How to Win Fortnite Chapter 4 – Dominate Games This Season

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How to Win Fortnite Chapter 4 – Dominate Games This Season

This is how to win Fortnite Chapter 4 games and start getting Victory Crowns!

Fortnite is a game between 100 players, but there can only be one winner. There’s no secret trick to racking up victory royales, but there are easy mistakes you can fix. How to win Fortnite often just comes down to making some small but vital improvements.

In zero Builds and regular Battle Royale, it’s easy to fall into patterns which can lead to you blowing games. Coming out repeatedly third or fourth and never getting that Victory Brella for the season! If you want to step things up, then this is all you need to win in Fortnite Chapter 4.

Fortnite Chapter 4 – How to Win Fortnite Rounds

Each round of Fortnite has a few key phases. How to win Fortnite comes down to getting it right for the entire round. However, we can try and break down the important areas where you might be going wrong. We’ll break the top tips for how to win Fortnite Chapter 4 into the early, mid, and endgame.

How to Win Fortnite – The Early Game

1. Landing

The right landing spot will change depending on the game, but this is your first thing to consider. You need to go for one of the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4, or at least what’s perfect that game. If you’re regularly getting killed right off of spawn then maybe fighting off a tenth of the lobby in Mega City isn’t for you. How to win Fortnite Chapter 4 rounds starts with the right spot for you.

How to Win in Fortntie Chapter 4

A good compromise between loot and enemies is to jump towards the end of the Battle Bus route. A named location at the end of the route will provide more security. A non-named location offers worse loot but fewer enemies.

2. Looting

When you first land grab whatever weapon is closest for self-defence. After that, there are a few different combos of items players go for depending on their play style.

  • Short-Range Weapon/Mid-Range Weapon/Long-Range Weapon/Mobility/Meds
  • Short-Range/Mid or Long-Range/Mobility/ Meds/ Meds
  • Shotgun/SMG/Mid or Long-Range/Mobility/Meds

For short-range weapons an SMG or Shotgun is perfect, but pay attention to which is in the meta for each season. An AR is typically your mid-range, and a sniper or DMR the long-range.

How to Win in Fortntie Chapter 4

Key t0 how to Fortnite is adapting it to your own skills. If you’re a great sniper but Fortnite’s bunny hop shotgun fights still confuse you, focus on weapons that let you keep your distance. If you’re a short-range focused fighter then it’s worth doubling up on a shotgun and SMG, it’s quicker to switch weapons than to reload.

Beyond this, the absolute musts right now are rotation (the Kinetic Blade) and meds.

3. Pick the Right Meds

The meds slot is somewhere that’s worth breaking out into an independent tip for how to win Fortnite Chapter 4. Your choice matters. Speed is the most important factor when choosing meds.

A med that can be applied very quickly in a fight will help you win over something that heals more but takes so long you’ll die. Med kits and big shields aren’t worth carrying for a full game. Go for high stacks of chugs, fish are perfect too, and minis are the old standard before Epic got creative.

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4. Be aware of your surroundings while Looting

While searching out your starting POI pay attention to those around you. If you hear anyone else in your POI, assume they will be a threat before you leave. Don’t take the fight until you have the equipment you need and you’re in a better position, then eliminate them. Otherwise, you might be looking over your shoulder all game.

5. Upgrades, Holo-Chests, and Supply caches

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 - Kinetic Blade

Outside of your initial loot, Fortnite now has other ways to get better gear. There are keys to holo-chests always containing great loot, upgrade stations, and supply caches to claim. Use these as and when you get the chance.

How Win in Fortnite – The Mid Game

This is where we’re largely going to be engaging with enemies and rotating to the final few circles of land. It’s where a lot of players die and make mistakes. These are the tips to win Fortnite Chapter 4 in this stage.

6. Intel is Your Friend

Fortnite now offers on-screen sound effect visualization. Having this turned on is a key part of the best Fortnite settings. Turn it on, and pay attention to every indicator. In the mid-game, you should be wary of not knowing what’s around you as your rotate.

7. Build, Build, Build

How to Win in Fortntie Chapter 4

This tip obviously won’t apply in Zero Builds, but in Battle Royale every encounter comes with building. This is probably one of the most important steps in how to win at Fortnite if you’re playing builds.

Mastering the 90, the ramp-up, box fights, it’s a lot. If you’re a complete beginner to building then head to Zero Builds for now and try some building training courses. These will help you master the basic shapes and build muscle memory. After that, it comes down to getting the high ground. Ideally, you want to attack your opponent from above while keeping safe from enemy fire.

8. Get Set-Up for Fights

In the mid-game, you’ve likely got a piece of each of your desired loadout. Next is to get better loot! Over the course of your rotation, you’ll find unopened chests, caches, and opportunities to upgrade. Take advantage of all of them.

As you move through zones you should hope to have the loot you need to stay put in the end game. If you don’t, it might be time to head up to the rifting POI for the Pulse Rifle or spend some of that gold on upgrades.

9. Rotate Safety – How to Win Fortnite Rounds

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 - Car

Rotation is moving from one area to a safe spot in the next. To rotate safety, take advantage of anything that’s not just running. Use the vehicle spawns that are around. Use launchpads around Mega City and the snow biome. Use the Kinetic Blade. Make use of all the tools of rotation and you should get into the circle safely each time. Staying alive while moving is important for how to win Fortnite in Chapter 4.

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10. To Push or Not to Push?

The mid-game for a lot of players is where they push non-stop. If you’re still learning how to win Fortnite Chapter 4, this hyper-aggressive style might not be for you. However, there are some easier fights, like third partying.

When you hear two enemies fighting, take a better position from height and get involved. Wait till one has nearly killed or just killed the other then strike. Don’t take fights you can’t win, even in the mid-game.

The End Game – How to Win in Fortnite Chapter 4

How to Win in Fortntie Chapter 4

This is where things get tricky.

11. Positioning is Key

The end game is partially luck and partially skilful positioning. Each circle has high ground and better positions with natural advantages. Once the circle gets small enough, try to take the high ground in each new one. This puts you in the best position for the final fight and to win in Fortnite.

12. Don’t Yield Ground

Once you’re set up in a position of strength, don’t expose yourself without a good reason. In builds box up, in no builds find some cover. Stay aware of your surroundings but avoid getting drawn out, don’t give up the high ground without a reason.

13. Attack from Strength

Taking fights in the last few circles should be a much easier decision. There’s no point in exposing your position to the rest of the top 5 to finish off one straggler. Let someone else grab that kill and gain vital intel on another opponent’s position instead.

14. Stop Coming Third

Once the game gets down to three players remaining you have two choices. Do you, hunt down the last remaining two yourself or wait for the other two to fight first.

Don’t take a fight where the best-case scenario is you coming second and worse case is third. Just wait for somebody else in the game to get impatient and start blasting rounds off or searching every bush. Unless you’re in a lobby with the sweatiest Fortnite players rotating through builds and going for a heal-off, you can wait for your opponents to reveal themselves which gives you key intel on your last remaining opponent to take the 1-v-1 from a position of strength.

15. Watch for Your Mistakes

How to Win in Fortntie Chapter 4

The last tip for how win in Fortnite is to watch for your mistakes. Sometimes you’re outplayed or RNG wasn’t on your side. Just as often as that there are games where you can pinpoint what you did wrong. Look back at the game and see where you went wrong. If you can improve on the mistakes you made, you’ll have a much easier time winning in Fortnite.