Valorant Patch 8.03 Notes Hit Chamber With Buffs, Deploy Esports Features

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Valorant Patch 8.03 Notes Hit Chamber With Buffs, Deploy Esports Features

Valorant Patch 8.03 Notes reveal a list of buffs to French Sentinel Chamber’s Tour De Force ability while adding esports features to the game, and more.

Only a handful of updates have been listed in Valorant’s Patch 8.03. The update is light on content yet considerable on balance changes for Valorant’s most popular yet controversial French Sentinel, Chamber, The price of his Headhunter has been reduced to 100 credits, while Riot has also adjusted the agent’s X ability.

Chamber’s arsenal has been the subject of adjustments  in Valorant’s latest update, which also focuses on deploying several features and updates to the built-in esports mode. A list of issues with the game have also been addressed, while Riot has shipped a few bug and glitch fixes.

Chamber Buffs in Valorant Patch 8.03

The price of Chamber’s Q ability, Headhunter has been decreased from 150 to 100. Meanwhile, the Tour De Force X ability has its firing rate increased from 0.7 to 0.9.

Esports Features

The game also ships some esports features updates, such as adding previews of each Team capsule bundle, and also players can grab their bundle to support their team, right within the Esports Hub located in the game.

Teams Tab

  • We’ve added previews of each Team’s Capsule Bundle.
  • You can grab the bundle and support your favorite team from within Esports Hub.

Valorant Patch 8.03 Notes Full List of Bug and Glitch Fixes

The update also ships a series of bug fixes for players across all platforms, such as the end-of-game summary bug that was incorrectly rounding up the kills per round. Players can now expect the big to be fixed with Patch 8.03 and the kills per round will now show up correctly in the summary that is displayed at the end of each game.


  • Fixed an issue where Agents would look like they were still nearsighted in 3rd person for a short period of time if they destroyed Reyna’s Leer (C) right after it became shootable.
    Gameplay Systems

    • Fixed an issue in the scoreboard tab with Ultimate Charges being covered by very long usernames.


    • Sunset
      • Adjusted fence in A Elbow to fix an issue when shooting through the top section.
      • Fixed a bug where you could jump to the top of the phone booth in A Lobby.
      • Fixed a bug that allowed Attackers to break Cypher’s Trapwires (C) in B Main from Mid.


    • Fixed an issue in some regions where the Zone displayed in Standings did not match the one selected.

Valorant Patch 8.03 Release Date and Time

The current changes listed above are available to download on PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers, and as usual Valorant Patch 8.03 is slated to release on live server across all regions on Tuesday February 20.

As usual, the game servers will go down for a 4-hour maintenance period and the patch is slated to release at around 10:00 am PT for the servers in North America. The patch will be available gradually to download across live servers in all regions.

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