Fortnite Augments Guide – The Best and 23 Augments

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Fortnite Augments Guide – The Best and 23 Augments

Fortnite Chapter 4’s got some cool new features like the brand-new map and Battle Pass, but one of the most important is the Fortnite Augments. This is a brand-new system for the game. It’s basically perks, but with a few twists that make them unique.

The Fortnite Augments are one of the more fun new elements. They’ve added a whole new dimension to the Battle Royale. You can get new abilities and perks which can change your entire game. There’s a big difference in quality between some Augments and others though. It sometimes feels like you’ve been handed nothing but rubbish in games. Other Augments though are so OP that players are going to feel like they’re having half the experience if they don’t get at least one of the high-tier ones. The good ones can make getting through the Chapter 4 Weekly quests a breeze.

Epic has been adding Fortnite augments with nearly every update. Although, we’ve also got the most OP ones taken away pretty frequently too! We’ve got some of the best Augments added in these smaller updates. Although, the pool has gotten smaller from the nerfs. They’ve even started adjusting the spawn rates for the better Fortnite augments, so it’s getting harder and harder to get ideal perks. If you always go for the better ones though, you’re really improving your chances of winning Fortnite games.

We’re going to run through everything you need to know about Fortnite Augments. How they work, how to unlock the better augments, and which are the ones you want to go for in every game for the current Fortnite Augments. That’s along with the upcoming Fortnite Augments, those that we’ve spotted in the files that have leaked.

Fortnite Augments Guide

Fortnite Augments Guide

What Are Fortnite Augments?

Fortnite Augments are essentially like a perk, that you’d find in games like Warzone. These are a buff or extra ability that you get granted. They’re part of your loadout, you have a separate screen that lists them on the right side of your inventory. They vary from giving you a weapon to giving you an extra mechanic or movement mechanic.

You can have up to four augments at once. At intervals throughout the first half of a match, you’ll get a countdown to when your augment unlocks. At this point, you’re presented with two options. You can pick one of these to choose your Augment. You can also reroll for another two random Augments. However, you can only reroll for free once in each game. After this, it’s going to take Gold. This might mean you have to be strategic with your choice. Even if you don’t have your ideal Fortnite Augments as an option, the next round could have two even worse augments.

You use them by using 7 on a keyboard or the right d-pad on a controller. It isn’t the best placement on a gamepad, but Fortnite has a pretty full spread of buttons right now.

The augments last through to the end of each game, or if you’re eliminated. You can get four across a game. Some of the Fortnite Augments are pretty effective. If you can land the best Augments, you’re getting a serious advantage in the rest of your game.

All Fortnite Augments List

That’s how the Fortnite Augments are working in-game. What can you actually get with these perks, though? There’s quite a wide list of options. These are all of the Fortnite augments that are available at the moment.

Combat Fortnite Augments

  • First Assault – The first bullet in each magazine for an AR gives bonus damage.
  • Light Fingers – All weapons will reload faster.
  • Tactical Armory – Get a rare Tactical Assault Rifle and Combat Shotgun. This is the only way to get these guns right now.
  • Exotic Grab Bag – Get a random Heisted Exotic weapon.
  • Shotgun Recycle – Shotguns have a chance to not use ammo.
  • Tracker’s Armory – Get a Flare Gun and Shadow Tracker Pistol
  • Medium Ammo Amp – Medium weapons have extra magazine size
  • Go For Broke – Get a Charge Shotgun and Flintknock Pistol
  • Desperate Reload – Pistols reload faster on an empty clip.
  • Steady hands – Marksman Rifles get less recoil
  • SMG Sign Off – The last three bullets of an SMG magazine does extra damage

Game Changer Augments

Fortnite Augments Guide

  • Aerialist – Unlimited glider redeploys.
  • Chug Gunner – Get a Chug cannon.
  • Aquatic Warrior – Move faster in water and regenerate health while swimming. Doesn’t work in the storm.
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Mobility Fortnite Augments

  • More Parkour – When you mantle or hurdle, your energy is going to regenerate a little.
  • Supercharged – Vehicles don’t use fuel and they have increased health.
  • Bloodhound – When you hit an enemy with a marksman rifle, they’re marked briefly.
  • Forecast – You get to see the next storm circle in each stage of the game.
  • Icy Slide – Get the icey effect when you slide.
  • Treasure Hunter – Mark chests when you enter a POI
  • Rail Warrior – Regenerate health and shield on grind rails

Looting Augments

  • Jelly Angler – You get a fishing rod that only fishes up jellyfish.
  • Keymaster – Get two keys for opening locked chests.
  • Dumpster Diving – Spawn loot nearby once you leave a hiding place.
  • Slap Surplus – Get extra slap juice for each treasure chest.
  • Munitions Slide – Get medium ammo while sliding.

Vaulted Fortnite Augment

We’ve lost plenty of Fortnite Augments along the way. Most of the really cool Augments are long gone! These are all of the ones missing at the moment.

  • Pistol Amp – Pistol magazine size is buffed
  • Bow Specialist – Your bow draw and reload time is faster and you’ll generate arrows gradually.
  • Mechanical Archer – Get an Explosive and Shockwave bow.
  • Demolitions Munitions – When you destroy objects and builds, they may drop explosives. This doesn’t apply to enemy builds.
  • Rifle Recycle – Your weapons with medium ammo have a slight chance of not using your ammo and just firing for free.
  • Rushing Reload – When you sprint, your shotgun will slowly reload.
  • Shotgun Striker – This gives you a siphon effect of healing health and shield when you successfully hit an opponent with any shotgun.
  • Danger Hero – When your shield breaks you get a movement speed buff and health.
  • RiftJector Seat – When your shield breaks, you rift into the sky after a short delay. Not in Competitive.
  • Sniper Surplus – Sniper rifles get 1 extra ammo.
  • Last Shots – The final two bullets in a pistol magazine will deal bonus damage.
  • Mythic Munition – Receive a Mythic pistol.
  • Bush Warrior – You can regenerate health and shield while inside bushes.
  • Party Time – You get balloons.
  • Tricked Out – When you get into a car, it generates either Chonker wheels or a cow catcher.
  • Storm Mark – When the storm changes, you’ll get a scan of your surrounding area that marks enemies. Like an auto-detonating recon scanner in previous seasons.
  • Soaring Sprints – While sprinting you get low gravity higher jumps.
  • Zero Chance – Get the Zero Point effect briefly when you break an opponent’s shield.
  • Shadow Striker – Get shadow bombs in containers that you open.
  • Splash Medic – When you open containers, you’ll find a chug splash in most of them.
  • Rarity Check – Get a siphon effect to heal you when you deal damage with common or uncommon weapons.
  • Peely’s Plunder – Receive a Treasure Map. Buried treasure drops a loadout of high tier loot.
  • Harvester – Destroyed foliage drops big bush bombs and foregables. Eating foregables increases their effects by 2x.

How to Unlock New Fortnite Augments

Those are all of your augments. You’ll probably notice some and better than others. How do you unlock the brand-new Augments, though? They unlock gradually, and it’s basically just through playing. As you play more matches, you’ll see new augments pop up in your options. These are marked in yellow as a new Fortnite Augment. If you pick these, they’ll head into your normal rotation and you’ll have unlocked them. You get a screen after a game with the Fortnite Augments as unlocked, similar to when you unlock more Battle Stars at the end of the game.

Waiting to get the more fun Augments like infinite free balloons or glider redeploys can be frustrating. You’ll only unlock them by playing more games, though. So jump into some matches and get working through to those high-level Fortnite Augments.

With the pool of Fortntie Augments increasing so much lately, it can take a while to unlock the brand-new ones. Hold out though, the great Augments are definitely worth waiting for.

The Best Fortnite Augments

Fortnite Augments Guide

The better Fortnite Augments definitely have an advantage over the others. The pick for which are perfect for you will depend on your play style to a point. However, there are a few picks for Augments that stand out. These are some of the best Fortnite augments, those at the very top of the tier list for the game’s current Chapter.

Shotgun Recycle

A lot of the really powerful Fortnite Augments aren’t in the game anymore, you’ve got to get the advantage whenever you can. Shotgun recycle might spare a shotgun bullet. This could genuinely make a huge difference to your performance in tight late-game fights.


The key lockboxes are basically everywhere in the map right now. This perk may as well entitle you to redeem your two favorite weapons in the highest possible rarity. It might require a bit more leg work, but there’s crazy mobility on the Fortnite map right now so you should easily be able to grab your dream weapons with this Augment.

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Light Fingers

Light Fingers is a nice pick for an Augment, giving you a vaguely faster reload time for each of your weapons. It isn’t a huge change. It does make for a nice bonus as one of a few picks though. You’ve got four slots, and this one is a better effect than quite a few of the others that you might have to pick between.

Fortnite Augments Guide


Unlimited glider redeploys comes in pretty handy. This one is kind of a game-changer. It might take a while to unlock randomly, but it’s nearly always a good pick to grab this after. It seriously helps with mobility which can have a huge impact on your performance. Combining it with other mobility like the Kinetic Blade can give you a much easier time moving around the map.

Chug Gunner

Chug Gunner is one of the Fortnite Augments that just hands you an item rather than giving you an everlasting perk. However, the Chug Cannon is a rare and very useful item. Since this gives unlimited meds, it’s one of the better picks for your loadout. If you’re playing a team version of Battle Royale, it’s indispensable. Even in Solos, it’s sometimes worth considering taking this despite it taking two slots in your loadout. Unlimited heals can really help you play aggressively.

The Chug Cannon is only otherwise available through Loot Llamas. This makes this Augment one of the only guaranteed ways to get it, provided you get the option in the first place.


This one is more suited to specific play styles over others. You’re getting the effect of marking an enemy for a short duration after you hit them with the Marksman Rifle.  This is particularly useful if you’re running a certain combination of weapons for this season.

A combo of the DMR Rifle and an Assault Rifle can make good use of this. You can ping an enemy with your DMR before switching over to spray them and potentially get a clean long-range kill. If long-range isn’t for you, Bloodhound won’t be. Otherwise, it’s one of the best Fortnite augments.

Fortnite Augments Tier List

Fortntie V23.40 Patch Notes

Those are the top Augments but what about the worst? There are some that clearly aren’t as useful as others unless you have a very specific play style that’s suited to that type of Augment. This is roughly where they sit in a Fortnite Augments tier list, although keep in mind that things like this can be quite subjective.

High Tier Fortnite Augments

  • Shotgun Recycle
  • Keymaster
  • Aerialist
  • Chug Gunner
  • Bloodhound
  • Exotic Grab Bag
  • Aerialist
  • Chug Gunner
  • Rail Warrior

Mid-Tier Augments

  • Medium Ammo AMP
  • Go For Broke
  • Steady Hands
  • First Assault
  • Icy Slide
  • Forecast
  • Slap Slurplus
  • Light Fingers
  • Smg Sign Off
  • Aquatic Warrior

Low Tier Augments

  • Tracker’s Armory
  • Desperate Reload
  • More Parkour
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Supercharged
  • Jelly Angler
  • Dumpster Diving
  • Munitions Slide
  • Game Time

Upcoming Fortnite Augments

There are a number of new Fortnite Augments that are in the files coming soon. However, they haven’t been activated yet! These are upcoming content that could be dropped with any update for Fortnite Chapter 4.

We’ll have to see when Epic decides to turn these Augments on. Some of these are some of the most interesting out of the Augments so far. These are the Augments in Fortnite leaks:

  • Dragon Armoury – Unknown, possibly related to Dragon’s Breath Shotgun.
  • Foodie – Unknown, might be to do with consumable food’s effects.
  • Green Thumb – Unknown.
  • Gun Game – Unknown, could be related to the mechanic in the Gun Game mode, where players receive a better weapon after getting a kill.
  • High Ground – Unknown.
  • Hunter Gather – You get extra HP and Shield when consuming food.
  • Knights Armory – Unknown
  • Midas Touch – You get 40 bars for each elimination.
  • Multitask – Unknown
  • Unstable Foot – Unknown.

What’s Next for Fortnite Augments?

Those are some of the upcoming Augments spotted in the files. Although, not all of these are guaranteed to make it into the game. Some others in the finals were the same as existing Augments, but with a different name. It’s possible not all of these make it in at any time. Since the season started, Epic has added a lot of the previously leaked Fortntie Augments. Sometimes they had altered effects from the original leaks though, so watch out for how these change before they actually get added. Most of these upcoming Augments look like fun additions to the roster of Fortnite Augments.

That’s what we need to know about the Fortnite Augments. As you can probably tell, some of these are considerably more effective than others. Most are going to give you a decent boost, though. If you go with the right Augments, you can get a real advantage in this Chapter of Fortnite.

Fortnite Augments Guide – The Best and 23 Augments
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