EG vs TL LCS Summer Split 2022 Playoffs

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EG vs TL LCS Summer Split 2022 Playoffs

With their 3-2 victory, EG became the last NA representative for Worlds 2022 and will now face 100 Thieves for a chance at the LCS Summer Finals.

EG vs TL – Game 1 (1-0)

TL came into Game 1 with a very aggressive early game. They got the first blood with a bot side dive and took both of the first objectives. Except for the fight over the second drake which EG won, TL had complete control around the map as they were the more proactive team. But the momentum seemed to shift after the 20th minute as EG started coming ahead in teamfights thanks to Jojo’s impact and they got took the lead in both drakes and gold. When the fourth drake spawned, TL went to secure it to delay their opponent’s Soul point, which gave EG the chance to get themselves a Baron instead.

EG took two inhibitors with their buff while also putting themselves on Soul point and extending their gold lead to over 6k. After Impact found a solo kill on a struggling Bjergsen, EG got their second Baron of the game and turned their eyes over to the enemy nexus. And with the lead they had, ending the game wasn’t too hard.

  • Teams: EG – TL
  • Time: 38:34
  • Kills: 14 – 5
  • Turrets: 11 – 3
  • Gold: 69.8k – 59.7k
  • Dragons: 3 – 2
  • Barons: 2 – 0

EG vs TL – Game 2 (1-1)

TL’s focus on not letting Danny play in the early game continued in the second game with Santorin ganking after just one camp and getting the first blood. Despite TL’s early domination, EG once again made a good play during the first Herald, as they got a kill on Bwipo to secure the objective. Mid game felt like the map was controlled by TL again, but drakes kept going to EG’s way. TL had a chance to secure the fourth one, but a Smite steal from Inspired put his team on Soul point. Unfortunately, they lost two players just after it and it gave TL a consolation Baron, which then pushed the gold advantage to over 4k.

EG looked like they were going to be able to secure the Soul, but after Danny got caught by Bjergsen Taliyah the fight went for the worse and they couldn’t get the objective. And with the map pressure lost, they had to give up another Baron to TL. The second Baron siege was enough to push for the nexus as TL tied the series at 1-1.

  • Teams: TL – EG
  • Time: 33:25
  • Kills: 20 – 8
  • Turrets: 10 – 3
  • Gold: 64.2k – 52.2k
  • Dragons: 2 – 3
  • Barons: 2 – 0
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EG vs TL – Game 3 (1-2)

TL’s early game planning was once again golden, with a good level one action leading to Hans Sama getting first blood. Two more early kills for TL meant a 1.5k gold lead before the fifth minute and a disastrous start for EG. At least EG managed to stabilize the game thanks to their laning advantages and the two Heralds. Mid game did not have too much action except around the objectives. TL was proactive with their vision control around the Baron which meant they were able to secure it, but two exit kills after led to EG getting to the Infernal Soul point. The game was looking like it was turning in favor of EG when TL won two critical team fights which gave them a drake and another Baron while blowing the gold lead up. The second Baron was enough to end the game and put TL on the match point.

  • Teams: EG – TL
  • Time: 36:19
  • Kills: 5 – 15
  • Turrets: 3 – 10
  • Gold: 58.8k – 66.9k
  • Dragons: 3 – 2
  • Barons: 0 – 2

EG vs TL – Game 4 (2-2)

It was no surprise to see Santorin dive the EG bot lane level two once again to get TL the first blood. TL’s game plan was getting Hans ahead while shutting down Danny, and it seemed to be going fine for the most part. Still, the rest of the EG was in a very good position and they had a gold lead, once again getting the two Heralds. There wasn’t much action around the map until minute 20, but at that point, everything just exploded. EG found a pick on Hans and when TL wanted to answer the teams found themselves in fight after fight. EG was the team that won these fights, in a very dominant fashion, leading to a Baron and over 10k gold lead out of nowhere. After this point, there wasn’t much to do for TL as EG slowly choked them out and ended the game with a Pentakill from Impact’s Gankplank.

  • Teams: EG – TL
  • Time: 30:25
  • Kills: 18 – 5
  • Turrets: 9 – 1
  • Gold: 63.5k – 47.5k
  • Dragons: 2 – 1
  • Barons: 1 – 0
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EG vs TL – Game 5 (3-2)

In the go win or go home game, EG finally had a good early game where they got the first blood. With Jojo roaming and covering his bot lane, they also secured the first drake. This time around TL was the ones who had to try and claw their way back into the game, and they did around the second Herald spawn. But EG was doing a great job moving around the map, especially Jojo who had five kills at 20. Even though EG’s lead wasn’t too big, around 2k, it was enough to dissuade TL from contesting drakes which gave them a free Mountain Soul. However, TL found two kills after a fail Flash from Danny and got themselves a Baron.

TL couldn’t do too much tower damage with the Baron, but they buy some time to get more items before the Elder drake. Danny once again died early during the fight, but EG solo laners recovered the fight great to get three kills back and EG got the Elder and the Baron on the map. With the two buffs, EG just walked into the TL base and finished the game to give themselves one more chance to get to the LCS Finals.

  • Teams: TL – EG
  • Time: 41:35
  • Kills: 6 – 11
  • Turrets: 4 – 10
  • Gold: 65.4k – 72.2k
  • Dragons: 0 – 5
  • Barons: 1 – 1

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LCS Summer 2022 Playoffs Schedule

Lower Bracket Finals

  • September 11, 3PM PDT
    • 100T vs EG

LCS Summer Finals

  • September 11, 3PM PDT
    • C9 vs 100T/EG 

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EG vs TL LCS Summer Split 2022 Playoffs
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