How to Get the Mythic Pulse Rifle – Fortnite’s Best Weapon

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How to Get the Mythic Pulse Rifle – Fortnite’s Best Weapon

This is how you can track the Mythic Pulse Rifle in Fortnite, by far the most impressive weapon of the season so far.

The new season of Fortnite has tons of new weapons and features in the update. There are quite a few Mythics kicking around the island though and not all of them are working like those that we’ve seen in the past. One weapon that’s completely OP but kind of complicated to get is the Mythic Overclocked Pulse Rifle. How to get the Mythic Pulse Rifle in Fortnite isn’t the standard route of previous guns. The weapon might be the best in the chapter, but it’s locked behind a mysterious moving POI and a different mechanic to unlock it.

We’re going to run through how you can find the Pulse Rifle in each game of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. It’s got a moving location, but with the right strategy, you’ll be able to track it down in each and every game. It’s not like the Pulse Rifle from older seasons and Chapters, this one is one of a kind. It’s making up for that loot discrepancy by being considerably stronger than the gun has been at any time in the past! This guide is what you need to know to track it down every game.

How to Find the Mythic Pulse Rifle in Fortnite

The Pulse Rifle in Fortnite Chapter 4 is a mythic weapon which means it has a fixed spot for looting it. However, unlike the other Mythic it doesn’t stay in one place. That’s thanks to a new POI that moves around the map. If you haven’t noticed by dropping into games, there’s a rifting in POI that changes its location frequently. Between games, it moves around and it picks a different spot in every match you’re in!

To find the Pulse Rifle, you’ll need to track down this floating isle and run through some specific instructions in-game This is how you can get your hands on it.

1. Wait for the Fourth Storm Circle

Fortnite Mythic Pulse Rifle Overclocked

The rift POI isn’t there from the start of the game. There’s no point trying to make this one of your landing spots! You’ll have to get through the game without finding the Mythic Pulse Rifle up until this point.

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2. Look for the Floating Loot Island

This is a new POI which rifts in at a totally random location each game! That might sound like you’re finding a needle in a haystack. But it isn’t that bad. By the time the island appears, we’re already in a pretty small zone so it shouldn’t be too far. Even with a bad location, you can get over quickly with the kinetic blade.

3. Ascend to the Island

Fortnite Mythic Pulse Rifle Overclocked

There’s more than one way to get up there. Around the base of the island, you’ll find the ziplines that elevate you vertically. These do run the risk of being shot by a waiting player on top though. There’s a better way to get up, head through a rift. When the rift POI comes in a number of rifts will appear below. Find one of these and head on through.

4. Claim the POI

Fortnite Mythic Pulse Rifle Overclocked

To get the new Mythic Pulse Rifle you’ll need to claim the POI as your own. This is the new mechanic introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. It’s where you stand in a highlighted circle in the POI for a short time until a flag ascends a pole. However, enemies can see you doing this. You’ll want to take care of any other players up there seeking out a Pulse Rifle first. Players should be keeping an ear out for anyone else climbing up or down to get you.

5. Get the Loot

Once the POI is successfully claimed, a number of items of loot spew from the top of the flagpole. In most POIs, this is a Blue variant weapon and some heals. In this POI though, you’ll get a Mythic Pulse Rifle. That’s how you unlock it.

It’s a bit of a different strategy for getting this Mythic, but there’s still more to keep in mind up here. Before you head back down be sure to check out the house itself. Once you descend the mine shift, you’ll find another of the vaults that have reappeared this season in the game.

This one requires two keys to open but not a specific keycard from an enemy like the others. This means you’re getting a Pulse Rifle but also a load of high-level loot, gold, and heals here. Play this POI right and it’ll set you up for the entire game.

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Is There More Than One Pulse Rifle in Fortnite?

The Pulse Rifle is back this season, but it’s had some changes. It handles differently than the old one and it’s a mythic. Unlike the other Mythic this season though this is the pure one-item-only version. Players can only find one Mythic Pulse Rifle in every single game. If someone else gets it first you’re out of luck. Given how powerful the gun is, it’s definitely worth seeking out the Mythic Pulse Rifle if you have the chance.

Pulse Rifle Changes

Fortnite Mythic Pulse Rifle Overclocked

This isn’t a normal Pulse Rifle, it’s an “overclocked” Pulse Rifle. If you’re not familiar with the terminology it means it’s being powered up significantly, increased beyond what it normally has access to. Maybe you’ve got parts of your PC running overclocked with the best Fortnite settings to really take advantage of the guns power. This Pulse Rifle definitely deserves the label too.

Compared to its previous appearances as standard loot it’s OP. The gun has a ridiculous fire rate when in hip fire. Its projectiles come as a solid beam which makes it easier to hit shots too. On top of that it does insane damage. Even with the Zero Build overshield this can destroy opponents. While aiming down sites it is quite a lot slower, but that won’t stop a skilled player from racking up ridiculous kill counts if they find the Mythic Pulse Rifle in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Mythics

The Fortnite Mythic Pulse Rifle is one of a handful of Mythics this season, but none of them are being unlocked the normal way. There are Boss characters, but for some reason, they all drop the same Mythic in all three locations. Then there’s a Mythic Shotgun. You can find this in the vaults, rather than on a boss. The Mythic Pulse Rifle is the only genuine one-of-a-kind weapon in the game.

Since this is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons we’ve seen in Fortnite for a while, whoever grabs it has a clear advantage in games. It might not be in Arena for you to climb up the Fortnite ranks, but you can definitely slay through pubs using this gun! It’s worth heading for it each game, even if it means a fight or two on the floating island POI.

How to Get the Mythic Pulse Rifle – Fortnite’s Best Weapon
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