Where to Get the Kinetic Blade in Fortnite and How to Get Kills With It

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Where to Get the Kinetic Blade in Fortnite and How to Get Kills With It

This is everything you need to know about the Fortntie Kinetic Blade and how to use it to its full potential.

Fortnite’s latest season contains a few key items that you’ll want to pick up every game. There’s the Mythic Pump, the Overclocked Pulse Rifle, and more which can seriously level up your loadout. However, there is also one item which isn’t Mythic or all that special. You can find it in loads of places but it has become pretty much key to the game’s balance this season. It’s the Fortnite Kinetic Blade.

The Kinetic Blade is basically the signature addition to this Season’s loot pool. It can deal damage but it’s also maybe the best rotation tool we’ve seen in ages. It’s the replacement to this season’s Shock Hammer but it has a few extra features which make it even more useful.

We’re going to run through everything you need to know about the Kinetic Blade. How to get the most out of it for rotation, how to deal the most damage and the best ways to get kills with the Fortnite Kinetic Blade.

Fortnite Kinetic Blade – How It Works

Fortnite Kinetic Blade

The Fortnite Kinetic Blade is probably the most important item to be carrying around right now. You’ll want to seek one out in every single game, but what exactly does it even do?

The Kinetic Blade has two main attacks. The primary fire button will launch into a multi-move combo. This deals damage in sword slash attacks. This is a good way to get some close-up damage, but it has drawbacks. For each of the attacks, you’re locked into a small animation. You’ll need to deal with this every time you attack and try to time it out so you don’t just get pumped in the head while locked in.

The Fortnite Kinetic Blade has a second use though. That’s a dash move. For this, you use the secondary fire button. You float upwards in the air for a very brief period of time, before dashing very fast in that direction. It’s more of a blink than a full dash since there isn’t much travelling time involved. Catch an opponent in the path though and you’ll perform a rushing attack.

The dash is a great rotation tool that can actually be used in some creative ways along with the Fortnite Augments, but we’ll cover those further down. First, how can you make sure you get a Kinetic Blade every game?

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All Spawns for the Kinetic Blade

Fortnite Kinetic Blade

The Fortnite Kinetic Blade is general loot, but Epic seems to know how valuable it is. It’s available in loads of different places. There’s even a good count of guaranteed spawns for Kinetic Blades. You don’t always have to rely on the luck of RNG.

Players can find the Kinetic Blade as general loot. It’s floor loot and you can find it in chests. This is an RNG way of getting it, but it’s possible you’ll luck out in a lot of games. They’re also available in holo-chests. If you’re using one of the Fortnite landing spots in the snow biome, this is one of the best ways to get a Kinetic Blade. It’ll cost a key though that could be better used on a high-level weapon.

How to Get the Kinetic Blade Fortnite

For guaranteed spawns, you’re in luck. There are loads of places you can drop to make sure you’re getting a kinetic blade in each game. For the most part, these are organized in the new Japan-themed biome. These POIs have more Kinetic blade spawns than elsewhere. However, they also have some ways to get them without luck. There are houses throughout this biome which feature small stands with swords on them. These make noises like chests, you can open them up to receive a kinetic blade in return! You can find these all over the new biome but nowhere else. All of the Kinetic blade guaranteed spawns are in these three POIs, and the random houses spread around.

How to Get the Kinetic Blade Fortnite

Kinetic Blade Rotation – How to Rotate Fastest with the Blade

Getting a Kinetic Blade in every Fortnite game is great, but what can you actually do with it. The three uses for the rotation move are helpful, but there is a way to get around the map even faster using the blade. You’re going to need to choose a very specific augment to get this working though.

If you can make sure you’ve grabbed the Aerialist Augment, then you can use a Kinetic Blade to much greater effect. Unlike the Shockwave hammer, the blade can launch you in a specific direction, not just forward. If you have aerialist, you’re able to use the blade to launch yourselves directly upwards. Once you’ve travelled immediately pull out your glider.

Use the charges one after another and you’ll be able to gain more height than using a launchpad. With your glider out, this can make even map-wide rotation child’s play. If you get the right item and augments, it’s one of the best tricks to pull with the Kinetic Blade this season.

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How to Get the Kinetic Blade Fortnite

Getting Kills with the Kinetic Blade

The Kinetic Blade in Fortnite is useful for getting around the map but also for grabbing kills. The most basic way of getting that done is to hit people with the sword combo. This is an attack which deals a decent amount of damage, but there’s a drawback. Its damage here is completely outgunned by the shotguns this season and you have lengthier animations than is helpful. This makes it a move that’s easy to counter, even if you’ll definitely get quite a lot of damage in.

Another way is to use the dash attack. This has the benefit of keeping space between you and your opponent. It’s perfect if you see one of the sweatiest skins in Fortnite closing up the gap with a Mythic Pump in hand. Although, it also won’t do killing damage to most opponents.

Weirdly, the most consistent way to get kills with the Kinetic Blade seems to be something else, fall damage. When you knock someone back with the blade it doesn’t work like the Shockwave hammer did. Instead, it just knocks them back without providing immunity to fall damage. You can use this to knock opponents to their death even when they’re not really anywhere that close to a ledge. If an opponent has the high ground, a well-timed strike can ensure they’re dead even if they’re on full health. It’s a flashier more meme-friendly way of killing, but it’s also become one of the stronger ways to finish opponents with the Kinetic Blade.

The Kinetic Blade in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

That’s how the Fortnite Kinetic blade is working this season Between its fun ways of grabbing kills, and the free lengthy rotations you can do, it’s one of the best items that you can make use of in the game right now. With free spawns so easily accessible, there’s no reason not to grab one in every single game! You can even land at a smaller POI to ensure you get one, before moving with its rotation dashes right over to Mega City to open up one of the new Fortnite vaults.

If you can grab a kinetic blade and high-level weaponry, you’re more than set up for a great game and a potential Victory Royale.

Where to Get the Kinetic Blade in Fortnite and How to Get Kills With It
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