Fortnite Open World Game in C5 – Huge Fun Expansion Coming?

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Fortnite Open World Game in C5 – Huge Fun Expansion Coming?

A Fortnite Single player game could be arriving with the next Chapter. How will a Fortnite open world game work and how does it relate to the Fortnite Lego leaks?

One of the biggest Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks has been the launch of some kind of Fortnite single player mode. It has been called Fortnite Minecraft, a redo of Save the World, and a full Fortnite Open World experience. What exactly is the Fortnite single player game going to be though? We’ve had some recent Fortnite leaks that point towards a much bigger experience than some might have expected. It even looks like it’s coming a lot sooner.

The Fortnite single player mode might be here as soon as the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5. Along with C5 Racing mode and rhythm game, it looks like this will be an entirely new side of Fortnite. A way to use the weapons and mechanics from Battle Royale in a survival type experience similar to Minecraft. You’ll exist in a permanent world, heading out to collect resources, build things, and hold off hordes of enemies. For those hoping for Fortnite Save the World to become active again, it’s disappointing new. For everyone else though this is an interesting new take on a Fortnite single player game that has the potential to completely change the franchise.

Looking at the Fortnite leaks we’ve seen so far, what do we know about the Fortnite single player game?

Fortnite Single Player Game Leaks

It’s Open World

Fortnite Open World Game

One of the first leaks about this mode talked about it being a Fortnite Open World game. That alone marks a big departure from the norm for the game. It seems we’ll be in some sort of semi-permanent world, with progress carried forward and lots of different areas to explore. At least this seems to be accurate unless Epic is simultaneously building two different Fortnite single player games.

By the looks of the Big Bang event, Fortnite OG might wrap up with the creation of all these different worlds. An explosion in the current Fortnite universe before it is replaced with multiple planets for players to mess around in.

Fortnite Minecraft

Fortnite Open World Game - Fortnite Minecraft

The leaks have so far been describing how much of a departure from the norm it is, the main comparison has been to Minecraft. The survival mode in that game seems like one of the biggest inspirations for the Fortnite single player mode. Some players have even called it Fortnite Minecraft. We’ll have to wait and see how close of an experience it’ll be. However, it does look like this is going to be a major inspiration for the game.

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Fortnite Lego Mode

Fortnite Chapter 5 Leaks

The Lego Collab has been one of Epic’s worst kept secrets, but we’re now so close to actually getting it. How does Fortnite Lego mode work? It seems there might be a full mode in the Fortnite single player game, not just a crossover for Battle Royale. These are some of the features we’ve seen in Fortnite leaks for the Lego and upcoming Fortnite Single Player Mode. (Which is increasingly one and the same thing)

Leaked Features of Fortnite Open World Game Experience


Crafting and Auto Crafting appears to be a major part of the new Fortnite Single Player mode. Kind of like in a Fortnite Minecraft mash-up, it seems like you’ll be collecting resources which you can then use to build different aspects of your world. If the Lego crossover is a major part of this, this could even be in the form of bricks.

Custom Inventory

The Fortnite Single Player mode leaks point towards a fully custom inventory. It seems you won’t be limited to carrying five things and matts like in Battle Royale. You’ll have a larger and fuller inventory with its own mechanics.


Unvaulted in Fortnite OG - Fortnite OG Weapons List

Weapons will form a part of the Fortnite Open World game. It seems players can use weapons to fight off hoards and enemies. All of it does seem familiar to Save the World, if you remember the game that originated the Battle Royale’s history.

These weapons will likely form a part of the combat in the game. We’ll probably see weapons from across Fortnite’s history represented here. Hopefully, we can freely use most of the best Fortnite weapons.

On top of the standard Fortnite fare, this might also include some Lego weapons. We’ve already seen a kind of chain launcher made out of Lego in the Fortnite files. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of weapon this turns out being.


NPCs have been a part of Fortnite for a while. Fortnite characters have been occupying spots on the map since Chapter 2. They’ll be returning in a similar mode for this potential Fortnite single player mode. You’ll be able to talk to NPCs, get quests from them, buy things, and even hire them like in the game. Players can even set them out to collect resources for them.

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New abilities have been spotted in the files for Fortnite Lego and Fortnite Single Player mode. This could be distinct from the Reality Augments that we’ve seen in the past. They might be a similar system, giving you a unique power and ability when you’re playing. We don’t know as much about this one, it will be interesting to see what comes from it.


The new expansion might be taking that World bit kind of literally. Current leaks are pointing towards the map you’re playing on being in a rotation, where you can see how it's turning. This orbit apparently factors in somehow.

POIs and Different Biomes

Fortnite OG - New Fortnite Season

The map for this mode won’t be one static wasteland or barren land. You’ll be able to find new and returning POIs. They will be different locations for you to visit across the map. Different Biomes will be here too, so you can experience the desert, snow, and maybe even re-visit Chapter 4’s controversial Jungle!

Custom Death UI

One interesting aspect of the datamining and Fortnite leaks for the Single Player mode so far is the custom death UI. This is going to mean that death is handled differently. It might mean that dying might not be as simple as it is in Battle Royale. You might have the option to leave the game or restart from some kind of save point. In general, treating death differently might help make this particularly stand out from Battle Royale in Fortnite.

What Will the Fortnite Single Player Game Release?

Those are some of the biggest leaks so far but when are we expecting it? Leakers are pointing towards the game launching as early as the beginning of Chapter 5. It supposedly ties into the Fortnite X Lego collaboration. This would mean it could be here as soon as December. However, it might not be that quick.

Leaks about Epic working on a Fortnite PRG or Fortnite open world game have been around since Chapter 2. It’s possible this upcoming mode is the product of that past work. However, if the new mode turns out to be unrelated to Fortnite X Lego, we might be in for a longer wait.

Fortnite Open World Game in C5 – Huge Fun Expansion Coming?
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