Rend Blackhand Guide for Warcraft Rumble

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Rend Blackhand Guide for Warcraft Rumble

Are you interested in finding a Rend Blackhand guide for Warcraft Rumble? If the answer is yes, let’s learn more about it.

To be honest, Rend Blackhand is a pretty solid leader in Warcraft Rumble, at least as of now. According to our tier list, Rend Blackhand is in the A-tier, which means that he is a leader that deserves more attention. Despite the fact that it costs 6 gold, this is a solid leader that offers a lot to the table. Needless to say, we are about to learn everything about him in this Rend Blackhand guide for Warcraft Rumble.

Rend Blackhand Guide – Stats

Besides the fact that this unit costs 6 gold, he also has pretty impressive stats. He is one of the unique leaders because he is basically 2 in 1. Once the dragon goes down, Rend himself is also an active unit, which means he is a lot more dangerous than others. The hero is incredibly strong in flying setups, but we will learn more about them later. 

Rend Blackhand is one of the leaders of the Blackrock faction, and he has the following stats:

  • Gyth Damage – 320
  • Gyth DPS – 133
  • Rend Range – Melee
  • Gyth Health – 340
  • Gyth Attack Speed – 2.4
  • Rend Attack Speed – 1.7
  • Gyth Range – 4
  • Rend Health – 1200
  • Rend DPS – 82
  • Rend DMG – 140

Warcraft Rumble Rend Blackhand Guide – Talents, Leader Ability & More

Rend Blackhand Guide for Warcraft Rumble

Since this leader costs 6 gold, he is pretty expensive to use, so it is no surprise that he has a lot of benefits. For starters, he deals elemental damage, which is good against targets with high armor, such as Tirion

In terms of Leader Ability, Rend Blackhand has Blacken the Skyes. This allows all other flying units to cost 1 less gold once this leader is in battle. However, they can’t cost less than 2, meaning you have to use them with stronger minions.

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When it comes down to talents, our Rend Blackhand Guide shows that there are several options to choose from:

  • Scale the Steel 
  • Flaming Soul
  • Legionnaire

The first talent will allow Rend Blackhand to gain Resistance while flying, which means he will take 50% less damage. Once he is dismounted, the leader will get Armored, giving him a 50% physical damage reduction.

Choosing Flaming Soul will cause him to cast Living Bomb when he dismounts, which will deal a lot of damage.

Lastly, Legionnaire allows Rend Blackhand to dismount once he takes damage. The good news is that the Drake will continue to fight alongside him.

Rend Blackand Guide – Minions

After taking a look at one of the leaders of the Blackrock faction, it is time to reveal all of the different minions you can get alongside him. There are several interesting options, so we will provide you with a couple of variations. Keep in mind that Warcraft Rumble will receive a lot of changes in the future, so some of the options found here may not work that well.

  • Drake – Although it costs a little bit more gold than usual, this unit deals a lot of damage and is great against armored units. A really good thing about it is that it can spawn a Whelp Egg because this is one of the talents. The only downside is that the Drake costs 4 gold.
  • Earth Golem- This unit costs 3 gold and is characterized by having high HP and armor. It also deals a lot of siege damage and is an Unbound unit, meaning you can place it anywhere on the map.
  • Harpies – Another interesting flying unit to have alongside Rend Blackhand is the Harpies. Those things move fast, deal poison damage, and are great for single-target bursts. Moreover, they do not cost as much gold as others.
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot – Considering that Rend Blackhand works exceptionally well with flying units, S.A.F.E. Pilot has to be on the list. She is one of the strongest units in Warcraft Rumble right now. This is an Unbound unit that deals AoE damage, as well as single-target damage.
  • Quilboar – Despite the fact that this is not a flying unit, Quilboar can tank, which is what this draft was lacking. This unit is strong against elemental damage, it is an Unbound unit and only costs 2 gold.
  • Gryphon Rider – This unit is mainly used to cycle through your deck, but it benefits from Rend Blackhand’s leader ability. 
  • Whelp Eggs – A lot of Warcraft Rumble players consider Whelp Eggs to be among the strongest units in the game right now. Therefore, they are a solid pick to have alongside Rend Blackhands.
  • Gargoyle – Despite the fact that this unit contains 4 gold, Gargoyle is a really good option to get alongside Rend Blackhand. It is a flying unit that has a lot more HP than the rest. It also deals a lot more damage against towers and has high armor. Moreover, it has a talent that increases the movement speed by 100.
  • Worgen – Although not the first option that comes to mind, Worgen can be a good pick in this setup. The unit has stealth and deals a lot of damage with its Ambush, making it highly effective against targets with low HP. Moreover, this is an Unbound unit, so you can place it anywhere on the map.
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Final Thoughts

After reading this Rend Blackhand Guide for Warcraft Rumble, you can probably guess that this Leader is pretty strong. He may not be in the S-tier as of yet, but he has what it takes to be among the best. We can’t wait to see the future updates and what we will get, so follow us for more information.

Rend Blackhand Guide for Warcraft Rumble
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