Fortnite v24.40 Patch Notes – Exciting Spider-Man Update Hits

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Fortnite v24.40 Patch Notes – Exciting Spider-Man Update Hits

The Fortntie V24.40 Patch Notes are finally here, we’ve got the full details of what’s coming later in the season with the Miles Morales events.

Fortnite V24.40 is a little late, but it’s hitting the game finally! This is a big update. We’re getting brand new Mythics, a brand-new ranked mode, and more coming to the game. All of this is going on while the Star Wars Fortnite event and Attack on Titan content lingers in the loot pool! Basically, Fortnite will be more chaotic than ever over the next few weeks.

The new Fortnite V24.40 Patch was a bit late finally hitting, but for an update of this size that’s not uncommon. With the game now in for downtime, we have a good idea of what Epic is pushing out there with the new changes to Battle Royale. Although, this update has put a lot more in for the coming weeks than what the splash page will tell you.

There have been some big changes with the full Fortnite V24.40 patch notes. However, content like the Spider-Man event isn’t going to be active straight away. With all the content already here though, we can still learn everything that’s coming in the patch from what Epic’s added. This is everything that’s new that you need to know about with Fortnite V24.40.

Everything New in Fortnite V24.40 Patch Notes

New Ranked in Fortnite V24.40

Fortnite v24.40 patch notes

The new Ranked mode is starting up with Fortnite V24.40. There are some big changes here. Players can find out their new rank after playing a game. Unless you’re playing Trios, which has been vaulted!

All of the changes are a bit big to cover in the patch notes. We’ve got a full Fortnite ranked mode guide for that, as some of the big differences might surprise you.

Reality Augment Changes in Fortnite V24.40

Fortnite v24.40 patch notes

Newer Fortnite updates have taken to messing with the Reality Augments pretty frequently. There have been some changes made with Fortnite V24.40 too. Some of these are unadvertised. Epic has adjusted the rarity of some Augments, including one of the most useful ones in the entire season so far.

  • Rarity Check – Get a siphon effect for each elimination with common or uncommon weapons.
  • Shotgun Striker – Headshots with a shotgun give a siphon effect.
  • Supercharged – Altered a little. Now 50% rarer.
  • Aerialist – Also 50% rarer, sadly.
  • Sniper Surplus – Removed
  • Game Time – Removed
  • Chug Gunner – Removed
  • Forecast – Removed
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More siphons are fun, especially as Ranked mode continues without the much-missed mechanic. The nerfing with aerialist every two weeks is becoming a bit tiring though! This season’s Fortnite reality augments definitely aren’t as fun as last season's, even if they’re a bit better balanced.

Material Changes in Fortnite V24.40 Patch Notes

One weird change with the newest update is material caps. For some reason, Epic has decided to review the material amounts as they add in the new Ranked mode. You can now only carry 500 of each material. No more, big stacks of 999 metal in pubs! Another change is that the harvesting rate is up 30%.

You’re going to be able to hit max matts much much quicker with this change. Although you can’t spam builds like you used to! Not a huge deal if you’re used to comp, but something to keep in mind in Fortnite V24.40

Spider-Man Arrives in Fortnite V24.40 Patch Notes

Fortnite v24.40 patch notes

Spider-Man is back! To celebrate the release of Across the Spider-Verse, we’ve got a brand-new Spider-Man crossover. After dominating 2/4 Battle Passes for Fortnite chapter 3, Spider-Man content is no stranger right now. There are quite a few differences with this crossover though. Epic has put the work in to make it feel different to the past events.

The first is the choice of skins. This is an event to tie into the Miles Morales-focused animated film Across the Spider-Verse. The lead character is in the game as a brand-new skin, sporting his design from the new film. He’s also got some associated cosmetics. That includes one that which features his co-star in the multiverse film, the Looney Tunes-esque Spider-Ham.

Fortnite v24.40 patch notes

Alongside Miles, there’s another Spider-Man coming too. Spider-Man 2099 will also be featured in the item shop. He was featured in a scene from the earlier Into the Spider-Verse and is seemingly playing a major antagonist role in the new film.

Fortnite v24.40 patch notes

These new cosmetics are great if you’re purchasing skins in the game. If you just want to know how the crossover will affect you winning Fortnite games though, there are some new Mythics joining the loot pool.

Fortnite Bending Elements Are Now Available - 4 New Mythics

New Mythics in Fortnite V24.40

The new item available in Fortnite Chapter 3; Spider-Man's Web-Shooters, mid-length gloves in the iconic black and red design

The Spider-Man Web Slingers are an old favorite for a lot of Fortnite players at this point, they are making a comeback with the newest crossover! Starting in Fortnite V24.40, you can now find the Spider-Man Web Slingers across the map. Like with their last return, they’ve had some minor changes to make them Miles’ web slingers rather than the general Spider-Man variety we got the first time around.

On top of that, there’s another new item you can find around the map once the Spider-Man content gets enabled. This appears to be a kind of radio communicator, but we won’t really know what it does until the event gets enabled! Since the Fortnite ODM gear is pretty close to the webs, this will help to distinguish the new content.

When Does Fortnite X Spider-Man Start?

The new Spider-Man content is coming in the Fortntie V24.40 patch, but it isn’t active yet. In terms of an official release date, we’re still in the dark. However, with everything loaded into the game we can expect the new crossover to launch pretty soon. They could basically be turned on at any point after the Fortnite v24.40 patch!

Star Wars is Still Here in Fortnite V24.40

Fortnite V24.30 - Find the Force

Those are all of the major Fortnite V24.40 changes, we’ve also got some content dropping from the last patch too though. The Star Wars stuff is still here and it’s getting new quests! Attack on Titan, is also still here. The current build of the game has these two and Spider-webs co-existing! If you like mobility there is all that, and the Fortnite katana. It’s a bit of a crowded loot pool, but we’re getting more quests still too.

Why Was the Fortnite V24.40 Patch Late?

The Fortnite V24.40 path has been heavily leaked and discussed over the last few days. Why has the contents been known so early? The patch had a delay.

Epic announced quite a bit of the new content coming in the Fortnite V24.40 patch. However, they then had to delay it. With the title making changes to something as big as Ranked mode, it makes sense that they’d want to fine-tune everything. The last change on this scale was the Unreal for Fortnite editor, which saw a lot of delays. The patch is finally here though. V24.40 of Fortnite is available now and you can jump and see how a loot pool with three separate crossovers in it at once plays.

Fortnite v24.40 Patch Notes – Exciting Spider-Man Update Hits
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