Valorant Rankings System, Order & More

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Valorant Rankings System, Order & More

Here is what you need to know bout the Valorant Rankings and how everything works. Learn more about the rank distribution.

Despite being one of the most popular games in its genre, Valorant is a title that keeps getting new players all the time. Some of them take the time to learn more about the Valorant rankings, whereas others are not aware of anything. Regardless of which category you fall into, our team of people with many years of experience decided to provide you with a detailed overview of the ranking system.

Valorant has several ways of measuring the ranking progress and the ratings of players, similar to other FPS titles. When talking about Valorant Rankings, a lot of people think of the overall rank, but the game also has Act rank, as well as rank rating. So, let’s dive in.

Valorant Rankings

If you are unsure which are the Valorant ranks, here is their order:

  • Iron (1-3)
  • Bronze (1-3)
  • Silver (1-3)
  • Gold (1-3)
  • Platinum (1-3)
  • Diamond (1-3)
  • Ascendant (1-3)
  • Immortal (1-3)
  • Radiant

These ranks are there to determine your skill level. However, as mentioned, Valorant has more than just those things because there are individual Act ranks, so let’s learn more about them.

Valorant Act Rank

When talking about Valorant rankings, the Act rank is something that you get once you start playing on each individual act. Also known as “proven skill”, this rank is displayed as a triangle badge that’s hollow once you start playing. However, once you actually start playing, it will start to fill in with different colors. That said, the one on top will be used to determine the Valorant Act Rank. Besides showing your rank, this is the thing that the game will use to give you a reward. 

Keep in mind that this Valorant Act Rank will reset between ranks. However, the previous MMR you had will be considered when placing for the new rank, which means you will probably get a similar result.

Valorant Rankings – Distribution of Players

An interesting thing that people want to know more about is the Valorant rank distribution in 2023. The fact that there are so many ranks means that you can find players in all of them. However, like other FPS games, it seems like more and more players are “stuck” in the lower ranks than the higher ones.

If we analyze the data from August 2023, we can see that the Valorant rank with the most people in it is Silver, followed closely by Bronze. Gold and Platinum are next, and Iron gets the 5th place. For comparison, less than 0.5%  of people are in the Immortal bracket. 

Considering that more and more new players decide to give the game a chance, it should not be surprising that most Valorant players are in the lower ranks. With that said, those who keep playing will improve, so we expect to see an improvement in these stats in the future.

How to get your Valorant Rank?

To get a Valorant rank once you start playing, you need to do two things:L

  • Reach Level 20 
  • Take part in ranked play

Once you start playing a given episode, you will need to go through at least 5 matches. However, you won’t need to do that for Acts 2 and 3 of a given episode because those things will only require you to play one game to be placed. The start of every Act will reset your Valorant rankings.

Even though you are free to choose whether you want to play alone or with friends, picking the latter means you must adhere to different rules. For example, you can’t play with a group of 4, and if your group consists of 2 or three, your ranks need to be close to queue together. Interestingly, there are no restrictions in terms of groups of five, but depending on the stack you have, it may affect the rank you gain or lose.

Similar to other games like Overwatch 2, there is something in the Valorant rankings called “rank disparity”, which shows what kind of players can play together. For example, if one of the members is in the Silver bracket, the highest rank player can’t be more than Gold. In other words, you can’t play with people who are more than one rank ahead of you. As mentioned, those who want to play in a group of 5 don’t need to adhere to these rules, but there could be penalties if there is a massive difference in the ranks.

Valorant Ranking FAQs

Valorant Competitive Play Ranks

After explaining the basics of the Valorant Rank system, it is also important to answer a few questions that you may have. So, let’s begin.

Will my Valorant Rank decay?

No, Valorant does not have a rank decay mechanism, so you don’t need to stay active to keep your rank. However, the highest-rated players will lose positions on the leaderboard because others may bypass them.

Are there any specific rules when queuing as 5-man party?

Yes, there are specific rules you must follow when playing as a group of 5. We suggest reading this article for more information.

Can you reset the Valorant rank?

No, you won’t be able to reset the Valorant rank. However, the game has different seasons, and you will need to play three ranked games to get your rank for the new one. Needless to say, these games will have a big impact on your rank, but you will usually get around the same rank you had before.

Valorant Rankings System, Order & More
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