Old Fortnite Map – How to Play and Map History

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Old Fortnite Map – How to Play and Map History

Fortnite is on its fourth Chapter now, the game has come a long way since that sparse old Fortnite map we started with. Over the four different iterations, we’ve seen a lot of POIs and features come and go from the Battle Royale. Yet players still yearn for the old Fortnite map! Whether it’s nostalgia or a preference for the simpler style of the game, it seems everyone wants to play on an old Fortnite map from time to time.

With Unreal for FN, you can now play the OG Fortnite map, although that’s with some caveats. There are multiple ways to play the old Fortnite map, but if you’re looking for one of the maps that came between Chapter 1 and the present day, Epic still isn’t keen on the idea! There are a few seasons worth of Fortnite maps accessible though.

This is the history of the Fortnite map and the old ones that you can still play!

How to Play the Old Fortnite Map

Old Fortnite Maps

The old Fortnite map is once again accessible in Chapter 4! Thanks to the Unreal Engine for Fortnite, players have been able to recreate the old Fortnite map pretty well. There are a few duelling maps around at the moment, these are the codes for playing and what makes them stand apart from each other.

Atlas OG Battle Royale Map – 2179-7822-3395

This map is based on Chapter 1 and it can now go up to 80 different players in the game! It’s probably the most polished way to play the original map, but there are other choices too.

Reboot Royale – 4464-0648-9492

This map is based on Chapter 1 Season 3. It also allows for 80 players too, thanks to limitations in Unreal Engine.

OG Season 1 – 6584-6297-8823

This is another map which is this time going a bit further back than Season 3. There are 32 players allowed on this map and it is a solid attempt at reviving the first Season’s original map.

These are some of the best old Fortnite map codes. We won’t be getting any of the other maps making a comeback though. Epic has, for whatever reason, decided that they’re not allowing recreations of the other maps. It’s sad we won’t get Chapter 2 back in full or Chapter 3. But we’ve at least got a few different old Fortnite maps we can play again.  The Chapter 2 map is also kind of accessible through Macs, but that’s difficult to set up since it’s not publicly available anymore.

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Old Fortnite Maps

All Old Fortnite Maps – History of Fortnite’s Island

Fortnite’s Island has never been static. Its seen changes throughout each season, with Fortnite patch notes often bringing major changes to how the map looks. Sometimes we even see POIs demolished in-game, during Fortnite live events! This is the journey we’ve been on with the map.

The Launch Map – Original Old Fortnite Map

Old Fortnite Maps

When Battle Royale for Fortnite first launched no one expected it to grow to what it is today. The map for the game was considerably sparser. There were fewer POIs, named and smaller, those that we did have were more basic. The entire map was much more one-note with fewer diverse biomes spread around. This is how our map originally looked.

The map remained unchanged throughout Season 1, but began getting updated with Season 2. This is where more of the recognisable Fortnite map comes in.

Tilted Arrives

The Season 2 Update added a lot to the map. We now have Tilted Towers, Shifty Shafts, Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, and Snobby Shores. This update also added a bit more variety. Different areas now have different types of terrain, with more variance.

Season 3 further refined the map. The difference in terrain between areas was even more pronounced, and Lucky Landing got added.

Season 4 Starts to Take Things Away

Old Fortnite Maps

With the meteorites and the new season, players got their first hints at how Epic can take away just as easily as they update. Epic destroyed Dusty Depot and Factory. However, we got Risky Reels, Mansion, and more added!

By this season, Epic was fiddling with POIs with nearly every update! The map was never boring.

The Terrain on Old Fortnite Maps Comes Alive

Season 5 marks another landmark for the old Fortnite map, we get our first new biome. A desert area is added with an entirely new style! It makes a big difference to keep things interesting on the map. There are loads more POIs removed and added though. Every day saw a map change for a lot of this season.

Season 6 saw a new castle POI, a floating island, and more added. Now the entire map is pretty well populated, with various levels and terrains. There’s also the cube’s damage still to deal with.

Old Fortnite Maps

Snow Comes to Town

The next big change for the old Fortnite map was the addition of another new terrain biome. This one is covered in snow! There are new POIs and massive changes to what’s already there. This style of map has become quite popular, with a great difference between every area of the map.

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Season 8 got even more exciting with a huge volcano and Sunny Steps. Gone were some classic POIs though, like Wailing Woods.

Season 9 started to mess with some of the more loved areas. We’ve now got Neo Tilted and Mega Mall instead of the much-loved spots. There’s more mobility than ever with the slipstream though. This was a pretty fun season with major map changes coming quite often. The final season of Chapter 1 saw even more refinement of what we already had, for a map that might be the most packed in the whole chapter.

Then a black hole ate everything. The old Fortnite Map was gone.

Chapter 2 Old Fortnite Map

Old Fortnite Maps

The Chapter 2 map isn’t quite as heavily loved as the OG Fortnite map. This one had some teething issues from time to time, and for a lot of its run Epic didn't mess with POIs in as many updates as previously.

Each season saw the map develop across Chapter 2, but it definitely didn’t have the same kind of reaction that the OG map got. It’s still got plenty of fans though, especially in its better seasons where players had their choice of loads of weird areas that had unique mechanics like sand tunnelling. This map didn't feel as dynamic as the original. However, it was definitely more polished, and the layout of everything felt more planned straight from the start.

Chapter 3 Map

The last of the old Fortnite maps is Chapter 3. We hardly knew it. This map only got four seasons.

The Chapter 3 map was a lot of fun. In some seasons it had intense mobility. Epic seemed to have found a better balance between water POIs to make them actually useful though! The map had diverse areas, a lot of fun.

The Chapter 3 map had its problems too though. It had white elephant POIs that stuck around way past their sell-by date, like the Daily Bugle’s whose continued presence past Spider-Man’s crossover was always a bit weird. Then there was the Rock Statue and even the Rave Cave which lasted a very long time. That last POI has actually managed to survive in a small way even past Chapter 3, with its head still existing in an unnamed POI on the Chapter 4 map.

Chapter 4

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 - Biome

It isn’t old, but one day it will be! In a few Chapter's time, players may be yearning for Faulty Splits and Brutal Bastion just like the OG Fortnite map! This brings us right up to the present, who knows where Epic will take the Fortnite map next? We likely won’t expect a full re-do until we hit Chapter 5, but chapter lengths have gotten a bit weird so that could be any time.

Old Fortnite Map – How to Play and Map History
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