Fortnite Characters List – 21 Characters and Best in C4

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Fortnite Characters List – 21 Characters and Best in C4

Who are all of the Fortnite characters that populate the Battle Royale map? This is where you can find all of the characters in Fortnite Chapter 4.

Fortnite has a huge world that changes up every season, Fortnite characters are a big part of making that world feel full. Each game has 100 players each wearing a different skin, plus there’s Fortnite characters in spots where you can talk to them each game. They sell goods and can even get hired to help you win games of FN. Who are all of the Fortnite characters though?

Each season we see a bit of a different layout and cast for Fortnite characters. They come and go from the island fairly quickly. We often get some of the bigger original characters that’s Epic’s created here. Big examples include Peely and Fishsticks, two of the more iconic original Fortnite characters Chapter 4 has. However, along with them, Fortnite crossovers get represented too. Some of each season’s crossover characters end up on the island. These will offer the tie in weapons for sale and often have fun dialogue.

If you want to track down all of the Fortnite characters this season, this who each of them are and where they’re located on the game map each year:

Fortnite Characters Chapter 4 Season 4

Nolan Chance

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Last Resort

  • Frenzy Field Barn

Nolan Chance is the protagonist of Fortnite C4 S4. He’s the leader of the heist crew key to the whole season’s themes. In-game, he has quite a few services to offer. You’ll need to complete some specific quests if you want to unlock all of his services though, including as a hireable NPC and buying keys.

Piper Pace

  • Slappy Shores

Another of this season’s Battle Pass skins, Piper Pace has the same fun mechanic. Players have quests to get extra services from Piper. At first, they’ll only sell a few items like a standard NPC. Get through to the end of this questline and things open up though.

Fish Thicc

  • Shore Shack

Fish Thicc is another of the seasonal Fortnite characters located at a pretty minor place this time. He’s in a house west of the Relentless Retreat selling a purple Infiltrator Pump shotgun, one of the best C4 S4 weapons.


  • Frenzy Fields

Antonia is another BP skin, in the same building as Nolan Chance! She’s on the top floor with a few of the seasonal items for sale. Great to see two characters in Fortnite in one place.

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Khaby Lame

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Last Resort

  • Secluded Spire

The TikToker in Fortnite this season is Khaby Lame. He’s not just a skin though. He’s also in-game as one of the Fortnite characters Chapter 4. You can find him close to Piper Pace


  • Shady Stilts

Meowscles, the muscle-bound cat from Fortnite C2 is back this season! He’s now located in Shady Stilts though, his own home and carboard box factory long missing from the map unfortunately.

Love Ranger

  • Rumble Ruin

Love Ranger is one of the more recognisable Fortnite skins to a lot of players. He’s a Valentine’s themed skin that’s often been used for Fortnite meme videos where players use it for camouflage. He’s back on the map, not hiding this time, though.

Renegade Shadow

  • Shattered Slabs

Renegade Shadow is in Shattered Slabs as one of the characters in Fortnite this season. Selling key and an Epic tier Infiltrator Pump Shotgun.

Agent Peely

Fortnite C4 S4 NPC Locations

  • Whispering Waters

The Fortnite map usually has at least one type of Peely as a character. His Secret Agent version is another of the C2 skins back as a full Fortnite Chapter 4 character this time.

Arctic Assassin

  • Hall of Whispers

At one of the Outposts around Brutal Bastion, Arctic Assassin is a Fortnite character who is well dressed for the climate. He sells long range weapons and shield potions.

Diamond Diva

  • Mega City

One of the best landing spots across Chapter 4 has been Mega City. This season the huge City is home to Diamond Dive, an NPC selling the Maven shotgun and explosives.

Countess Daraku

  • Eastern Watch

Countess Daraku has a name reminiscent of some vampires, which makes them a great fit the season where we’re expecting to see Vampires return for Fortnitemares.

Bull Shark

  • Creeky Compoun

Bull Shark is a fun design for Fortnite characters. You can find him in the Creaky Compound, as another of the hireable NPCs in FN C4 S4.

Royale Bomber 

  • Brutal Bastion

Another of the hireable characters in Fortnite is one of the older skins in FN, Royale Bomber. This character has the more generic look that you see in some of the oldest and rarest Fortnite skins. He can be part of your team this season as a supply specialist.


  • Breakwater Bay

At one of the more remote spots on the map is another Fortnite characters, Chapter 4 has Beastmode as a hireable NPC, a Heavy specialist.

Sun Strider 

  • Eclipsed Estate

Sun Strider is one of the Fortnite characters at the Eclipsed Estates. On the way out of a Fortnite Heist, you’ll be able to hire them as a healer to get you back to 200 health.

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Fortnite C4 S4 NPC Locations

  • Sunswoon Lagoon

Fishstick is one of the more iconic original characters on the map he’s stuck around for ages (although he was replaced by his princess relation for a while). He’s now in Sunswoon Lagoon. 

Joni the Scarlet

  • Kanjutstu Crossing

In the C4 S2 POI you’ll find Joni the Scarlet. Selling Shield Breakers and SMGs.

The Autumn Queen 

  • Forest Forge

Just up from Slattered Slabs you’ll find Autumn Queen. They might not have the best loot from characters in Fortnite, selling Apples and bushes. Definitely on brand for Autumn though.


  • Windcatch

You can find Shimmerdusk just up from Mega City, selling shield potions and sniper rifles. 


  • The Apparatus

Phaedra is another one of the Fortnite characters Chapter 4 has who you can find close to Creeky Compound. They’re selling shotguns and keys this season.

Who are the Characters in Fortnite?

Characters in Fortnite change from month to month with new Fortnite news and updates. However, there’s always a few themes. As mentioned, crossover characters tend to show up if they have matching items. However, the core cast are Fortnite’s original characters.

The Battle Royale game often doesn’t seem the most plot focused. However, there are definitely some themes. Characters in the world have dialogue and even questlines, these give extra XP to get through the Battle Pass. These Fortnite characters Chapter 4 has can have ongoing stories that some fans like to follow.

Fortnite Characters Chapter 4

Their text when you talk to them can even be quite surprising. Like a recent Summer where Epic added the cutesy Little Whip character, only to include an entire plotline in his dialogue. One of the cutest Fortnite characters who gives out ice cream turned out to be in horrendous debt, running away from loan sharks, and trying to break into music to pay them back. It adds a lot of color to the world.

Fortnite characters on the map also often include bigger characters from Save the World. Earlier parts of Fortnite like the single player game were more focused on developing characters and the world of the game. In these cases, characters showing up in Battle Royale is a nice continuation. It’s something that fans of Save the World seem to appreciate. While characters on the map don’t need you to know the history of Fortnite’s map and various modes, it’s a nice treat for those that are long term fans.

That’s how the characters in Fortnite work at the moment. Epic is constantly changing the NPCs in the world though, so it’s worth paying attention to how things are altered throughout the season, as we get fresh crossovers and other reasons for more characters to appear on the map.

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