Jaina Proudmoore Guide for Warcraft Rumble

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Jaina Proudmoore Guide for Warcraft Rumble

In this Jaina Prodmoore For Warcraft Rumble guide, we will show you how to use this incredible leader.

Some leaders in Warcraft Rumble may not be as interesting as others on paper. However, they have a lot to offer because of their abilities. This is the case with Jaina Proudmoore.

Following the overview of Maeiv, Tirion, and others, it is time for the complete Jaina Proudmoore Guide for Warcraft Rumble. In it, we will cover a lot of things about this leader, so let’s dive in.

Jaina Proudmoore Guide – Stats

Jaina is one of the leaders of the Alliance faction in Warcraft Rumble. She is known for doing elemental damage, making her really strong against targets with a lot of armor. Moreover, Jaina Proudmoore she has a frost effect that slows down enemies when she attacks them. In terms of Jaina Proudmoore’s stats, they are as follows:

  • Damage – 190
  • Health – 250
  • Attack Speed – 1.6
  • DPS – 119
  • Range – 7

Warcraft Rumble Jaina Proudmoore Talents, Leader Ability & More


Jaina Proudmoore guide for warcraft rumble
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As mentioned earlier in this Jaina Proudmoore guide for Warcraft Rumble, this leader is a bit different than the rest. Instead of increasing the damage of specific units or having extra damage when certain units are spawned, Jaina’s leader ability allows her to boost the effectiveness of all spells by 3. This can be incredibly strong when paired with some of the best options in the game.

When it comes down to the hero’s talents, 

  • Clearcasting 
  • Flurry
  • Blink

Choosing the first talent will allow your spells to cost 1 gold if they are used immediately after playing with Jaina. Needless to say, this can have excellent results.

Picking Flurry allows Jaina’s Frostblots to explode upon impact and freeze enemies in place. This can be handy against setups that rely on pushing.

Lastly, we have Blink, which allows Jaina to periodically teleport away from attackers.

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Jaina Proudmoore Guide – Minions & Abilities

The next important aspect we need to discuss about Jaina Prodmoore is related to the different minions you have to use when playing. Despite the fact that she excels in conjunction with certain spells, the hero is also strong in certain lineups. Some of them are really good, so let’s go through the different minions and abilities.

  • Huntress – The first minion that you can use in a setup with Jaina is Huntress. The latter is really strong in Warcraft Rumble because it moves fast and takes 50% less elemental damage. This makes her strong against setups with General Drakkisath.
    On top of that, Huntress can attack all kinds of units, she has pretty good talents and does not cost as much as you think.
  • Gryphon – Despite not being that good, Gryphos are a solid pick at Warcraft Rumble because they only cost 2 gold. They allow you to cycle through your units and abilities fast, which is ideal for Jaina Proudmoore. 
  • Stonehoof Tauren – This is probably not the pick you anticipated, but Stonehoof is good here because he can tank, something that no one else from the lineup is good at. Moreover, he has the charge ability, which is always a plus,

Considering what we mentioned in this Jaina Proudmoore guide for Warcraft Rumble, the hero is really good when using certain abilities. Speaking of the devil, some options are better than others, so let’s learn more about them.

  • Blizzard – This is probably the strongest ability in Warcraft Rumble because it deals insane damage and slows down enemies. Moreover, it lasts 5 seconds, usually enough to stop a push. You also have the talent to Freeze Enemy units in place.
  • Chain Lightning – This ability does not cost a lot of gold, but it deals substantial damage and has a talent that allows you to stun enemies. This is incredibly useful when someone is trying to push you because you can keep them in place for a few seconds, allowing your units to spawn.
  • Holy Nova – Lastly, we have Holy Nova, one of the underrated abilities in Warcraft Rumble. When using it, you can deal AoE damage and heal your allies at the same time. Considering that only one of the options here has a lot of HP, this ability can save your Huntress and Gryphon.
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Other Options for Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore Guide for Warcraft Rumble
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Aside from the units/spells mentioned above, you can find a lot more options for Jaina Proudmoore. Some of them include:

  • Arcane Blast – This ability is a bit underrated right now, but it can work against certain lineups. Arcane Blast deals a lot of elemental damage, which is good against targets with high armor.
  • Quilboar – As mentioned, the setup pointed out earlier is good, but it does not have a lot of units that can tank damage. That’s one of the reasons why some people like adding Quilboar to the pick. This unit takes 50% less elemental damage, has high HP, and does not require a lot of gold.
  • Pyromancer – It is rare to come across a unit that only costs 3 gold but does such an incredible job on the field. Pyromancer deals elemental damage and can be a solid pick when you need to have AoE damage.
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot – Regardless of which Warcraft Rumble leader you are interested in, you will almost always find the S.A.F.E. Pilot. This unit is high on the Warcraft Rumble tier list and is one of the units you can use while leveling. It is an Unbound unit, so you can use it all over the map.


Overall, this Jaina Proudmoore guide for Warcraft Rumble revealed that this is a different leader than the rest. In order to take full advantage of her, you need to use her with at least a few abilities. When used correctly, this deck can deal a lot of damage and is good against pretty much any unit.

Jaina Proudmoore Guide for Warcraft Rumble
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