Best Valorant Agents for Beginners (2024 Edition)

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Best Valorant Agents for Beginners (2024 Edition)

Which are the best Valorant agents for beginners in 2024? Well, we are about to see the results.

After learning more about the Valorant ultimates and the agents that stand out, the next important thing to talk about is the best Valorant agents for beginners. Even though the game has been around for almost 4 years now, many people have yet to give this game a shot. Some have decided to give up before and opted for CS2 instead, but a lot of other users are making their first steps in Riot Games’s title. 

Knowing the Valorant agents tier list is important, but what you are about to see is a list of the most suitable agents for new Valorant players, so let’s dive in.


One of the best Valorant agents in 2024 that you can start playing with as a new player is Reyna. Often underestimated, one of the best Valorant agents for beginners has one big advantage over the rest – she is self-sufficient. 

Reyna is a duelist that can easily carry her team. What we’ve noticed while using Reyna in the lower ranks is that this is probably the best agent in  Valorant when you are not communicating with your team. Her damage output is great, and her abilities are easy to understand.

Speaking of the abilities, they also offer room for improvement, meaning that beginners who keep focusing on Reyna will eventually get much better. The ultimate, for example, allows one of the best Valorant agents for new players to easily do more damage than the enemy, which is usually enough to carry her in most fights.

Another thing that makes Reyna a solid pick is the fact that she is “mistake-friendly”. What this means is that even if you are in a bad position, you can still come up with an idea and make it work.


Best 5 Valorant Agents for Beginners (2024 Edition)

The initiator is usually not the first role that comes to mind when discussing the best Valorant agents for every map. However, we’ve been using the agent for many years, and it’s safe to say that she is more of a support character. This means that the agent shines when she gets the chance to play around her team.

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This has pros and cons, and it really depends on your skill bracket. We believe Skye is among the best valorant agents for beginners when she is playing with her team, but she can be a somewhat decent pick when she has to rely on her own.

You need to remember that Skye has the ability to provide her team with tons of information. New Valorant players often underestimate it, but having info on your opponents’ positions and what they are up to can be the difference between losing and winning.

Skye is also among the best combo Valorant agents you can have, especially when used alongside Raze. Her flash allows her team to close gaps and try to secure specific parts of the map. Ideally, you should try to communicate with your team to make the most of your abilities, so keep that in mind.


Often regarded as one of the best Valorant agents for each map, Omen is a name that beginners definitely want to learn more about. He is probably the easiest Controller agent to use in Valorant because of his abilities. For example, Dark Cover is easy to use, and it blocks the vision of Omen’s opponents. 

Paranoia is also extremely strong because of its effect. The radius is big, and the ability is a lot easier to master when compared to some of its alternatives. Therefore, even beginners who are not good with using utilities in Valorant can be successful with it. However, you need to remember that you can blind your teammates. This makes the ability similar to using flashbangs in CS2, which explains why some people consider Omen among the best Valorant agents for CS2 players.

Having said that, Omen’s ultimate requires a bit more practice when compared to Reyna. The good news is that most people we’ve talked to said they did not have problems adapting, so that’s a big plus. Once you learn how to reposition properly, you can surprise your enemies all the time, which will allow you to increase your win rate.

Omen is very versatile because he can fit into almost any lineup. Moreover, he is also self-sufficient and is powerful enough to carry his team when possible.

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The next name on our list of the best Valorant agents for beginners you can focus on is Sage. She allows players to have a greater impact on their success rate and the team’s effectiveness. Consequently, she is one of those Sentinels that you want to have on your team.

Sage’s kit is easy to master, and once you learn how to use her barriers, you will become much better in little to no time.

Another reason why we believe Sage is one of the best Valorant agents for beginners is because of its resurrection and healing capabilities. Having a self-heal is crazy in Valorant, and it is one of the big reasons why so many people pick her when playing alone.

Sage is relatively easy to master when compared to other Sentinels. It’s also worth knowing she has among the best ultimates in the game because she can revive an ally. Everyone is aware of it, which means that people who play Sage will often be in a favorable position compared to others. 


Best 5 Valorant Agents for Beginners (2024 Edition)

Despite the fact that Killjoy was nerfed in early 2024, she remains one of the best Valorant agents for Lotus, as well as pretty much any other map. The German technician is not as active as some of the other agents on the list, such as Rayna. Some people may not like it, but our experience tells us that this makes Killjoy one of the best Valorant agents for beginners.

This character focuses on controlling certain areas around the map and denying pushes from the enemy team. However, this does not mean she does not do much damage. On the contrary, options like the Nanoswarm are insanely strong against opponents who do not know how to play against them.

Of course, we need to address the elephant in the room – Killjoy’s ultimate. Besides being dead easy to use, it is extremely effective in all situations. No wonder a lot of people consider her among the best Valorant agents for Breeze.

Best Valorant Agents for Beginners (2024 Edition)
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