Tirion Fordring Guide for Warcraft Rumble

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Tirion Fordring Guide for Warcraft Rumble

This Tirion Fordring guide for Wacrafdt Rumble will reveal all the information you need about this leader.

After learning more about Maeiv Shadowsong and Grommash Hellscream, the next leader in Warcraft Rumble that we want to talk about is Tirion Fordring. According to the Tier List, this leader is in the S-tier right now, which means he is one of the most popular options in the game. People from different skill groups use him all the time, so it’s no surprise Tirion Fordring is really popular. 

In this Tirion Fordring guide for Warcraft Rumble, we will learn more about the leader’s abilities, how to play, and the best units to pick alongside him. Let’s dive in.

Tirion Fordring Guide – Stats

Tirion Fordring Guide for Warcraft Rumble

Tirion Fordring is one of the leaders of the Alliance. He is charactarized by having really high armor that allows him to get a 50% physical damage reduction. Besides being tanky, the leader also has the ability to heal his allies, which is incredibly important in Warcraft Rumble.

  • Damage – 120
  • DPS – 67
  • HP – 700
  • Speed – Medium
  • Attack Speed – 1.8
  • Healing – 160

Warcraft Rumble Tirion Fordring Talents, Traits, and Leader Ability

The next important thing we need to discuss in this Tirion Fordring is related to his talents, abilities, and more. It is important to realize that Tirion has the Armored trait, which, as mentioned earlier, allows him to have a 50% physical damage reduction. In other words, there are specific starts where this leader is almost unstoppable.

In terms of his leader ability, Tirion uses Holy Light. This thing is on auto-cast, and it allows him to heal all nearby friendly units from time to time. The best thing about the ability is that it applies equally to all units close to Tirion.

When it comes down to the Warcraft Rumble talents, this Tirion Fordring guide reveals the hero has 3 of them. Each one is good in certain instances, but some are on another level.

  • Divine Shield
  • Consecrate
  • By the Light
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It probably goes without saying, but the majority of people who use this Warcraft Rumble leader choose the first option, Divine Shield allows Tirion to be immune to all damage for 5 seconds once he drops below 30% HP.

Consecrate is a solid option when you need AoE damage. However, considering Divine Shield’s popularity, not that many people choose this option.

Lastly, we have By The Light, a talent, a talent that transforms this hero into a support because he can heal a lot more.

Tirion Fordring Guide – Minions

Tirion Fordring Guide for Warcraft Rumble
Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

When it comes down to building a deck with Tirion Fordring, you have a lot of options to choose from. Thanks to the leader’s abilities, he is incredibly flexible and can work in various situations. With that said, it seems like more people use him for PVP and progressing in the campaign rather than dungeons.

Considering Tirion can heal, his position in a deck is usually as a tank/heal for the rest of the crew. Therefore, it is important to position him in a way that will allow you to take full advantage of his kit. In terms of the minions you can use, this Tirion Fordring Guide suggests going for the following:

  • Whelp Eggs – A lot of people seem to underestimate the Whelp Eggs, but our analysis reveals that they are incredibly strong. This unit is really powerful because it can guard gold ore veins or do a lot of damage to enemies. The Whelp Eggs are an unbound unit, allowing you to rely on them when needed. 
  • Quilboar – Considering this unit only costs 2 gold, it is no surprise it is one of the best picks you can get. Quilboar can be considered an offtank, making him deal to steal gold chests or to help other minions. He is also an unbound unit, which means he can assist Tirion when needed.
  • Defias Bandits – If you need someone to claim gold chests on your team, definitely consider adding Defias Bandits. They cost just one gold and offer a lot of utility because the have the opportunity to stun an enemy target. In fact, many people use them as a distraction and start pushing a different lane with other units.
  • Necromancer – Even though pairing a Necromancer with Tirion Fordring may seem weird, the two work well together. Necromancer offers incredible single-target elemental damage and can summon tons of skeletons, making him strong. Even though he costs 4 gold, the utility, and damage he offers make him worth it. The unit benefits a lot from staying alive for longer, which is why Tirion is a good option alongside him.
  • Drake – If you need AoE damage, Drake is probably one of the best units in Warcraft Rumble you can get. He can clear waves fast, allowing you to pressure your opponents or prevent them from pressuring you. With that said, you need to be careful when using Drake because the latter is vulnerable against units such as the Darkspear Troll.
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot – The last unit that works well in this Tirion Fordring guide for Warcraft Rumble is S.A.F.E. Pilot. This is also an unbound unit whose AoE damage is great for clearing waves. Besides that, the unit also does pretty solid single-target damage, making it flexible and usable in many situations.
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Overall, this Tirion Fordring guide for Warcraft Rumble revealed that this leader is really flexible. He may not be the most fun character to play, but his utility allows the minions in his deck to dominate. That’s one of the reasons why Tirion is among the most successful leaders in the game. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the hero’s damage output is not as low as you think. He can do a lot of damage, and his armor allows him to tank almost anything that deals physical damage.

Tirion Fordring Guide for Warcraft Rumble
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