General Drakkisath Guide for Warcraft Rumble

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General Drakkisath Guide for Warcraft Rumble

The General Drakkisath Guide for Warcraft Rumble will show you what to do with this leader. Learn more about his talents, the best minions, and more.

General Drakkisath is one of the many Warcraft Rumble leaders that has a lot of fans in the community. Despite not being as popular as Maeiv or Tirion, General Drakkisath is a solid pick that has a lot to offer, especially to people who do not know how to play against him.

This General Drakkisath guide for Warcraft Rumble will reveal more details about the leader and everything he has to offer. He is one of the two leaders of the Blackrock faction and is in the B-Tier, making him good in certain situations. With that said, let’s learn more details about it.

General Drakkisath Guide – Stats

One of the things that a lot of people do not realize about General Drakkisath is that he offers a lot more than it seems on paper. The leader costs 5 gold to use, making him slightly more “expensive” than other options. However, he has one of the highest HP in the game, allowing him to tank a lot more than others.

Another important thing to know in this General Drakkisath guide is that this leader deals elemental damages. Consequently, he is really strong against units with high armor, such as Tirion. He also takes 50% less Elemental damage, which makes him good against those kinds of setups.

When it comes down to stats, here is what you can expect:

  • HP – 1400
  • Damage – 300
  • DPS – 167
  • Speed – Slow
  • Attack Speed – 1.8

Warcraft Rumble General Drakkisath Guide – Traits, Talents, Leader Ability

Considering that General Drakkisath is in the Blackrock faction, he has slightly different talents and abilities than most other Warcraft Rumble leaders.

When it comes down to General Drakkisath’s leader ability, this unit allows all nearby enemy units to take 50% extra elemental damage. In other words, he is really strong when paired with units that deal elemental damage. We are going to learn more about them later in the guide.

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In terms of his talents, you can choose from the following alternatives:

  • Chromatic Scales
  • Lasting Legacy
  • Piercing Blows

If you choose the first option, you will get Chromatic Scales that will grant your allies the Resistant trait. The latter will allow them to take 50% less elemental damage.

Choosing the second option will let you drop a banner when you die that will last 10 seconds. During that time, all enemies take 50% extra elemental damage.

Lastly, the Piercing Blow is a talent that lets your attacks pierce through enemies in a line. It is incredibly effective against multiple enemies stacked together.

General Drakkisath Warcraft Rumble Guide – Builds

General Drakkisath Guide for Warcraft Rumble
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When it comes down to the builds you can have with General Drakkisath, there are a lot of options to choose from. However, from our experience, certain options work much better than others, so let’s see what to get if you want to be more successful than your opponents.

One of the common builds you can find for this Warcraft Rumble leader is a mixture of elemental and other types of damage. It can include the following units:

  • Flamewalker – This unit is incredibly strong alongside General Drakkisath because it can attack enemies from a distance and is really good against squad units. Of course, it also deals elemental damage, which is strong against targets with a lot of armor.
  • Blackrock Pyromancer – This unit costs 3 gold, but it fits well with the current setup because it also deals elemental damage. Like the rest, it is strong against squad units, and it is ranged, allowing it to attack enemies from a distance. This unit has a really powerful talent called Pyroblast, which allows it to deal triple damage on the first attack
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot – Regardless of which Warcraft Rumble build you go through, you will almost always find a S.A.F.E. Pilot. The unit is powerful in a variety of situations because it deals crash damage, as well as single-target damage after that. A lot of people do not know, but this unit also deals Elemental damage, which is one of the reasons why it is really strong with General Drakkisath. Also, this is an Unbound unit, meaning you can place it almost anywhere on the map.
  • Gryphon Rider – Even though this unit does not deal elemental damage, Gryphon Rider is good against AoE units and costs just 2 gold. This makes it a solid pick when you need to cycle through your minions.
  • Necromancer – Despite costing 4 gold, Necromancer is one of the best units you can have in Warcraft Rumble. He deals elemental damage, can summon tons of skeletons, and attacks from a distance. Moreover, he is strong against AoE units. Keep in mind he also has the Jeweled Skulls talent that allows him to summon Skeletal Mages instead of Skeletons.
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In addition to the unit, this General Drakkish Guide also adds an interesting ability called Holy Nova. It may not be the most popular alternative, but Holy Nova deals AoE damage and heals multiple targets at once, which is a good option for the current draft. You can cast it anywhere on the map, and since it deals elemental damage, it benefits a lot from General Drakkisath’s ability.


Overall, the General Drakkisath build is interesting because it allows you to maximize your elemental damage. While this draft is incredibly strong against certain types of targets, such as those that rely on armor, it also has some weaknesses, which is one of the reasons why you don’t see it that often. One thing is certain – of you decide to use this draft when it works, you can rip through your opponents.

General Drakkisath Guide for Warcraft Rumble
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