Maiev Shadowsong Guide for Warcraft Rumble

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Maiev Shadowsong Guide for Warcraft Rumble

The ultimate Maiev Shadowsong Guide in Warcraft Rumble. Read how to play with this unit and win your games.

After revealing more about the Warcraft Rumble talents and making an overview of the Leaders, units, abilities, and more, it is time to take a look at Maiev Shadowsong. She is one of the representatives of the Alliance and is a leader who definitely has a lot to offer. That’s why it is time for an in-depth Maiev Shadowsong Guide. Also, take a look at the Tier List to see where she stands.

Maiev Shadowsong Guide  – General stats

Before diving in-depth into Maiev Shadowsong, it is important to know some basic stats about her. As mentioned, this Leader is a part of the Alliance. She is characterized by doing a lot of AoE damage, and she is a melee unit. Also, Maiev Shadowsong has the following stats:

  • HP – 620
  • Fan Damage – 300
  • Damage – 160
  • DPS – 100
  • Attack Speed – 1.6

Warcraft Rumble Maiev Shadowsong Traits, Talents and Leader Ability

An interesting thing about Maiev Shadowsong is that she has stealth. This allows her to be invisible to all enemies until she decides to attack or she takes damage. The hero is fairly strong against ranged units, and her AoE damage makes her a solid pick against squads. Another big advantage is her ability to be deployed anywhere on the map, allowing her to catch opponents by surprise.

In terms of the Maiev Shadowsong Warcraft Rumble talents, the hero has the following:

  • Enveloping Shadows
  • Shadowstep
  • Remorseless. 

Enveloping Shadows allows her to cast a smoke bomb that will put nearby allies to stealth, which has its pros, but most people do not use it. Shadowstep, on the other hand, can be extremely strong against ranged heroes. When you choose this talent, Maiev Shadowsong will teleport to a ranged attack when she is hit.

With that said, this Maiev Shadowsong Guide believes remorseless is the best option for most cases. The talent allows the hero to deal double damage for 2 seconds after killing an enemy.

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In terms of her Leader ability, Maiev Shadowsong has Master Assassin, which reduces her cost by 1 for each Unbound troop you play. This is incredibly important because she costs 6 gold to use, which is a lot.

Which minions can you pair Maiev Shadowsong with?

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Like all leaders in Warcraft Rumble, Maiev Shadowsong is more effective when she gets the chance to play with certain types of units. To maximize her potential, you have to select minions that work well with her abilities and make up for her weaknesses. There are several options to choose from, but it is important to know that Unbound units help a lot.

An important thing to remember from this Maiev Shadowsong guide in Warcraft Rumble is related to her leader ability. As mentioned earlier, she benefits a lot from having Unbound troops because her gold cost is much lower. In case you don’t know, an Unbound unit is something that you can play anywhere on the map. In other words, you don’t need to place it near you, instead, you can place it near your opponent and do a lot more damage.

In terms of the units you can place, we can include:

  • Quilboar – This is a pretty strong unit that allows you to push fast and secure chests. This is really important in PVP and can make a difference. Furthermore, Quilboar has the Bristleback ability that allows him to do extra damage against melee units.
  • Worgen – Worgens are really good because they have the ability to one-shot the chest. Don’t forget that Worgen are also unbound units, they have Ambush, and they are really strong against AoE units. This makes them an excellent fit alongside Maiev Shadowsong.
  • S.A.F.E Pilot – This is another must that you need to have in your deck when playing alongside Maiev Shadowsong. S.A.F.E Pilot is an excellent option because she deals a lot of crash damage, making her ideal against squad units. Moreover, S.A.F.E Pilot deals elemental damage, which is good against units with a lot of armor. Last but not least, this is also an Unbound unit, which means that Meiv Shadowsong can benefit from her ability.
    Another important thing to remember about this unit is to get the Gnomish Cloaking Device because it maximizes her damage output.
  • Harpies – Another popular unit to have alongside Maiev Shadowsong is the Harpy. The latter is powerful against melee units, they are fast and good against single-targets. The tradeoff is that they die easily, which is why you need to protect them with your other units.
  • Defias Bandits – Those units may seem strange here, but they have CC and do a fairly good amount of damage. Moreover, they can provide you with gold advantage.
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Maiev Shadowsong Guide – Abilities

Warcraft Rumble Factions Overview

In terms of the abilities you can use, we can see that most people prefer to go for Blizzard. The latter is powerful in Warcraft Rumble and is one of the best tools you can have against multiple units that are pushing together. It can be used offensively or defensively, but keep in mind the ability costs a lot of gold, so you need to be careful when using it.

Cheat Death is also a pretty solid option against some lineups, but you can use pretty much any other ability.

Final Warcraft Rumble Guide Tips 

The last thing we want to discuss in this Maiev Shadowsong Guide is a few tips about the hero. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to be careful against enemies with Poison abilities and/or effects. If you are affected by those things, you won’t be able to benefit from the Stealth perks, which will make the entire Maiev Shadowsong strategy a lot weaker.

Should you decide to use this Warcraft Rumble leader in PVP, there is a really cool trick you can do deploying her on a bridge when there are enemy units below it. Once that happens, Maiev will use her AoE ability and do damage and/or kill weaker units right away.

Don’t forget to read our Warcraft Rumble guide about Grommash Hellscream and expect even more Warcraft Rumble content in the future.

Maiev Shadowsong Guide for Warcraft Rumble
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