Your Ultimate Hogger Guide For Warcraft Rumble

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Your Ultimate Hogger Guide For Warcraft Rumble

Here’s your ultimate Hogger guide for Warcraft Rumble. Find out effective strategies to utilize him and keep a look out for his strengths and weaknesses

Warcraft Rumble is a mobile action strategy game set in the Warcraft universe where collectible Minis come to life to battle in frantic melee skirmishes. Players can collect and build a team of Minis, each with their own unique abilities and talents. Players can then battle against friends or other players from around the world in-game modes, including PvE and PvP.

The goal of the game is to defeat the enemy base. To do this, players must deploy their Minis in a strategic way and take down the enemy Minis and Towers. Players can also collect gold and resources on the battlefield to upgrade their Minis. The Hogger is a Legendary Deployable in-game that can be used to take down enemies.

What Is The Hogger In Warcraft Rumble?

The Hogger is one of the strongest and most difficult to obtain Deployables in the game. He is also a very popular Deployable, as he is a well-known and iconic character from the Warcraft universe.

Hogger is best used as a finisher. He can be used to quickly take down enemies that are low on health or to overwhelm enemies that are outnumbered. He can also be used to defend your base against enemy attacks.

What are Hogger's stats in Warcraft Rumble?

Hogger's got awesome stats for a cost of 10 mana. His strong attack and health make him a big threat to any opponent. Plus, his special abilities make him even more dangerous.

Your Ultimate Hogger Guide For Warcraft Rumble
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Ham Hock

Hogger's special skill, Ham Hock, lets him increase his max health by 10% every time he's played. So, the longer he stays in the game, the tougher he gets. This makes him hard to beat, especially if he's played multiple times.

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Spoiled Meat

Hogger's first talent, Spoiled Meat, gives him the Poison ability. This lets him deal damage over time to enemies. It's great at reducing the health of enemy units, especially when he's attacking multiple units.

Fatal Frenzy

Hogger's second talent, Fatal Frenzy, allows him to attack three times instead of just once. This makes him a serious threat when it comes to offense. He can take down enemy units, even the high-health ones, really quickly.

Hogger’s Strengths

  • High attack power
  • High health
  • Can increase max health each time he's played
  • Poison ability
  • Ability to attack multiple times

Hogger's weaknesses:

  • Expensive (costs 10 mana)
  • Vulnerable to Stun and Freeze abilities
  • Can be overwhelmed by lots of units

Overall, Hogger is a seriously powerful character in Warcraft Rumble. His high attack, health, and ability to increase his max health each time he's played make him a big threat. His Poison and Fatal Frenzy abilities make him even more dangerous.

However, he's costly and can be countered by Stun and Freeze's abilities. With good strategy, Hogger can really change the game in Warcraft Rumble.

How To Get The Hogger In Warcraft Rumble

You can get the Hogger in the game in the following ways

Completing the Elwynn Forest campaign

The Elwynn Forest campaign is a series of PvE missions that players can complete to earn rewards, including Hogger. To access the campaign, go to the Campaign menu and select the Elwynn Forest region, and begin the campaign. Once you have completed all of the missions in the Elwynn Forest campaign, you will unlock Hogger as a playable Deployable.

Opening card packs

Card packs are the primary way to obtain new Deployables, including Hogger. However, Hogger is a Legendary Deployable, which means he is very rare. The odds of opening Hogger from a card pack are approximately 0.1%.

To increase your chances of opening Hogger, you can open more card packs. You can obtain card packs by completing quests, earning rewards from the Arena, or purchasing them with Gold or Runestones.

Crafting Hogger

If you already have a large collection of Deployables, you may have enough Arcane Dust to craft Hogger. Arcane Dust is a resource that is obtained by disenchanting Deployables that you do not want or need. To craft Hogger, go to the Crafting menu and select the Legendary Deployables tab. Then, find Hogger and spend 1600 Arcane Dust to craft Hogger.

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Buying Hogger from the shop

Hogger is sometimes available for purchase in the shop for Gold or Runestones. However, he is not always available, and his price can vary.

Ultimate Hogger Guide In Warcraft Rumble: Effective Strategies

Here are a few ways you can use the Hogger during battles in the game

Countering Enemy Compositions

One of the best ways to use Hogger is to counter specific enemy compositions. For example, Hogger is particularly effective against enemy compositions that rely on ranged units or low-health units.

  • Ranged units: Hogger's high attack power allows him to quickly take down ranged units, such as Archers and Mages before they can damage him. His ability to attack multiple times also allows him to clear out ranged units quickly.
  • Low-health units: Hogger's high health and ability to attack multiple times make him very effective at overwhelming low-health units, such as Squires and Footmen.

Pushing Lanes

Another great way to use Hogger is to push lanes. Hogger's high attack power and health make it difficult for enemy units to stop, and his ability to attack multiple times allows him to clear out enemy units quickly. This can be very effective at putting pressure on the enemy and forcing them to react.

Defending Key Areas

Hogger can also be used to defend key areas, such as your base or a Tower, from enemy attacks. His high health and ability to attack multiple times make him a very difficult opponent for enemy units to defeat. This can be very helpful at preventing the enemy from gaining an advantage.


Hogger is a very powerful and sought-after Deployable in Warcraft Rumble. By using him wisely, you can counter enemy compositions, push lanes, and defend key areas. With careful planning and execution, you can use Hogger to defeat your opponents and claim victory!

Your Ultimate Hogger Guide For Warcraft Rumble
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