Five Valorant Agents You Should Not Pick in Patch 8.03

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Five Valorant Agents You Should Not Pick in Patch 8.03

Are you wondering which are the Valorant agents you should not pick in Patch 8.03? Here is a list of all names.

After taking a look at some of the best Valorant agents to get in 8.02, Riot Games decided to release another small update. The Valorant Patch 8.03 features some buffs and nerfs, and our tests have shown that they have had a small effect on the meta. That’s why we have decided to take a look at the characters that are just not that good.

Our list of Valorant Agents you should not pick in patch 8.03 is just not as strong as some of the best options. You can use them in some situations, but other agents are just better at their job.


When it comes down to all of the Sentinels in Valorant, some of them are really good in the current meta, but you also have options like Deadlock. Some may disagree, but we believe this is one of the Valorant agents you should not pick in Patch 8.03.

For starters, this is a character that works well only on specific maps, such as Icebox. The latter is in the pool, which is a plus, but she is still not as good as others. While it is true that Riot decided to buff a lot of her abilities, even this wasn’t enough to make Deadlock a solid pick.

One of the reasons we believe the agent is not that good is her kit. Although it may be useful in specific situations, you need certain skills to shine with the agent. Besides having fast decision-making, you also need to be able to adapt. We’ve been playing with her for a while, and to be honest, there’s no point in trying to master her when there are other Valorant agents doing a better job.


5 Valorant Agents You Should Not Pick In Patch 8.03
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While we believe Sage is a bit better than, let’s say, Deadlock, she is also among the Valorant agents that you shouldn’t pick in Patch 8.03. Sage’s best map is Icebox, which is a plus, but if you compare her to some of the other Sentinels, you can see she isn’t that good.

The problem is that she is not performing as well as some people expect. Nevertheless, we have noticed that a lot of players know how to use her properly because she has a pretty impressive win rate across almost all skill brackets.

If you know how to use Sage properly, you can probably make the hero work. However, if you do not have any experience and don’t know how to use the agent, we recommend focusing on something else.


To be honest, Neon is an option that can work very well in specific combos. However, since the agent’s best map is Fracture (the bad news is that the latter isn’t a part of the map pool), we think she’s among the Valorant agents you should not pick in Patch 8.03.

There isn’t really a Major issue with Neon besides the fact that people who pick her miss out on Raze and Jett. While these two options aren’t always the best, generally speaking, they are better Duelists. In other words, we recommend picking Neon over them only if you really know what you are doing.

Another issue related to Neon is that she needs someone to set up, such as Sage. If you do not have a Sage on your team, you will have problems, and this is not true regarding Jett or Raze. This is just something to keep in mind.


While we believe that Harbor is slightly better than all of the options mentioned so far, he is still not as good as the best. Therefore, this is one of the Valorant agents you should not pick in patch 8.03.

The only situation where we think that Harbor can work is when you are using double controllers. You can find this setup across some skill brackets, but most people will not go for it.

If you decide to use Harbor as a solo controller, you will see that he is not that strong. Due to his specific kit, you need to have good synergy between your teammates to succeed. As we all know, this is not easy to achieve, especially if you are playing in the lower skill brackets.


The last of the Valorant agents you sound not pick in Patch 8.03 is Skye. She used to be among the best options in the last meta, but our tests have shown that she is just not as good as before.

Skye can be a solid pick in some specific situations, but we need to address the problems – the nerfs. She is among the agents who have been nerfed several times, and it seems like those things finally started adding up. 

We have had games where the agent worked fine and had a key role in helping us win. However, she is not as strong as before, which is probably one of the reasons why she is on the list.

We suggest picking this initiator only if you know how to use her. There are other initiators that are just better in the current patch, so picking Skye is not easy.

Bottom Line

It is important to realize that none of the Valorant agents right now are “unplayable”. The Valorant agents you should not pick in Patch 8.03 can all work when played right, but there are other agents that do a better job. 

We recommend sticking to the options you know and what you feel comfortable with. Don’t forget to follow us for more information about everything related to Valorant.

Five Valorant Agents You Should Not Pick in Patch 8.03
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