How to Counter all Sentinel Agents in Valorant

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How to Counter all Sentinel Agents in Valorant

Do you know how to counter all Setinel Agents in Valorant? These agents can be incredibly annoying and powerful, so let’s learn more about them. 

One of the core steps to being a successful Valorant player is knowing how to play against specific agents. We’ve already seen how to counter every Initiator, Controller, and Duelist, so now it is time to take a look at the Sentinel Agents. Despite the fact that many people underestimate them, Sentinels are incredibly powerful and have a key role in Valorant. Some of them got nerfed in the last patches, but they are still strong, so let’s learn more about how to counter them.

Key Takeaways

  • Chamber is really strong with the Operator, so try to make him play out of position.
  • KAY/O does wonders against Cypher
  • Many people can’t use Deadlock’s abilities properly, allowing you to take advantage of the situation
  • Killjoy is not good against swift Agents, such as Raze.
  • You must focus Sage’s wall asap.

How to Counter Chamber?

How to Counter all Sentinel Agents in Valorant
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The first of the Sentinel Agents in Valorant we want to talk about is Chamber. Added in Patch 3.10, this is one of the agents that can be pretty difficult to face, especially when he is using an Operator. His kit allows him to shine with the weapon, which means that one of the things you need to focus on is to move him out of his position.

There are many ways you can do that, such as being more aggressive, but you can also try to use different kind of utilities. Once you make sure that he is out of position, try to approach him and secure that kill. If you’ve executed this strategy properly, even his TP will not be able to save him from dying. Just keep in mind that some Chamber Valorant players are better than others, and they might expect what you are about to do.

How to Counter Cypher?

How to Counter all Sentinel Agents in Valorant

The second name on the list that we need to talk about when discussing how to counter all Sentinel agents in Valorant is Cypher. He is one of those Sentinels in Valorant that can be devastating in the hands of people who know how to play with him. However, this doesn’t mean he is invulnerable.

One of the best agents you can get against Cypher is KAY/O because of his nades. When used right, this agent can be extremely successful and will not allow Cypher to do much. 

If you do not like using this agent, names like Raze are also really good because they can get behind the utility and kill him. 

Another thing to mention about how to counter Cypher in Valorant is that he becomes a lot weaker when his camera is out of the picture. Just be careful with the tripwire because it can be fatal.

How to Counter Deadlock?

Deadlock is one of those Agents that a lot of people often underestimate. However, we know that she is one of the best options you can have. The Agent became available in Patch 7.0, which makes her one of the news Agents in the game. Nevertheless, we know how to counter all Sentinel agents in Valorant, and this one is no exception.

Deadlock is unique in many ways because this agent is a bit different from other Sentinels. However, the Agent is not that good against opponents who can push fast because she can’t do much against her. Also, people who do not know how to use Deadlock won’t place their abilities the right way and will try to copy things from other Valorant Sentinels, such as Killjoy.

How to Counter Killjoy?

How to Counter all Sentinel Agents in Valorant
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It is safe to say Killjoy is one of the most popular Valorant agents you can get in the game. The hero dominated the meta for a while, which led to a lot of big nerfs. Those things definitely made her feel weaker than before, but the agent is still pretty good.

When talking about how to control all sentinels in Valorant, the important thing to remember about Killjoy is that you can try to suppress them with specific agents, such as KAY/O. If that doesn’t work, you should focus on agents that can move fast, such as Jett.

Killjoy’s power is the fact that she can delay the enemy's push and give her teammates enough time to come and help. However, if you are playing some of the swifter agents in the game, you can easily get a kill and secure this part of the map. Needless to say, most teams with a Killjoy in them will sent her alone in a given location, so landing an early kill opens the door to a lot of options.

How to Counter Sage?

The last of the Sentinels we have to talk about in this guide is Sage. She is one of the original Valorant agents, so most people know how to deal with her. However, we know a thing or two that can help.

When talking about Sage, remember that her wall is incredibly strong. This is good and bad because people who know how to deal with the map will have no problems countering her. 

The idea against Sage is to break the wall right away. Once that happens, you will force Sage to play much more defensively, and her team will be more vulnerable. This sounds easy, but many people are not doing it, which allows her to be a lot more aggressive. 

Not dealing with Sage’s wall is also one of the things that are probably holding you back from ranking in Valorant. We suggest checking streams and replays of professional players to see the way they deal with this annoying Sentinel.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to counter all Sentinel Agents in Valorant is not easy and it often requires time and effort. You really need to know what you are doing because this is one of the most powerful positions in the game.

We expect to see even more Valorant Sentinels in the future, so make sure to check this guide regularly if you want to see the latest updates.

How to Counter all Sentinel Agents in Valorant
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