Fortnite Spider-Man Crossover – Find New Mythic and 2 Skins

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Fortnite Spider-Man Crossover – Find New Mythic and 2 Skins

This is what's come to Fortnite with the newest crossover/ A Fortnite Spider-Man Miles Morales event with new skins and mythics.

Fortnite has had a lot of crossovers lately. We might be in the final few weeks of the current season, but we’ve got one more crossover to see us through to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. The Fortnite Spider-Man crossover is back! This time, it’s celebrating the release of Across the Spider-Verse with content themed around the new Miles Morales movie.

The new Fortnite content has actually been in the game for a little while already. We didn’t need a full update to add it in. Instead, it’s been sitting around since Fortnite patch 24.40. Just not quite turned on. That’s just changed today. The Fortnite Spider-Man content is now back in the game! We’ve got a batch of new skins, the Spiderman Mythic is making a return. But also, a whole line of Fortnite Spider-Man quests.

It’s pretty late in the season, but if you want to return to one of Fortnite’s best metas before it got filled with lightsabers, then the Fortnite Spider-Man content is ready to jump into.

Fortnite Spider-Man Returns

Fortnite v24.40 patch notes

The new Fortnite season has gotten yet another crossover with Fortnite Spider-Man content returning. This isn’t exactly news though. Epic has been promoting it for a few weeks with things like the Fortnite Web battles. On top of that, we’ve had some Spider-Verse content in since Chapter 3. The movie got pushed back, but an older season already contained one Across the Spider-Verse skin likely to tie-in to that original release date.

The new content still has plenty to offer though. There’s a new version of the web shooters, multiple new Spider-Man Fortnite skins, and some quests to get through. This how it all works in-game.

Fortnite Spider-Man Mythic – Spider-Verse Web-Shooters

The Fortnite Spider-Man Mythic is back for another round! The Web-Slingers have been readded into the game. While we still have the ODM Gear in Fortnite, but the Spider-Webs offer a similar mobility power.

The new item available in Fortnite Chapter 3; Spider-Man's Web-Shooters, mid-length gloves in the iconic black and red design

The Spider-Webs are a great way to get around the map quickly. They work similarly to how they did back in Chapter 3. You can use them to propel yourself from trees and other scenery. While using them, you won’t take fall damage. You can even jump off the end of a swing to rotate much quicker.

These don’t have an offensive use. You can’t web opponents up against walls unfortunately! However, they are one of the top mobility items Epic has ever included. For a Mythic, they’re fairly easy to find too.

The only real difference with the new Fortnite Spider-Man Mythic is their name. They’re now the Spider-Verse Web-Slingers! They’ve had different names in all past appearances but have no functional changes this time around. The icon also includes a more antenna kind of look along with the web-slingers. This has turned out not to be a separate item though. The new Spider-Man Fortnite Mythic is pretty much what we’ve had before.

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Where to Get the Fortnite Spider-Man Mythic

The web-slingers are a new Mythic. However, they’re much easier to find than other Mythics in the game. A lot of different players can find them in every game, this isn’t one of the one-of-a-kind items. There are quite a few different places to grab the Fortnite Spider-Man items.

The most common are the Spider-Man backpacks. These are searchable containers you can find all over the map. They’re designed just like the backpacks Spider-Man hides around the city, like you’ll see in the PS4 Spider-Man game.

These containers are making a return. They were the main location for web-slingers on the old Fortnite mapfor Chapter 3, they’re often webbed up on a bit of the environment so much easier to spot from a distance. These are sometimes in hard-to-reach places though, so keep an eye out. Like with other loot items, there isn’t a 100% spawn rate. This means you might have to learn a few spots to find the Fortnite Spider-Man Mythic rather than just relying on one spot.

Another place you can find them is by eliminating enemy players. Unlike other items they drop a bit weirdly though. If you loot one off someone you eliminate, you’ll be able to grab their spider-verse web-slingers but with all 80 charges refilled. Every one you pick up will come with all of the charges.

Sweatiest Fortnite Skins - Spider Gwen

You’ll also be able to buy the Spider-Verse web-slingers from an NPC. A new Spider-Gwen NPC is around the map. Head over to her and purchase the item. This one is pretty much guaranteed in games. However, it’s going to add up if you’re purchasing the web-slingers every game so backpacks might work better.

New Fortnite Spider-Man Skins

The Fortnite Spider-Man crossover is going beyond just bringing back the web-slingers. There are some cool new skins coming to the game too! These aren’t just the old Fortnite Battle Pass skins. Unfortunately, you can’t get any free Fortnite skins this time either. However, there were some free emotes you can grab.

The new skins are specifically pulling from the Across the Spider-Verse movie. The Fortnite crossover even seems to be tying into the plot. In a chase scene in the upcoming film, Spiderman 2099 is chasing Miles Morales. He seems to chase him across multiple universes. Eventually, he even runs into the world of Fortnite. Both skins are going to be available to buy in the Fortnite item shop soon.


Miles Morales Skin

The headline new item for the Fortnite Spider-Man crossover is Miles Morales. In this case, he’s just being termed Spider-Man with his universe number. The new skin has a cartoon version of the character as he appears in the Spider-Verse series of movies. There’s already loads of Spider-Man skins in the game and one is even part of the sweatiest Fortnite skins. It’s always fun to see another version of the character pop up though.

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Fortnite Spider-Man - Miles Morales Skin

Miles Morales is coming with a dedicated glider, harvesting tool, and emote. He comes in two variations too. You can use Miles with his mask off, or his mask on.

Spider-Man 2099

Fortnite Spider-Man - Spiderman 2099

The second of the new Fortnite Spider-Man skins is Spider-Man 2099. He’s the villain of the new movie, a Spider-Man after Miles. He’s coming with a pickaxe and glider too! This one doesn’t have a mask off version. However, he does have a pretty unique look compared to the other Spideys that we’ve seen in Fortnite so far.

You can get both of the skins in the item shop for Fortnite. However, it also comes in a big bundle too! You can get both skins, their associated cosmetics, and an extra Mega City Swing Loading Screen by going through the bundle instead.

Fortnite Spider Man Quests

Fortnite Spider-Man - Lobby Track

The final part of the new Fortnite Spider-Man crossover is the quests! This won’t be a separate questline this time around though. Instead, it’s going to be the Week 11 quests of the Weekly quests for the season. These will reward you with XP for the current Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass. However, there’s also an extra prize in here. You can grab the Silk & Cologne (EI8HT Version) Lobby Track for completing them.

This is a new lobby track which takes music from the upcoming Across the Spider-Verse film. It likely won’t be back after the event, so good to grab if you’re an absolute completitionist.

Are the Older Fortnite Spider-Man Skins Coming Back?

Tom Holland and Zendaya appear as their characters, Peter Parker and Mary Jane from the new movie Spiderman: No Way Home

The Fortnite Spider-Man crossover is a big update for the season with some cool new skins. What if you missed out on the older content though? We’ve already had quite a bit of Spider-Man stuff in Fortnite which some fans might have missed.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any of this is coming back. The original Spider-Man skin and his various outfits probably aren’t ever coming back. These were Battle Pass inclusions. You had to get to the end of the Fortnite Battle Pass to get Spider-Man. These skins don’t come back because they were exclusive to that season. If you missed out on him, he’s likely not coming back.

Spider-Gwen likely isn’t returning for the same reason. As the final Battle Pass skin, they’re locked to their original season. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t see more Spider-Man inclusions in the future.

There are some Spider-Man skins which can come back though! The skins that tied into specific movies with their unique Spider-Man outfits were only from the Item Shop. These can come back at any time! As can the villain Green Goblin skin. there’s always room for new skins too.

The new Fortnite Spider-Man skins are a great example of how many different spider-men there are out there! We’ve already had the standard Spider-Man and these new inclusions from Spider-Verse. There’s a whole multiverse of different looks that could come back though. Given how popular the in-game items like the Web-Slingers are, we might see some more spider skins in the future to bring the webs back alongside.

Fortnite Spider-Man Crossover – Find New Mythic and 2 Skins
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