not going to get the best weapons in Fortnite OG. With all those matts though, if you’re a skilled builder, you can sweat on your entire lobby to claim their better loot.  The spot being so central doesn’t hurt either. With lower mobility that’s a bigger factor this time.

Dusty Divot

Dusty Divot has a few things making it one of the best landing spots in Fortnite this season. For a start, it’s pretty central. There’s low mobility at the moment so being able to get around quickly is really important. There’s some dense loot in quite a small space. Plus, there’s easy ways to grab quite a few different matts to a full stack.

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Best Landing Spots in Fortnite OG - Dusty Divot

Dusty Divot’s actual loot should be enough to make a start from the game. It’s also close to foraged fruit. While landing somewhere for forgeable mushrooms is normally ridiculous, something has happened to meds this season. They’re much rarer and having these small heals can actually be quite helpful.

You might not win games on Fortnite on mushrooms, but they'll come in handy.

Paradise Palms

This is probably the best landing spot in Fortnite if you’re heading to the desert area. With its built up buildings, you’re able to get a fair amount of loot. Since this is a denser area, you won’t be travelling too much. It’s also roughly on the side of the biome, so rotation is a little easier. It’s on the quieter side of all the old POIs so far too. You might have a quieter start to your season at this one of the Fortnite OG landing spots

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite OG - Paradise Palms

The Houses (Non-Named POIs) – Best for a Quieter Start

Going through the best landing spots in Fortnite OG, it’s easy to focus on POIs. One of the better aspects of this first Fortnite map though is the smaller spots throughout the world. You’re able to grab quite a few chests uncontested by heading to these smaller houses and two-house clusters around the map. There’s too many of these to list!

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite OG - Houses

Not having 100% chest spawns can still cause some trouble landing outside of a major POI. However, for the most part, you’re usually able to loot up slowly this way. It’s perfect for Fortnite OG landing spots if you want fewer early fights. You’re not going to walk out with a god-tier loadout, but you’re usually going uncontested. If looting up before you fight is important, then these non-named POIs are the best pick for you.

Finding the Best Fortnite Landing Spots in OG Map

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite OG -

Those are some picks for the best landing spots in Fortnite OG. These are just some highlights though. Finding the perfect spot for you can be trickier. A lot of the time, it’s going to come partially down to the bus route. You’ll want to land somewhere quickly if you want a hot drop. Those places at the end of the route will be a lot quieter. Out of the many places on the map this season though, there are more than enough spots for anyone to find their perfect place to land.

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