Fortnite ODM Gear – Where to Find Powerful New item

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Fortnite ODM Gear – Where to Find Powerful New item

Fortnite’s latest season has had a few new Mythics added in with the most recent update. The Attack on Titan collab has brought not one but two new Mythic items to the game, the Fortnite ODM Gear and Thunder Spears. These are some of the most fun mobility tools we’ve ever had in the game, they might even be a rival to the Spider-Man web-slingers we saw in Chapter 3 for raw manoeuvrability.

As new Mythic items, these are a little different to track down than the general loot pool. As with other headline crossovers though, they’re not quite as rare as the Mythic Pulse Rifle. You won’t have to search the map to find only one of the items. They’re actually quite plentiful, especially if you know what you’re looking for.

This is everything that’s hit the game with the Fortnite X Attack on Titan crossover for in-game items, and how to track down the Fortnite ODM Gear and Thunder Spears.

Fortnite ODM Gear

Fortnite ODM Gear and Thunder Spears

The ODM Gear in Fortnite is a new Mythic item that’s coming alongside the AoT skins. It stands for Omni-Directional-Mobility Gear.

It’s a new item added in that provides a lot of mobility, and a unique attack. You can use the primary fire for the ODM to latch onto objects, scenery, and the ground to swing. You can move seriously fast with these. They work roughly the same as the old web-slingers. You can launch yourself upwards and get more height and you’re immune to fall damage if you avoid knocking anything while you’re swinging.

The secondary fire is where things get interesting. You can use this to pull out your swords and slash anything in front of you. This means you can deal damage while you’re swinging, without having to interrupt your movement. It takes some practice to time slashing while swinging though.

The Fortnite ODM gear does a decent amount of damage. You can take out opponents without having to stop your rotation around the Chapter 4 map.

With all these added bonuses though, there are new drawbacks. The ODM Gear isn’t as long-lasting as web-slingers. You have a bar of stamina for the ODM. Once consumed you can’t use the ODM gear in Fortnite anymore. You can switch it out for a new one though, that will completely restore your charges in-game.

How to Use the ODM Gear

Fortnite ODM Gear and Thunder Spears

The ODM Gear is fairly self-explanatory to use, but if you missed the web-slingers there are a few things to keep in mind. You need to time your swings if you want to make the most out of them. Once you hit the ground, you’ll get a brief cooldown. If you chain swings, you’ll keep going.

Not everything will accept a swing either. The ODM can grapple to one or two things to propel you forward. You should know if you can swing by the reticule indicator. This will always be moving to your next swing target. If the reticule is showing an X instead of the normal target, you can’t swing from that. There isn’t too much in the game you can’t swing from though. To keep the swings going as long as possible, your need decent Fortnite sensitivity settings too.

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Once you’re grappled onto another item or bit of scenery, you can use your movement input to move in the swing. This lets you angle yourself for where you’re shooting off! Once you release the swing, you’ll continue for a few seconds as you reach the full height of the swing movement. You can also jump at any point to launch yourself upwards with the momentum of a swing.

Beyond that, the main thing to keep in mind with the Fortnite ODM Gear is the cooldown. You’ll need to make sure you have enough charges to keep going. This is a bar next to the ODM Gear icon in your inventory. If it gets too low, consider switching your gear out. By the time you’re further into the game, a lot of payers will be dropping them on death. So once you’re close to getting the win in Fortnite, you’re able to grab the ODM gear off defeated enemies and stay swinging.

How to Find Fortnite ODM Gear

Fortnite ODM Gear and Thunder Spears

That’s how it all works, but where exactly can you find it? There are quite a few different ways to get the ODM Gear in Fortnite. They spawn in a lot of spots including a few which are more common spawns in game after game. These are all of the spots you can find it.

Ground Loot

Fortnite ODM Gear is also floor loot! It’s pretty rare as floor loot though. You will need to have luck on your side to stumble on some this way and it’s pretty unreliable. It’s always nice to find something as rare as a mythic just lying around on the ground though.


The next way to grab the Fortnite ODM Gear is also luck based. It can spawn out of chests. This is another with a lower spawn rate so you’ll have to open a lot of chests before you find the ODM Gear.

Scout Regiment Footlockers

The final spawning place is the best one. The Scout Regiment Footlockers. These are a new form of loot that you can find across the map. Inside each of these is ODM Gear in Fortnite. These are new chests that loot like wider wooden chests. They have both ODM Gear and Rockets inside. You won’t find them in the Fortnite vaults, but they’re pretty much everywhere else.

The Scout Regiment Footlockers are randomly spread out around the map. You’ll see them a lot more often than Mythic chests, but a lot less often than normal ones! You can usually find them in spots with higher spawn rates for chests. That’s along with quite a few appearing in Anvil Square and 4 in The Citadel. Anvil Square has the Attack on Titan mini-POI, so that makes sense. The Citadel doesn’t have a big selling point we’re in Chapter 4 Season 2, so more Footlockers is giving more of a reason to visit again.

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Fortnite ODM Gear and Thunder Spears

Thunder Spears

The second item in the Fortnite X Attack on Titan crossover is the Thunder Spears! These might not be as useful as the Fortnite ODM gear for most of a game. They don’t open up mobility like that does. However, the Thunder Spears are a really unique addition to the loot pool.

This is one of the new items that has been added with the crossover. It’s an explosive item that you can fire out. Kind of like rocket launchers in the past but with quite a few differences that make them unique to what we’ve got before.

How Do Thunder Spears Work?

Fortnite ODM Gear and Thunder Spears

Thunder Spears are one of the signature weapons from Attack on Titan. Players can jump into Fortnite and start using the very same weapons thanks to a recent patch. They have a few unique mechanics compared to past attacks though, so it’s worth keeping a few things in mind when you’re using them.

The Thunder Spears are throwable javelin-style attacks. Once you activate it, you’ll. Rise up in the air a little bit. It’s similar to how you rose up with the Deku Smash in Fortnite X My Hero Academia. You’ll float in the air for a brief delay before launching the Fortnite Thunder Spears. Once they make contact, they’ll explode to deal damage to any players in the area.

The Thunder Spears can get lodged and deal quite a bit of damage to structures. This might make them more useful in Builds than No builds.

They also drop in specific numbers. They don’t use ammo like a traditional Rocket Launcher. The Thunder Spears instead are a consumable item. When you fire one out, the count decreases and you can’t replenish it without finding anymore.

The Thunder Spears are a bit less vital than the Fortnite ODM Gear. There are still plenty of uses for them though and some players have already managed to pop off using the Thunder Spears.

Where to Find the Thunder Spears in Fortnite

The Thunder Spears and Fortnite ODM Gear are all available in the same places! You can find them in chests, but primarily in Scout Regiment Footlockers! They’re less common as ground loot or chests as the ODM gear though, so you might not stumble on them as much. That’s more of a reflection of how useful one item is compared to the other.

The new Season of Fortnite has really come alive with the ODM Gear and Thunder Spears. These are pretty fun items and they’re up there as one of the best Fortnite crossovers to date. While some fans are still holding out for a Fortnite live event that has giant titans attacking, these new items and skins are definitely livening things up for Chapter 4!

Fortnite ODM Gear – Where to Find Powerful New item
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