Warcraft Rumble G.R.I.D Guide

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Warcraft Rumble G.R.I.D Guide

Here is our ultimate Warcraft Rumble G.R.I.D guide to help you make the strongest army in the video game.

The Warcraft Rumble G.R.I.D is like your battle blueprint – a cool layout for strategizing and winning. Think of it as your digital war canvas, where you plan attacks, move troops, and dominate the game. It's your tactical playground, ensuring you're not just button-mashing but truly owning the strategy.

In the heat of battle, it's about quick thinking and tactical coordination. Choose a strategy that vibes with your play style. Amid epic clashes, the winners smoothly blend strategy with combat skills.

So before building the ultimate build, check out the Warcraft Rumble G.R.I.D Guide and check out which minis to buy.

What's the G.R.I.D?

The G.R.I.D. in Warcraft Rumble helps unlock talents. With it you can boost your unit rarities and eventually complete the game. Let’s dissect the G.R.I.D, giving you key insights to maximize your in-game resources and up your gameplay. Prioritizing gold spending in the G.R.I.D. is the key to victory.

At the start, the G.R.I.D. offers chances to snag new units. Your main goal: unlock every unit pronto. This beefs up your collection and makes leveling up units a breeze.

The G.R.I.D. works with rows that refresh daily. If the current options don't thrill you, wait 24 hours, and the top two rows get a refresh. The big red buttons let you totally reset the G.R.I.D., bringing in fresh items.

While you can shuffle items for optimization, go easy on it unless you're swimming in gold. Frequent shuffles can drain your resources. Keep an eye on daily offers like leader experience rare, epic, and legendary cores—they're worth it.

Try to skip spending gold on experience Tomes; you earn them more efficiently in gameplay. As you progress, think about AR energy purchases, but for most, AR light energy isn’t a must. Remember, the gold focus should be on the G.R.I.D.—unlocking units and boosting their rarity levels.

Making Use Of The Recycle G.R.I.D

The Recycle G.R.I.D is a handy tool that instantly refreshes items in the store with new ones, bypassing the time limit. This helps acquire specific leaders or troops. Many players are unsure how to obtain more of it, so let's guide you through using the Recycle G.R.I.D in Warcraft Rumble.

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How to Get Recombobulation

To refresh your store with the Recycle G.R.I.D, you'll need Recombobulation. Fortunately, we've uncovered effective methods to obtain Recombobulation and are happy to share them with you. There are several accessible options:

Campaign Missions

The most effective method is completing the Warcraft Rumble campaign. With 15 zones and 75 stages in PvE mode, each completion rewards you, and some stages offer Recombobulation. After completing all levels, unlock the heroic campaign for even more generous rewards.

Complete Daily Quests

Daily time-limited quests provide an opportunity to earn Recycle G.R.I.D as a reward. Complete as many as possible for a chance at this valuable resource.

Free Rewards

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Every 4 hours, the game offers free rewards randomly. Keep an eye on the store changes, play frequently, and you're likely to receive Recombobulation at some point.

Sunday Special Reward

The guaranteed way to get Recombobulation is through the Sunday Special Reward. Simply log into the game on Sundays to receive various rewards, including a chance to use the Recycle G.R.I.D.

Purchase for Gems

While not the most cost-effective method, you can buy Recycle G.R.I.D in the in-game store for crystals. One piece costs 50 gems, and five cost 200 gems. Spending premium currency on this tool and recommending saving gems for more profitable purchases.

What Minis To Look For In The G.R.I.D

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Picking the right minis from the G.R.I.D can be the game-changer for your success. In our Warcraft Rumble G.R.I.D Guide, we’ve narrowed down the top minis to buy when they hit the G.R.I.D

Earth Elemental

For crushing towers and bosses, the Earth Elemental reigns supreme. This unstoppable tank mini thrives in offensive might.

Send it into action to obliterate towers and extend your deploy zones. Although it's a formidable tank, remember it doesn't lock horns with other minis in combat. Save it for the pivotal task of demolishing towers and bosses.


In the realm of budget-friendly aerial units, Harpies stand as a formidable force. These winged warriors pack a punch if they reach their target.

What’s even better? They come in trios, launching an unrelenting assault on bosses. Harpies are your top pick for air dominance and quick boss takedowns.

Harvest Golem

Harvest Golem Build and Best Tal

A true gem on the battlefield, the Harvest Golem boasts high health and a unique ability to resurrect itself after defeat, making it a robust choice.

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This mini offers stellar frontline support, especially for delicate minis like the S.A.F.E. Pilot and the Plague Farmer. The Harvest Golem embodies resilience and is a must-have addition to your team.

Defias Bandits

For budget-friendly minis causing chaos, Defias Bandits take the spotlight. These stealthy operators roll out in pairs, delivering a surprising punch with their first hit.

If they bite the dust, the Last Resort trait stuns for an extra three seconds. Use them strategically to disrupt enemy mobs and sow chaos on the battlefield.


The Huntress is a precision tool of destruction. Her shots bounce, making her an excellent choice for clearing large enemy waves. She's especially deadly against airborne threats like Harpies and troublesome chicken units.

While her power is undeniable, remember she comes with a 5-cost deployment. Aim for an average deployment cost of around 3 to keep your army nimble and effective.

Beginner Tips and Tricks To Follow

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When starting out the game, it is wise to make sure you follow these tips to efficiently use the G.R.I.D.

Refreshing Units with Holy Nova

Holy Nova, your secret weapon for a tactical edge. Buy it to strategically refresh units, horizontally or vertically. Swap out the G.R.I.D, maximize shop opportunities, and make savvy purchases for bigger gains.

Defeat Grom for Talents

Before splurging your hard-earned gold, conquer Grom. This victory unlocks game-changing talents in the shop. Talents won't even appear until this milestone, so gear up, defeat Grom, and unleash your units' full potential.

Level Up

tips for leveling up quickly in

In Warcraft Rumble, timing is everything with experience. Accumulate it when your character is at a higher level. This strategic move nets more experience points per action, making your progress smoother and more efficient.

Spending Gold

Gold is your lifeline. To succeed, spend wisely. Invest in units and talents aligning with your strategy. Don't waste gold on frivolous buys. Every coin should boost your tactical advantage.

Gems on the G.R.I.D.

Gems are G.R.I.D treasures. Spot these gems for a significant gameplay boost. They give extra experience to units and talents, especially the legendary gem, a jackpot for leveling up your cards.

Warcraft Rumble G.R.I.D Guide: Create An Unbeatable Army

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In Warcraft Rumble, don't overlook the Warcraft Rumble G.R.I.D Guide. Stay watchful of the G.R.I.D and pick out game-changing characters from it.

Additionally, seize the opportunity when these game-changing minis units appear. With these minis under your control, you're on the path to becoming a genuine champion in the Warcraft Rumble arena.

Warcraft Rumble G.R.I.D Guide
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