Best Leaders To Start With in Warcraft Rumble

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Best Leaders To Start With in Warcraft Rumble

Here’s our list of the best leaders to start with in Warcraft Rumble. Check out the strategies that we used to claim this leader for our deck!

In Warcraft Rumble, choosing the right leaders is crucial, especially for free-to-play users aiming for a smoother mid-to-late game. You'll be selecting leaders from factions like Alliance, Horde, Beast, Blackrock, and Undead, each offering a unique array of abilities and strategies. These choices significantly impact your gameplay experience, so here are recommendations for starting leaders that can carry you into the endgame.

When Do You Get To Choose Leaders

After the tutorial, players earn a chance to pick a random leader from three choices, with additional leaders awarded through sigil level-ups or purchased in The G.R.I.D. Aim for tankier leaders, providing a shield for troops, and prioritize those with passive abilities for a smoother experience.

Leaders like Jaina Proudmoore or Maiev Shadowsong, with abilities requiring specific conditions, may be challenging, especially for free-to-play users. Opting for leaders with straightforward and passive abilities is advised.

Best Leaders To Start With In Warcraft Rumble

Here are our top picks of the best leaders to start within each faction.

Rend Blackhand

Best Leaders To Start With in Warcraft Rumble

Rend Blackhand is a standout leader in Warcraft Rumble, especially within the Blackrock Faction. He's got some unique strengths that make him a top pick. Rend Blackhand can fly around the map, giving him awesome mobility. This lets him quickly respond to threats, help out allies, and take control of important spots on the battlefield. It's super useful for capturing towers and dominating the map.

When Rend Blackhand gets taken down, he transforms into a powerful melee unit. This adds a cool layer of strategy to his gameplay. Even after he's “knocked out” once, he keeps contributing to the fight, making him a tough and adaptable leader.

Rend Blackhand's Scale and Steel move gives a big defensive boost to all his buddies on the battlefield. This helps them survive better, especially against enemies shooting from a distance. It lets your units withstand attacks and push forward with more confidence.

Rend Blackhand is flexible in how he plays. He's effective in both aggressive and defensive strategies. His flying ability lets him mess with the enemy formation, and his dismounting move puts him right on the frontline when needed.

Rend Blackhand works really well with other Blackrock Faction units, especially those that benefit from his Scale and Steel ability. This teamwork creates powerful combos and strategic advantages.

Tirion Fordring

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Tirion Fordring is a formidable leader in Warcraft Rumble, and his distinct traits make him a standout choice. Tirion Fordring boasts distinctive traits, excelling as a Melee, One-Target, Tank, Armored, and Healer leader. His unique ability further enhances his value, as he can heal all nearby friendly units during battle.

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Tirion earns his reputation as one of the game's best tanks, primarily due to his unique healing ability. This becomes exceptionally valuable as you venture into the demanding 30-sigil level territory and confront heroic mode. The adversaries hit hard, and having an on-demand tank like Tirion allows you to power through some of the more challenging stages.

To optimize Tirion' Fordring’s effectiveness, position him in the middle of the pack. This strategic placement allows other tanks to absorb the brunt of attacks while Tirion utilizes his healing ability to support them. Collaborating Tirion with units like Abominations proves effective, as they can target ranged attackers attempting to take potshots.

Moreover, Tirion's healing prowess becomes increasingly advantageous in overcoming tougher stages and navigating heroic mode challenges. His role as a healer enhances the survivability of allied units, providing a crucial edge in battles. Tirion Fordring distinguishes himself as an exceptional tank in Warcraft Rumble, offering both tanking capabilities and valuable healing support.

Baron Rivendare

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Baron Rivendare is a potent and adaptable leader as a melee unit with unique traits. His attributes include being a One-Target attacker, a Tank with robust health and armor for durability, Armored to mitigate physical damage, Elemental for resistance against elemental attacks, and Fast, boasting high movement speed.

His leader ability, Summon Skeletons, is considered one of the game's most formidable, periodically summoning skeletons at controlled buildings to confer strategic advantages such as capturing treasure chests and distracting enemies.

For players seeking a leader offering both offensive and defensive support, Baron Rivendare proves to be an excellent choice, particularly excelling in late-game scenarios where map control becomes crucial. Strategic deployment of his leader ability across multiple lanes enhances map dominance, while his tankiness shields allied units from harm.

The Armored trait further fortifies his resilience against physical attacks, and the Elemental trait adds versatility by reducing damage from elemental sources. Leveraging his Fast trait allows Baron Rivendare to swiftly respond to emerging threats, solidifying his role as a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Baron Rivendare's combination of tankiness, passive attributes, and a powerful leader skill makes him a formidable asset for any team, capable of influencing the outcome of battles in various strategic situations.


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Hogger is a melee tank unit with an AoE attack, making him a formidable presence on the battlefield in Warcraft Rumble. His leadership ability, which increases his movement and attack speed each time he is played, encourages players to cycle him in quickly and repeatedly to maximize his effectiveness.

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Hogger's strength lies in his ability to deal significant damage to multiple enemies at once, making him particularly effective against plentiful units such as angry chickens and raptor packs. His tankiness allows him to withstand sustained damage, enabling him to push forward and clear lanes effectively.

To fully utilize Hogger's potential, it is crucial to back him up with support units that can compensate for his weaknesses. Aerial units pose a significant threat to Hogger, as he lacks the means to counter them effectively. Therefore, incorporating units that can deal with aerial threats is essential to protect Hogger and ensure his survival on the battlefield.

Moreover, maintaining a low unit curve is paramount to cycling Hogger in quickly and repeatedly. This strategy allows players to maximize his leader ability and capitalize on his increased movement and attack speed, making him a relentless force on the battlefield.

Hogger is a powerful melee tank unit with an AoE attack, making him a valuable asset in Warcraft Rumble. By pairing him with supportive units that complement his strengths and weaknesses, players can unleash Hogger's full potential and dominate the battlefield.

Grommash Hellscream

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Grommash Hellscream, a commanding figure of immense strength, emerges from the orcish stronghold of Orgrimmar in Warcraft Rumble. As a melee tank with the Bloodlust trait, he embodies the ferocity of the Horde, inspiring allies with his unwavering fighting spirit and enhancing their attacks.

Grommash's unique leader ability, All nearby friendly units gain Bloodlust, transforms him into a beacon of Horde power. This ability grants significant increases in attack and movement speed to all nearby allied units, unlocking the true potential of the Horde and turning basic units into formidable combatants.

His synergy with packs, particularly angry chickens, proves devastating. The combination of Bloodlust's attack speed buff and the numerous angry chickens under Grommash's command creates a whirlwind of destruction, clearing out enemy structures with remarkable speed.

Despite his focus on empowering allies, Grommash remains a formidable tank with significant melee attacks and the ability to withstand sustained damage. This makes him a valuable asset in both offensive and defensive strategies.

To maximize the impact of Bloodlust, the strategic positioning of Grommash is crucial. Placing him in the midst of allies ensures that all units within range benefit from the attack speed buff, transforming them into an unstoppable force.

Who Do You Wanna Start With?

In Warcraft Rumble, faction leaders play a vital role in shaping battle outcomes, their unique abilities demanding adept decision-making. From Alliance's stalwartness to Horde's fierceness, Beast's cunning to Blackrock's strength, and Undead's haunting presence, each leader adds a distinct flavor. Choosing the right leader involves evaluating individual skills in line with your preferred playstyle.

Best Leaders To Start With in Warcraft Rumble
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