How To Counter all Contoller Agents in Valorant

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How To Counter all Contoller Agents in Valorant

If you were wondering how to counter all agents in Valorant, now’s the time to learn everything. Let’s dive in.

Controllers are some of the most annoying and important Agents you can have in Valorant. We have already covered some of the best Controllers to get on every map, but since a lot of people choose this role, you also need to know how to play against it. After revealing how to counter all Duelists and Initiators, it is time to take an in-depth look at the Controller agents in Valorant.

How to counter Astra

The first name Valorant agent we want to include when it comes down to Controllers is Astra. She is one of the go-to options on many maps, which is no surprise, considering her amazing kit.

Her smoke is really strong, but it does not mean she does not have weaknesses. On the contrary, if you decide to use some of the swift Valorant agents, such as Jett, you can fly in and go through Astra’s annoying utility. Once this happens, you will make Astra’s playstyle way more difficult because she needs to worry about the Duelist near her.

If you are wondering how to counter all Controller Agents in Valorant (including Astra), don’t forget to check some of the pro players. The trick with Jett or any other fast Duelist we’ve mentioned is something they do all the time.

How to counter Brimstone

Brim is not the most popular Controller in Valorant, even though he is an agent who can offer a lot in many situations. The thing about this agent is that he has abilities that do not regenerate. In other words, players must be really careful when using him and playing against him, especially if the person knows what he is doing.

Once he uses his smokes and mollies, he does not have that many things to do. Therefore, one of the things you can do to counter Brimstone is to split push around the map and force him to use his utilities in multiple areas. This will reduce his effectiveness significantly and make him an easier target.

Another thing to mention about Brimstone is that he does not have as much range as Astra or Omen. This is another thing you can abuse as long as you are in a situation where it will help you.

Speaking of his utility, if you realize that Brim is close to throwing a smoke, you can actually try to be aggressive and push him. Considering the smoke animation, you can use this to your advantage and try to secure a kill. This will work in many situations because most Brim players will not expect you to do that.

How to counter Omen

How To Counter all Contoller Agents in Valorant

There are several Control agents in Valorant, but most people can agree that Omen is among the most popular one. He has been one of the hottest options in the meta, so knowing how to deal with him is of utmost importance.

One thing to keep in mind is that Omen is one of the few Controllers in Valorant that can outplay pretty much anyone. His teleport allows him to be a lot more aggressive than others, so you need to know what you are doing to win.

Paranoia is one of those abilities that is difficult to play against because he can clear large areas. One thing you can do to counter it is to hold off angles that will allow you to reposition once the ability is over. Also, since he can teleport, you should look at more angles than usual. Good Omen players will always use this to their advantage, so don’t be surprised if someone kills you from behind.

Speaking of the teleport, the beginning and ending of the ability has a specific sound, so it’s advisable to listen closely so you know it is coming. Keep in mind that many players can fake the sound by canceling their ability, so be careful.

To counter Omen’s ultimate (the global TP), you should try to communicate with your team so that they do not get flanked. Sadly, this is really hard in a PUB game, which is one of the reasons why Omen is one of the most successful Valorant agents.

How to counter Viper

How To Counter all Contoller Agents in Valorant

The last name we want to talk about in this How to counter all Controller Agents in Valorant is Viper. She is unique and is really good on maps like Ice Box, but the Agent is not that strong on most other maps. Nevertheless, there are a lot of Viper players out there, especially in the low ELO, so it is important to know how to deal with her.

A lot of people consider Viper to be a hybrid between a Sentinel and a Controller and for a good reason. Pushing against her is easier said than done, but you can actually use a really good trick against her. The Orb and Wall will not last long because she needs Fuel to use them. Once that happens, you should try to be aggressive and push the Agent and her team.

Regarding the wall, Viper usually uses her to control certain areas of the map. This means that her team is very likely to be there, which gives you a lot of information and should allow you to relocate. Some Viper players could use it to bait the enemy team, but almost no one does that because the wall is just too strong to be used for a decoy.

In terms of playing against Viper’s Pit, the best thing you can do is to spray through the toxic bloom or try using AoE abilities (depending on the agent you have). Viper’s ult is good an really strong, so you definitely do not want to try and take her down on your own because she can see you in the green cloud.

How To Counter all Contoller Agents in Valorant
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