5 Things Preventing You From Ranking In Valorant (2024)

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5 Things Preventing You From Ranking In Valorant (2024)

Are you having difficulties ranking in Valorant? If that’s the case, let’s take a look at a few things that are holding you back.

Ranking in Valorant is a very complicated process that usually takes a lot of time and effort. Besides learning about the Valorant Ranking System, you also need to be patient and learn from your mistakes.

Speaking of Valorant mistakes, all of us are guilty of making them. However, those who can avoid the biggest mistakes are usually much more successful than others, especially when it comes down to ranking. We probably got you interested, so let’s see what’s holding you back from achieving the Valorant Rank you want in 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t rely on your teammates if your rank is low
  • Always try to improve when playing
  • Pay attention to everything that’s happening around you and learn how to use the radar
  • Rushing is  good, but not if you are doing it all the time
  • Spam Queuing is usually not your friend

Relying on your teammates all the time

Unless you are a professional player or you are playing with a group of professionals or people you trust, you should not rely on your teammates all the time. Like other FPS games, such as CS2, Valorant is a title where you need to work as a team to win. However, having a “team” is easier said than done when matched with random people. Therefore, one of the big Valorant mistakes many people make is trusting them all the time.

This does not mean you should play alone and not rely on your team. Of course, some certain moves and strategies require you to communicate and make it work to improve your ranking in Valorant.

Achieving balance is difficult, and you must practice a lot. We’ve been in similar positions before, and our experience shows us that relying on your own skill should be your main priority until you reach some of the higher ranks. Knowing what to do and when to do it should be enough to get out of the Elo Hell you might be in.

With that said, focusing on your own skill does not mean you should not play with your team at all. Being the last one alive always may sound like a good plan on paper, but it is definitely not good in the long run. Sure, we all want to win the 1 vs X scenarios, but this is not easy and you will lose many of them. That’s why it’s important to move as a team. In other words, even if you like lurking, keep in mind that your team may need help.

Playing without paying attention to improvement

5 Things Holding You Back From Ranking In Valorant (2024)

This is a general mistake made by players who focus on a wide range of games, including Valorant. A lot of them spam games and keep playing without actually diving deep into learning new things. 

Believe us, improving your ranking in Valorant is much easier and faster if you pay attention to your mistakes and try to learn from them. Instead of just playing without thinking about anything, try to analyze your mistakes and avoid them. Also, if you’ve read some of our Valorant guides, try implementing the tips we’ve suggested. Doing this over and over again will allow you to get used to everything and improve your overall win rate.

Rushing without the need to do so

All of us like a good old rush, especially when we are playing with people we do not know. Some of us are doing it because we believe we’re better than the enemy team and can surprise them with a good push. Others do it because they want the round to end faster.

Even though there are situations where people are ranking in Valorant when they’re playing more aggressively, rushing all the time is definitely not a good idea. Sure, you can surprise your opponents once or twice and win the round. However, once you start doing it all the time, your enemies will expect it, and you will have many problems.

When talking about rushing, some Valorant agents have a much easier time doing that than others. For example, Jett can Dash in, and a lot of people are doing that, but they don’t realize that this leaves a gap between them and the rest of the team. If the enemies are good, they will use utilities immediately after the dash, which will result in an easy ill on Jett, leaving her team without one of the best Duelists.

To sum up, slowing down is probably one thing that will help you get a better ranking in Valorant. You should try to bait utilities or fake a push, which will give you a huge advantage.

Not knowing your surroundings

One of the big Valorant mistakes that is holding people back from ranking in 2024 is general map awareness. In other words, not all of them are aware of their surroundings, so they often make bad calls.

This issue is a lot more complex than it seems on paper, and for a good reason. When talking about your surroundings, you have to know many different things, starting with your team’s position. Knowing where your teammates are and what they’re doing is crucial in Valorant, especially if your role requires it.

Another aspect of knowing your surroundings and ranking in Valorant, in general, is related to your opponents. Have you checked every corner and default defending spot when entering a given zone? Are you aware of your enemies’ abilities and whether they have them on? These are just some of the things you have to take into account. 

It’s also worth pointing out that you should focus on your Radar. A lot of people forget about it, especially if they come from Overwatch 2. However, those who’ve played Valorant for a long time and people who like CS2 know that the radar is crucial.

Stop playing if you are losing too much

One of the things that is holding you back from ranking in Valorant is the “spam queue” attitude. Many players decide to keep queueing for games even when they already lost a couple of matches. Some of them do that because they are bored, others want to play, and there are also users who are titled.

Regardless of which situation you are in, we believe that this is not a good idea. Queuing for a game when you’ve already lost a couple of ones before that rarely leads to a positive outcome. We’ve been in this situation before, and what worked best for us was to take a short break and relax. 

A lot of you will find it hard to believe, but this break had a huge effect on our success. Suddenly, we became much more focused and motivated to win, which inevitably had an effect on our overall success rate.

That said, if you want to keep playing but not risk your rank, you can play unranked matches. Many people do that, and it can have a good impact, as long as you are not tilted. 

5 Things Preventing You From Ranking In Valorant (2024)
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