Fortnite Web Battles: Day 5

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Fortnite Web Battles: Day 5

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is coming to theaters and coming to Fortnite soon. But before then, we've got some warmup Web Battles to complete.

Leaks for upcoming Across the Spider-Verse content and cosmetics have already begun spreading across the Internet. We're less than a week away from Fortnite entering the Spider-Verse, and Epic Games has released a series of Web Battles for players to complete.

Choose between Team Miles or Team Spider-Man 2099
Image Source: Epic Games

Players can join either Team Miles Morales or Team Spider-Man 2099. Choosing either team will reward you will the Spider-Man 2099 Logo Spray. Each day, there will be a new Web Battle. Completing the specified Web Battle will earn you individual points and points for your team. Whichever team has the most points after 24 hours will be the winner for that day. The winning team will receive either Miguel's Glare Emoticon or the Shocked Miles Emoticon, depending on which team you pick.

If you happen to be on the losing team, don't worry. You can change your team during the first 16 hours of the event. And if you're loyal to your team, even if it is losing the battle, so long as you earn 40 individual points throughout all five challenges, you will receive all of the previous days' unearned in-game rewards (Even if your team lost those days).

Players who earn at least 40 individual points will also receive the exclusive Spider-Ham's Mallet Pickaxe. Not only does this look cool, but it also comes with a built-in Put ‘Er There emote.

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But before you do anything, head to the official Web Battles website and sign in with your Epic Games account, or none of your progress will count toward any of the Web Battles.

Web Battle 5: Survive Storm Circles

Today is the final Web Battle Fortnite fans! And the last challenge is another easy one that anyone can do: survive Storm Circles.

You earn 1 point for every Storm Circle you survive. You can easily complete this one just by passively camping in a handful of matches without seeking out anyone to fight.

Unfortunately for Spider-Man 2099 fans, he hasn't won a single Web Battle. So be sure you have at least 40 points before the event is over to get Team 2099's reward and Spider-Ham's Mallet Pickaxe.


Web Battle 4: Deal Critical Damage

Day 4 is here, and today's Web Battle is the “trickiest” one so far. Today, you need to deal critical damage to opponents to earn points. You receive 1 point per critical damage.

Dealing critical damage is more out of your hands than dealing general damage, but today's Web Battle is far from hard. A couple of games should have you sitting pretty, point-wise.

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Winner: Team Miles

Web Battle 3: Restore Your Shield

Web Battle 3 has arrived, and this one will be easier for those not yet great at firefights in Fortnite yet. Instead of needing to damage or eliminate opponents, this Web Battle requires you to restore your Shield. In other words, you don't need to fight anyone today. 

Unfortunately for Miguel O'Hara fans, things are not looking good for Team 2099. Team Miles is obliterating Team 2099 every day so far, so make sure you have at least 40 overall event points. Otherwise, getting the Team 2099 reward will basically be impossible. 

Winner: Team Miles

Web Battle 2: Deal Damage to Opponents

Web Battle 2 is here, and just as simple as Day 1. Instead of needing to eliminate opponents, you just need to deal damage to them. You earn 1 point for every 100 points of damage you deal to opponents. 

Winner: Team Miles

Web Battle 1: Eliminate Opponents

The first Web Battle of the Fortnite Web Battles is here! And it's an easy one. All you need to do is eliminate opponents in Battle Royale or Zero Build mode. You earn 1 point per elimination. That's it!

Do note that ranked play does not go toward your Web Battle score. 

Winner: Team Miles

Fortnite Web Battles: Day 5
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